Cumbuan tante-tante

photo 01Story Sex & Adult - My name is Ade, I was at that time about 19 years, I now lecture at OSU, USA. Incidentally I was boarding at one of the Oom acquaintance there I called Aunt Linda. Whew, he's really good person to me. Incidentally she was a mistress of a wealthy Caucasians but is old. Be I was boarding at his house which was a bit quiet, it's known there is rarely wear maid anyway. Aunt Linda is one very sexy I think anyway. Big round breasts like a melon with a size 36C.

Meanwhile, about 175 cm tall with slender legs like a model. While the flat stomach because she had no children, well it's known her husband is old, so it may have been lackluster. She was about 33 years but her skin was smooth and white. It made me feel at home for longer time at home if there's no urgent business, I'm lazy to go out. Anyway I'm too confused to leave the house but did not know the way.

And day-to-day, I was just chatting with these sexy Aunt Linda. Turns out he was sociable orangnnya really do not awkward stories with a much younger age. From the stories Aunt Linda could I guess he's a very lonely person because her husband is rarely home, knowing people are busy. So I tried to be her husband's close friend for a while longer to go. Day after day my desire to be able to get Aunt Linda just getting stronger, and besides the aunt also gave me the green light. Proved he is often to provoke passion with a sexy body. Sometimes Aunt Linda kupergok more fitting had a shower, he only wore a towel winding course, my view was so excited my heart it seems, wanted to immediately open the towel and sexy body devoured it. Sometimes also he often called me to his room to do up his shirt from behind. Even then I had another peek at her bath while masturbating. Well anyway he knew how fishing passion.

Until that day exactly a Friday night, it was drizzling rain, so I'm lazy to go out, I was in another room playing internet, look at pornographic images from internet sites, continue to unknowingly took out an already strained groin while looking at pictures of women nude . Kuelus then coax the stem groin up to about 15 cm tense, I've turned out really does. Without realizing knew Aunt Linda entered menyelonong without knocking, I'm not in shock had closed the trunk is being strained groin. Aunt Linda was wide-eyed look at the stem being strained groin, immediately he asked, smiling sweetly.

"De Hayyoo you what are you doing?"
"Aah, do not play computer Tante again", I replied simply.
But Aunt Linda seemed to realize that I was being stroked rod groin.
"What's Aunt," I asked.
"Aah no, just want to invite you Tante Tante temenin watch in the hall."
"Ohh yes it is, I'll catch yah Tan", I replied.
"But do not stay long Well", said Aunt Linda again.
After that I was trying to defuse tension rod groin, and then I went out the bedroom and Aunt Linda accompany semi porn movie is a lot of scenes syuuurr indulgence.

Just saw the movie I was so embarrassed, because stem groin just do not mess up again. In fact, Aunt Linda that night wearing a sexy dress, she wore tight clothes and crazy she does not wear a bra, because I could see her nipples are slightly muncung forward. Erratic course, peaked my passion to see a sight like that, but well what can make I can not anything. While the rods are increasingly strained groin, so I tried moving slightly tilted in order to fix its location. Looking at movements Aunt Linda was immediately noticed and smiled at me.

"What are you doing wrong with you De?"
"Ah Tante not .."
Meanwhile, Aunt Linda came up to me so that we are getting closer spacing in the long sofa.
"You are well aroused De, see this movie?"
"Ah no ordinary aunt wrote," I said trying to control myself. I could see her breasts are big challenges in my side, it feels like to suck on while I smoke, I bit her nipples are hard. But apparently it is not felt to me alone, Aunt Linda was also apparently been somewhat aroused, so he tried to take the first attack.

"What do you think De Tante not sexy," he asked.
"My sexy aunt", I said.
"Where the same section in the film," he asked again, puffing out her boobs getting bigger so it looks.
"My aunt sexy dong, Tante bodynya abis good anyway." I said.
"Ah the time anyway," he asked.
"Yes bener Tante, I swear ..." I said.

The closer the distance we sit because Aunt Linda continues to bring him to me, then he asked me,
"How'd you like if you asked such things as Auntie?"
"Tante Mmaaauu ..." Ah like a windfall to this opportunity I do not waste it, I just bring myself to try to get closer to Aunt Linda.
"Wahhhh your stuff too ya big de ..." he said.
"Ah Tante Tante could aja deh ... really seems more and more sexy hell wrote .. until I gemes ngeliatnya deh ... "I said.
"Ah well you naughty De", said Aunt Linda, putting his hand on the groin, and then I tried to calm down while holding her hand.
"Whoa do not dipegangin continue Tante, will be big plus loh", I said.
"Ah that bener ya?" He asked.
"Yes Auntie .. ehhh, I can hold it eehhh Tante not? "I said.
"Take what?" He asked.
"Hold it tuh .." I said menunujukkan breasts toward the great aunt.
"Ah if aja should you want to."

