budak nafsu ABG

photo 01I'm slamming my ass in the back seat of a taxi, when my cell phone ringing call. I noticed it was obvious that this is the same number of calls twice before. But because I do not know, I did not respond.

"Why are not appointed, Bang ..?" Asked the taxi driver who saw a glimpse through the mirror.
"Why. At most reporters 'bodrek'. These victories offer news in class newspaper 'teri' it. I'm bored I'm dealing with them ..! "I said, I noticed once again the flash of two gold medals and trophies championship bodybuilding championship favorites this junior class.

Taxi raced kontrakanku brought me home in the area of ​​Radio. Taxi was strolling on the pavement Sudirman when the phone number that appears again on my cell phone screen. Rang and rang asking lifted. This time I was forced to reluctantly accept it.

"Hi Andre, arrogant bener heck, do not want to receive telponku. Why ..? "
"Sorry Ma'am. This is who, and what is it ..? I feel you do not know. "
"Yes. We never knew each other really. But I always monitor the progress in bodybuilding to compete. Anyway I always follow you where you are competing show off your body a muscular stocky but it's beautiful and sexy. I was thrilled. Many of my friends who idolize you know Mas. I thought your future was definitely bright in the world of bodybuilding. How ya, we want a closer acquaintance, as well as photos of athletes with our idol. How Mas ..? "

I thought for a moment. Who the hell are they? What does he mean? If I refuse, I find it condescending or underestimate what is called fans or fans. Fans or fans, let alone a journalist that is the path that should not be kulawan. They must kurangkul and familiar. Once the advice of my senior friends in the world of sports that a lot of fans.
"All right. Where are you all .. "I said after menghelakan my breath.

An elite residential area is mentioned that a girl's voice. Green gems. I immediately asked for the same taxi driver immediately drove to the addressee. I noticed my watch was exactly 23:45 o'clock. My time to rest. But for the fans, I'm willing to share my time with them.

The mansion does look lonely, dark, with a shade that looks halamanya. Three-story Spanish-style architecture that is unique. I rushed right down and I noticed a while taxi had disappeared around the corner. Back home I noticed that kutuju address it. I quickly slipped into the yard after opening the little gate of iron painted black. Rain down with sudden drizzle. I hunt a small run to the terrace high, because I had to climb the ladder.

I with impatience pressing the door bell which seemed very strange to me, because the bell was a bust of the nipples of women. Not long ago, that nail doors open fight. I was instantly amazed and 'drool' hard look at the figure of the child was growing new fans who was sexy.

"Andre Mas, huh? Come Mas, two of my friends are waiting impatiently Mas. I'll take the trophy .. yuk ..! "said the approximately 17-year-old girl was friendly once grabbed the cup and gym bags.
I brush the hair while wet gondrongku this a little while while I noticed the girl shut and locked the door again.
"Ng .., sorry, not acquaintances ..," I muttered softly to her short-cropped hair style army guy stopped and turned back to me with a sweet indulgence in the outskirts of Senyun.
"Oh yes, I'm Tami ..," he shook my hand tightly.
Hm, very delicate and soft fingers, like a baby's hand.

Tami is fair-complexioned glances side, where from behind a curtain up two friends. All the same age as himself.
"Come on acquaintance ..!" Tami continued.
Tami tonight wearing a black singlet and tight shorts tight flowers anyway, so I can clearly see a pair of smooth legs smooth. Even I can see, that Tami did not wear a bra. Obviously it looks at the two small spheres protruding at both ends of her breasts roughly the size of 32.

"Lina ..," said the little girl was tall and slim with long hair sepinggangnya shook my hand very gently.
This clean yellow-skinned girl with small breasts thin. She wore a tight white singlet shirt and jeans are cut short frilly. Again Lina, thick eyebrows pretty girl is like Tami. Not wearing a bra. Dian Likewise, the third girl who was built like men and short haired limited solid shoulders. His skin was tan with a yellow tight shirt and tight black shorts, too. Only, Dian looked at a large chest and very loud. Greater than Tami. Mold her nipples stood out tight.

I can see their eyes very hard at me. I think iru understand, because their idol is now present in front of their eyes.
"Where would the photos with him ..?" I asked who herded into the living room.
"First patient dong Mas, we do need to chat. Deeper acquaintance, sat together .. so. Just relax once was .. ya ..? "said Dian hook my right arm and rubbed his chest after ritsluting trainingku revealed the extent of my stomach jacket.
"Ouh, very muscular. Muscular, and full of great meat. Hm .., "mumbled a little while he continued to fondle my nipples and all over my chest.
I was amused and wanted to reject treatment. But kubatalkan and let the hands of ABG's three girls fondle my breasts after they managed to take off my jacket.

I admit, I myself also enjoy their special perlakakuan this. Now I was taken to a spacious room with a wall full of photos of their klipingan about me. I was amazed. For a moment they let me amazed and enjoy their work on the wall.

