Mesum dengan pak RT Part 1

photo 01I live in private housing complex in Jakarta. My husband is among those who super duper busy. As a professional building architects, arguably his job is not normal and did not know the time. Even though I know he's very loved, maybe even adored me, I was very lonely. I used to own and a lot of daydreaming in the quiet menghayal how nice it with Surya Mas, so the name of my husband, I mengeloni. Moments like that make up my lust. And if I'm not able to hold my naked Memek passion, I take the cucumber fruit is always available in the kitchen. I imagine masturbating naked with a man, which is not always my own husband, to achieve satisfaction.
Are often present in my sexual fantasies even Mr. Archer, Mr. RT in the complex. Although she's over 50 years, 22 years on my husband and 28 years above my age, if you think Mr. Archer, I could quickly reach my climax. Even the times I bersebadan with Mas Suryapun, not infrequently imagine my sex fantasy was as if Mr. Danulah wrestle me. I dont know why. But indeed I confess, I've always imagined Kontol gedee man really. My soul if my fantasies nyampai immediately jumped in there. From the look of his still stout and sturdy old though, I imagine dick Mr. Archer also stocky and sturdy. Big, long and strong must be surrounded by the veins around the trunk. Ooohh .., how nice dientot dick like that ..

In the complex, among the mothers or wives, I feel I am the most beautiful. With the age of 28 years, height 158 ​​cm and weight 46 kg, the people told me very plump. They said I like Sarah Azhari, Beautiful Girls Sexy Artis Indonesia is the sister of Ayu Azhari wild soap opera star. Especially if I'm wearing jeans with a thin blouse that made my breasts are large enough to imagine. My fortune to hear their praise of this ..

At one point, we had a celebration of neighbors, to circumcise his son. Always, if there are neighbors who have trouble, we all RT-do help. Anything, there are in the kitchen, there is a committee aisle, there is a make or organize food decoration and so on. I usually always gets to make the altar. They knew I was talented enough to make the art of decorating the altar. They are always satisfied with my work.

I use decorative materials I normally buy at the market Kranji. That morning there are some materials that I need are not yet available. In the midst of many people at various busy, I told Ma'am Karti, who had a celebration, to buy the lack of it.

'Incidentally Mrs Crocker, Mr. Archer tuh want to Monday, just as he mbonceng', Bu Kasno conveyed to me as he pointed to the apparent father of Danu among the busiest in the other fathers.
'Just what is Mr. Archer would find doing?, I Nanya.
'Inii, going to the artisan tent, choosing the form of a tent that would be installed this afternoon. Systemnya all sound the same ', Mr. Archer who was kept busy answering without looking at me.
'Saii me, I came home briefly so Mr. Archer, let me make your house key entrusted Surya Mas if you come home later'. Everything is running like water flow without making attention to busy people who attend there.

About 10 minutes later, with my favorite jeans and blouse, I was sitting in the front seat, accompanied Mr. Archer that his nyopirin Inova. Air conditioning in the car very comfortable after Mr. Archer was exposed to the heat so early Jakarta. Slowly the sounds of radio wave dangdut Mara found in the car.

At that moment I remembered dreaming habit. And now I'm in the car alone with Mr. Archer is often present as an object of my fantasies in sexual relations. Can not help it, my eyes glanced at the groin under the wheel of her car. He was wearing brown pants drill. I look in the direction of gaze that seemed to mount. I dont know if it was common. But imagine that my fantasies may Kontolnya big and long.

As I swallowed pants to imagine what's behind it, suddenly, Mr. Archer wandering hands slapping my thigh. 'Mrs. Dian want to buy this hell? In Keranji next to where? ', While he accompanied this question in a tone of the father's.
And I was really surprised to know. I never imagined Mr. RT this if he felt that way in the invite to speak.
'Paper gold and wall hangings, sir. Next to a toy store in the market inpress fault should .. ', although my heart was pounding and my breath instantly felt tight chase, I'm still working as if Mr. Archer would hand on my thigh is not unusual.
But apparently Mr. Archer did not intend to raise another hand from my thigh, even when he answered back, 'Ooo, yyaa .. I know .. ', patting her hand back and rubbed my thigh-gosokkanya in touch if you are protecting their children.

Ooouuiihh .. I feel a very straight face, I feel the urge erotic, given that he has always been the object of my sexual fantasies. And when Mr. Archer merabakan hand over my thigh upwards towards the base, the reaction spontanku is lowered back down. He repeated again, and I'm back down. He repeated again and again I lose. Strangely enough I just lose, rather than dismissed. All I feel is I want to hand it is not removed from my thigh. I just was not ready for further. Immediate gasping breath and heart-pounding that tight berdegap not ready to face the possibility that more leads.

Mr. Archer relented. But it was really not budge. He no longer forced his hand to reach into the base of my thigh, but he's a fox. The hand is now meremasi thighs. Wave of erotic pleasure directly attacking me. I held back a sigh. I lemes, no power anything but let the hands of Mr Archer squeezing my thighs. 'Dik Maarr ..', she whispered as she turned to me.

Suddenly crossed in front of bajaj, road cut. Mr. Archer a little surprised. Automatic hand off my thigh, grabbed presnelling and stamping off the gas. This deer like terangguk. Pushed my body a little forward. After that Mr. Archer is concentrated in the hands of the wheel. The streets are jammed Monday toward making the driver must often move presnelling, brakes, step on the gas and adjust the steering wheel. I senderkan myself into the seat. I do not much talk. I wanted the hands of Mr Archer's return to my thighs. Back meremasi. And if it crawled into the base of the hand will let my thigh. I became a full-filled with lust. I closed my eyes to get more out of what had happened and let my mind imagine.