Oh ya a great opportunity, but I'm a little bit scared hold her breasts, afraid he was angry but now even the hands of the aunt had stroked his groin, so I ventured to stroke her breasts.
"Ahhh .. arghhh tasty De .. Well you naughty, "said the aunt, smiling sweetly at me, I took off my hands just spontaneous.
"Loh De kok off anyway?"
"Ah, fear Tante angry", I said.
"Ooohh ... here deh do not care."

Aunt Linda grasped my hand, then put back in her breasts, so I became more daring squeeze her breasts. "Aaarrhh ... sshh", moans the aunt made me curious, so I was trying to kiss Aunt Linda, was beyond surprise, Aunt Linda greeted with violent kisses, we then tenderly kissed her hand once rugged caecal her breasts once were. "Ahhh you did a great De .. terusin dear .. This evening you must provide the same satisfaction of Tante yah .. ahhh .. arhhh. "
"Auntie, I can not open the shirt Auntie," I asked.
"Oohhhh please dear", then quickly opened her blouse so that her breasts are large brown nipples were in front of my eyes, I was just licking her breasts which I really admire that. "Aahhh ... arghhh ..." Auntie again moaning easement. "Teruss .. terusss delicious dear ... ahhh ... the old "I'm licking breasts Aunt Linda, it takes about 10 menitan so without realizing the stem groin have also begun to issue a clear liquid lubricant on top of his head.

Then I saw a glimpse of Aunt Linda's hand was stroking the clitoris so that even turned my hand in the direction of the pants to kupelororti. "Aahhh just open my dear ... do not be shy ... ahhhh ..." Auntie Linda breath panting abstinence, like a demon I immediately opened his pants and I kiss her CD. Whoa, he just lagsung menggelinjang easement, then kupelorotkan panties so now Aunt Linda was nude total. I saw the hole filled with cock feathers arranged neatly so that looks like a valley full of hair. Then slowly kumasukan my middle finger through the hole for his cock which was wet. "Aahrrrh sshh ... well ... De .. very good, "she cried. Then I put my face into his cock hole to lick his cock slick glossy lips, then with lust kujilati hole with my tongue down the pubic Tante up a case of paint only. Aunt Linda increasingly desperate, he shook his head side to side while squeezing her breasts alone. "Aahhh ... sshhh come on baby .. give me more, give me more Ohhhh ... ", with the faster kujilati clit with my fingers and cock pit kucoblos more and more wet.

Some time later his body moved wildly as if she would orgasm. Then kupercepat punctures my finger so that he feels easement was then immediately she cried, "Aaahh ... Oohh dear aunt was out ... ahhh", screaming little ass shake it to find my tongue still licking the lips his cock so that the liquid until orgasm kujilati out. Then his body was still as weak, then he pulled me onto the sofa. "Well it turns out you do great, Tante had not been satisfied as it loh ..." he kissed my lips so that the liquid into the mouth hole cock smeared Aunt Linda. While it is still tensed stem groin in caress her by Aunt Linda and I were still twisting her nipple aunt who had the harder it is. "Aahh .." he sighed as he continued to caress my lips. "Now turn Tante Tante dear ... will make you feel the pleasure of the body of this aunt.

Aunt Linda's hand immediately grabbing the stem groin and clutched her tightly so that the stem groin pain somewhat, but it runs out nice kudiamkan also knead by hand Aunt Linda. Then I also do not want to lose, my hands also continued to squeeze her breasts are beautiful. Frankly I'm most happy with Aunt Linda's breasts because of its beautiful, large well bonny contains alias. "Aahhh ... Shhh," Aunt Linda apparently aroused again when my hand started squeezing her breasts with her nipple with his tongue occasionally kujilati already tense, as if such people continue to starve kuemut-ants, so Aunt Linda's nipples become increasingly blingsatan .
"Ahh you love it as well De Tante chest?"
"Yes Auntie, Auntie abis breast shape is very stimulating hell, keep a large but still tetep tight ..."
"Aahhh you praise the good emang De .."

Meanwhile, his hand still stroking the stem groin that has a reddish head, but not beaten just stroked his fingers through his. Then Aunt Linda began kissing my chest and hold down to the crotch, so I began to feel the incredible pleasure to finally Aunt Linda crouched under the sofa with his head close to the stem groin. "Wahh De rods huge dick ... not supposed to lose the same amount you do not have any Caucasian people," Aunt Linda praised stem groin.