"What ..?" Said Lina approached and embraced my left arm.
Again, the fingers of his left hand to fondle my breasts and nipples. I hear the breath Lina was gasping for air. Then Dian followed and hugged me from behind, grabbing my chest and kissed my back. Now I'm really amused made.
"Anyway, better not like this way. He said the photographs would ..? "I tried to break away from the invasion of their lips and fingers.
"Yeah, all right. Look here .. Andre Mas! "Said Tami who stood behind me.
I immediately turned around and immediately I was shocked. My eyes do not believe in the full glare of ignorance and understand all of this.

"What is this, nothing is this ..? You want to rob me .., "I protested see Tami had put a pistol with a silencer-equipped automatic voice to the head.
"Yes. Rob you. Soul and body. Everything. This real pistol. And we're not kidding ..! "Said Tami with a face that is now so violent and vicious.
Likewise Lina and Dian. A burst of soft bark and destroy the vase in the corner. I gasped in shock. They both hold very strongly lengananku. I almost do not believe in their power.

"No photographs. But, in this room, we installed a video camera that we are set automatically. Every room there is a camera and a camera. All run automatically according to the program. Off his pants, Lin ..! "Said Tami snapped.
I want to rebel, but with a strong arm twisting Dian.
"Ahkk ..!"
"Do not macem-macem. According selamatmu is key. You know ..! "Snapped Dian smiled sardonically.

Trainingku pants off now, here are my shoes and socks. Lina is very quick to do. Now I just wear my favorite black loincloths are very strict and shiny. Even the loincloth is not bending over like a piece of cloth wrapped around his penis and pelirku only. Because the rubber is very thin and like a rope.
"You are sexy and well built ..," said Tami approached and fondle zakarku.
"Yes Tam. Now aja ya, ya I can not wait ..! "Said Dian stroking my ass.
"Tell me about it. But who would go first ..? "Said Lina took a bottle of body oil for bodybuilding athletes.
I saw the brand Lina taken the most expensive. It seems they know the quality of goods.

"Be quiet and still, okay ..?" Said Lina pouring oil into his hands.
Likewise Dian and Tami. Soon their fingers fingers smearing all over my body with oil. They alternately wringing zakarku stems and fruit are still wearing loincloths pelirku this with a passion. I now realize, they are fans of heavy sex maniac. Although still a teenager. With wild, Tami frowns cawatku with his pocketknife, which immediately her friend lol laughter. Zakarku was already half feet because of the encouragement and stimulation from the stimulation of their actions. However, even in a distressed situation, I'm still normal. I'm still excited for their treatment.

"Ouh, very big and long. Lin .. very big, "said Dian amazed and delighted as she cuddled nimnag zakarku.
While Tami wringing pelirku fruit in disdain once, so I immediately pitched sick.
"Duh, beautiful shaved her pubic hair. Ya .. neat! "Said Dian groin rubbing pieces of hair which form by shaving my care was neat.
"Auuhk .., do. Do .., .. sick! "I said that even make them laugh.
Lina own flesh kissing and licking zakarku pelirku wild. I stood with my legs slightly open.

Buasnya them with his penis and licking and kissing and ass pelirku fruit.
"Ouh .. do .. aauhk .. ouhhk .. aahkk ..! "to shout my mouth aroused great.
It makes Tami so ferocious in the shake-ngocok zakarku rod. Meanwhile, Lina turns wringing pelirku fruit. While Dian suck my nipples and twisted it, making my nipples so hard and tight. My hands were now holding on to their bodies, because the sudden urge birahiku. I was screaming increasingly small and delicious. They are interspersed with shouts of laughter happy to increasingly add their violent treatment of the body bare.

Alternately they mngocok-ngocok zakarku to becoming hardened and elongated great. Even those who take turns sucking-nyedot buasnya zakarku to enter into their mouths, until they coughed zakarku piercing their throats.
"Favor once zakarnya, hmm .., try Dian measured. What is the length and magnitude, I really believe, is very long ..! "Tami said as he continued to suck and lick-ngulum zakarku.
Dian immediately measure the length and magnitude zakarku.

"Crazy, length 23 inches, and the line lingkarnya .. hmm .., 18 inches. What the hell is this. We are definitely satisfied. He must be good and strong ..! "Said Dian fascinated while tying the base of the stem zakarku strongly with shoelaces.
So is the base of the fruit pelirku own shoelaces tied. While Lina is now the turn of the whisk-ngocok zakarku while suck-ngulumnya. Erratic course, zakarku so add hot red swollen hard and intense. His muscles tightened malignant. I was screaming no more powerful and no longer hold power who want to squirt my sperm is.

At that, Lina took off again in my shoe and pelirku zakarku rod. They quickly opened her mouth wide in front of the muzzle zakarku while continuing to whisk, ngocok most vicious and powerful.
"Creet .. croot .. creet .. srreet .. srroott .. creet ..! "that they spray my sperm into her mouth for the average individual.
They took turns licking the remnants of my sperm as she sort-rod ngurut zakarku that the remainder are still in the trunk zakarku go all out.

"Hmm .. delicious. Nice ..! "Said Silent happy.
"Yes, the sperm turned out a lot .. thick ..! "said Lina.
"Come on, tie him in a torture chamber. Quick ..! "Tami standing orders, followed Lina and Dian.
While I was still weak. Flavor-it's like my body was destroyed. I just according to their orders. Enter the torture chamber.

What is that? They quickly put iron bracelets on both arms and legs. Iron chain drawn upward. Now my hard stretched to form the letter X. The position of my body is made parallel to the floor about one meter high as it is. Highlight the strong lights at me. Dripping sweat profusely.
"Who is the real you ..," I ventured.
"Shut up ..! There's no question. And should not be asked. Anyway, according to. You are now our slave. You know ..! "Tami whip snapped my chest and back with a whip that is five pieces of leather spiked ball ends there. The pain was incredible.

Dian suddenly opened the floor below me. I was shocked, there was apparently under-sized hole approximately 50 inches wide and two meters long. And in deep holes about one meter there was a smoldering pile of coal is very hot! No wonder, before my feet could feel the heat this tile floor. Although my body is now less than two meters high from the coals, but I still strongly feel how hot that steam coal burning my skin back.

"Whips continue ..! Water the oil and tomato juice ..! "Tami perinta whipping my legs.
While Lina flogging my chest. Dian whipping my back. Hot and painful, all blended together. Simultaneously they also whipped his penis and that is still half-tense pelirku erection. Crushed coal oil and tomato juice was hot smoke burns my skin immediately. Whether, in the last minute I keberapa. What is clear not long after I passed out.

When awakened, it turns out I was lying in bed wide and soft white satin bersprei. But my condition is not much different from the last persecuted. My hands were chained at both ends of the lower bunk, while my body folded up because my legs and pulled the chain fastened at both ends of the bed above my head, so that the shrimp in a position like this, I can see anusku own.

A pillow to prop my back. Menyorotku lights. Lina suddenly had mengakangi my face. And he's naked. I saw her vagina that leads to my face is clean of pubic hair. Seems to have a clean cut.
"Lick, enjoy this delicious kelentitku and vagina. Quick ..! "Cried Lina as she slapped my face twice and then opened her pussy lips and shoved it into my mouth. Forced to, I began to lick vagina and all parts in it while sucking-hisapnya.

Lina began menggerinjal-gerinjal amusement and pleasure, wringing her own breasts and nipples duah nipples a little. I saw a glimpse of coming Dian and Tami who is also naked. For a moment the two of them hugging and kissing each other. They turned lesbian ..! Lina immediately got up.

"Do it once Lin, we're mood ya ..!" Said Tami mencimui vagina Dian lying next to me while menggerinjal-gerinjal amused.
Dian hands squeezing her breasts alone. Lina soon take a big cock stuffed and bending. Lina was soon pouring anusku with honey, she immediately licked duburku. I'm so amused.

Lina fingers now began to shake-ngocok zakarku, after tying the base of the fruit pelirku strongly.
"Ouh .. oh .., aahhk .., "I cried and moaned sick pleasure.
Lina quickly immediately thrust a plastic doll's penis into the hole anusku. I screamed uncontrollably ill. But Lina did not care. The plastic balls are included in and with the crazy, Lina-nikamkan stabbed to anusku. I was screaming clumsy. While hand-shake only Lina still ngocok zakarku up again with his hard erection.

Tami mengakangi suddenly my face and peed on my face.
"Taken. Pipisku drink .. fast ..! "command menanpar Tami-slap my ass.
Forced, pee swallow the urine was Tami. I think I'm going to throw up. Better to lick her vagina, rather than taking pipisnya. Tami laughed out loud as he took over zakarku shake ferociously.

"Gantian ..!" Said Dian replace Tami.
Pee again. I am now satisfied with their pee. My body was wet with their pee. Lina still prickling duburku with plastic balls. Slowly release the chain, but Lina was even buried plastic cock deep in anusku. My feet were made astride. With a wild, one by one raped me.

"Auhk .. aahk .. ouhkk .. yeaah .. ouh ..! "shout their mouths boost on top of him after zakarku insert into her vagina.
"Ouh .. ouhk, no .. ahhk .. ahhk ..! "menjeritku pain because sperm are properly restrained by a rope splashed that bond.

Whip back melecuti chest. Anyway nothing is still unemployed. When Tami menggagahiku, Lina whipping. Dian drops my nipples with a large red wax. Or hose hot wax into anusku. I'm not so strong, now I fainted again.

God knows how long I was unconscious. When awakened, many sperm are scattered around in my stomach. No chain. There are no candles. Even they did not exist in the vicinity. Where are they? I slowly got up, staggered to find my clothes. My body was full of scratches used whips and wax to dry. Tremendous pain and anguish I felt left.

Three of them a piece of paper is left for me. I read with disgust and anger.
Trim top of your time. But we are not satisfied taste you. We will definitely come again for us satisfaction. We went because there is a new prey weaker but stronger sex. If you refuse, we distribute the videos. Watch out, you now is a 'dog' our sex. Trim. See you.

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