A second later he began to kiss the head of the stem groin nodes that secrete lubricating fluid and evenly to the entire head stem groin with his tongue. Uaah, could not restrain a groan I felt the joy of service provided Aunt Linda that night. Then he began to open his mouth and then put the stem groin into her mouth while sucking, suction and licking around the shaft of the groin so wet with saliva. I was not to be outdone, stroking her hair occasionally squeezed tightly so that her breasts are plump Aunt Linda bergelinjang pleasure to hold. A few minutes after Tante do hisapannya, I began to feel the breeze, the whisper of pleasure spread across the groin and then I raised my rod and then Aunt Linda so she slowly pushed her back on the carpet. With a passion so I lifted her legs astride her right in front of me.
"Ahh come on De enter your pubic shaft to Tante yah .. Auntie can not wait Tante want ngerasain pussy poked prodded same-you are great bars. "
"Iiiya Tante", I said.

Then I started guiding rod groin toward Aunt Linda's pussy hole, but I did not directly put it but I friction-friction to the genital lips so Aunt Linda's Aunt Linda was again screaming easement, "Aahhh .. yes .. yes .. oh good .. come on do not be half-hearted affection masukinnya ... "and then I pushed into the stem groin. Uh, apparently rather narrow pussy hole so Aunt Linda's rather difficult to insert the stem groin was already immense. "Aahh .. Shhh .. AOH .. oohhh dear slowly .. continually, ahhh ... ", I started to push his head into the hollow stem groin pubic Tante Tante Linda Linda so great pleasure as it had entered the stem groin.

Then start kupompakan stem groin slowly but with the twist that ass aunt Linda also went along with rocking. "Aahhh argghhh .. it feels so good because Aunt Linda made ass sway bars such as twisted-gyre groin by a cock burrow wall and drag it tastes like chicken empotan. "Uuaahhh .." while I continued to lick your nipples and licking her neck Aunt Linda soaked in sweat. Meanwhile, Aunt Linda's hand clutching my ass so hard that I gave the quick whisk again. "Shhh, my dear ... Ooohh ooohhh yess very good ... good ... ooohh ooh yes ..." I was moaning mendenganr increasingly eager to finish this game, "Aahh ... quickly go out ahh dear aunt," Auntie Linda's body moving again so that the wild ass bandwagon Apparently he climbed back orgasm, I could feel warm liquid water the head of a longer stem groin-rojok merojok Aunt Linda's pussy hole. "Aahh ... shhsss .. yess ", then his body back somewhat quietly enjoying the remnants of her orgasms.

"Wahh you did was really great until De ... Tante beaten twice while you are still strong."
"Tante Iiya ... Ade out briefly again too ya ..." he continued I poke-hole spade a narrow pubic Aunt Linda and it's throbbing.
"Ahh .. Tante delicious ahhh ... "
"Terusin dear .. continued ... ahhh .. Shhh "aunt Linda's moans made me stronger merojok-rojok stem groin into the hole pleasures.
"Aauwh slowly love ahhh .. yes .. ahh good. "
"Oh Auntie, again briefly out of ya ..." I said.
"Aahh ... keluarin dear Ade in love aja yah .. ahhh .. Tante want ngerasin .. ahhh ... Shhh want to spray warm cum Serves you love ... "
"Iiiyyaa ... Aunt .." and then I lift your right leg so that the position of the hole cock aunt over groin being pinched out of the cock pit.
"Aahhh ... ohhh ahhh .. ssshhh .. Aunt Ade come out ya .. ahhh ", and then I hugged Aunt Linda, squeezing, squeezing her breasts. Meanwhile, Aunt Linda hugged me tightly while wiggling its butt. "Ah Tante also want to get out again Shhh ... ahhh ..." and with a vengeance kurojok burrow his cock so cum collection of water that has been stuck with a tremendous burst. "Seeerr .. SERR ... crot .. crot ... "" Aahhh delicious Tante harder ... ahhh .. Tante harder ... ahhh ... "For two menitan I still menggumuli Aunt Linda's body sprays cum to finish it. Then Aunt Linda stroked my hair. "Ah you were a master of De ..." Then he pulled out a rod that is still somewhat strained groin from the hole and then inserted his cock into her mouth to lick the tongue. Ah, it feels stiff rod sucked groin Aunt Linda.

After this incident we often have sex sometimes imitate the styles of porn movies that are circulating there. So, hopefully this story can be material for those of you who like having sex with aunts.

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