True. After the street rather smoothly, Mr. Archer's hand back into my thigh. I really squelched. I felt the pleasure of racing heart and my breath is suffocating lust filled stimuli. Mr. Archer meremasi direct hand of my thigh. As well as up-up to the base of my thigh. My hands are holding hands. Eeeii even arrest and diremasinya. And I resigned. I responded remasannya. It felt good to give up on the willingness of Mr. Archer. I just closed my eyes while leaned back in her seat at the squeeze of the hand continues.

Once I nyeletuk,
'Pak N'tar seen',
'Ah, nggaakk possible, the glass is dark khan. People can not look inside ', I believe him.
After a while apparently lust insistence on Mr. Archer also tempestuous,
'Honey .. We first want to walk or not? ', he whispered ..
"Where ..?", The question that I accompanied my expectations ..
'There deh .. Anyway would love khan .. '.
'It's up to Mr. Archer .., Tapinya n'tar ditungguin people .., n'tar people suspicious .. you know '.
'Saii, do khawatirr .., the longest sejamlah.', Said Mr Archer directs the steering wheel to the right edge of the bend in the direction of looking back. I do not want to ask, like doing 'an hour'?

Just below the overpass near the strain, Mr. Archer turned his car back toward the direction of the White Cempaka. Ah .. Mr. Archer is certainly familiar way. Perhaps just as mothers or wives of others. I'm still leaning against the seat, closing my eyes pretending to sleep. With a passionate and excited my heart, I face the fact that for a while longer, probably just a matter of minutes, will have moments that are very thrilling. Moments like that I often fantasize about. I can not think straight anymore. I am also crazy .. what Surya Mas deficiency, so easy why I accepted the invitation of Mr. Archer is. Even before Khan had never been over 8 years of marriage I was especially touched Umor another man.

I'm feeling right now is that I feel safe near Mr. Archer. Surely he would look after me, protect me. I'm sure he will mengahadpi with smooth and soft. After all he was our Pak RT who had always protect its citizens. Surely he would not ruin his image by doing that makes me sick or injured. And I wanted to really be able to serve him who has always been the object of my sexual fantasies. Let him act in anything to me as much. And also I want to feel how she was satisfied I also fit my fancy.
Aug shaking violently. My hands trembled. My knees are shaking. My head was hot. Kekepalaku blood up to make my face as if bengap. And getting there, the more I can not revoke the approval at the urging 'the streets used to' Mr. Archer is.

Suddenly the car was turned into a place. When I opened my eyes, I see a page full of beautiful trees. In front of the car looks officer ran Mr. Archer to lead to an open garage. He held up his hand to Mr. Archer directly into the garage door rolling door, which was immediately closed when the car was believed to be in the garage was right. A little dark. There is a small light in front. It turned out the lights on top of a closed door. Woo .. I kind of panicked for a moment. There was no way to retreat. Then I heard Mr. Archer turned off the ignition.

'Nyampai dear ..',
'Where is Mr. ..? ", Frankly I do not know where to place Mr. Archer asked me this. But I'm sure this is the kind of 'flights' that often I hear from my friends in the porn conversations in social gathering organized by the mothers of the compound.
Mr. Archer did not answer my question, but his cross straight through the hips to grab my seat settings. Immediately move the seat down with me lying on it. And the next I feel Mr. Archer is a direct lip kiss my mouth and swallow. Uh uh uh .. I stammered for a moment .. lumatannya before I reply. We were off lust. I felt his tongue pushed into my mouth cavity. And reflekku is inhaled. Tongue danced in my mouth. The smell of men ambushed Mr Danu nose. Thus it was the smell of this man like Mr. Archer. Natural with no perfume smell that is often used as Surya Mas. Odor Pak RT who has 55 years, but still emits maleness that has always accompanied my fantasies when masturbating or when I disebadani Surya Mas. Odors can immediately kicked libidoku, so off with their wild lust birahiku today ..

While grinding, the hands of Mr Archer also penetrated my body. His fingers melepasi my shirt buttons. Then I felt rough on the fingers squeeze my breasts. Uuiihh .. unbearable. I menggelinjang. Wriggled up my ass up and up from the seat which I dudukin gelinjang caused tremendous favor. Once again I feel edaann .. I work at my Pak RT.

Mr. Archer melumatku lips, and I was greeted with great pleasure that total. I am really looking forward to the opportunity of this kind in many erotikku fantasies. Ohh .. Mr. Danuo .. Tolongin akuu Bapakeee .. Puaskanlah enjoy Paak tubuhkuu .., .. Paak all this for you .. I hauss .. Paak .. Tulungi akuu Paakk.

'We're down Nyok dear .., we get used to ..', Mr Archer lumatannya stop and take me into the inn.
Once inside I heard the phone ringing. Apparently it's flights from the office. Mr. Archer asked what I wanted to drink, or what food I want to be escorted by officers flights to the room. I was just up to Mr. Archer. I own a hurry to the restroom are available. My pussy urinating pengin dying.

Current goes down I saw Mr. Archer was sprawled on the bed. Somewhat sheepishly I went into the bedroom, especially after seeing the figure of Mr. Archer's body. He looked at me from the corner of her eye, then called out, 'Here darling .. ', Uh uh .. Talk like that .. ketelingaku enter upon this kind .. I felt how incredibly horny all libidoku nerves. I, the wife who had never touched another man except my husband today with edannya flights are in the room with someone, that Mr. Archer, Mr. RT complexes that house, which is even older than my husband, even almost two times I was alone. And panggilanya that .. 'Here Honey', it .. was very erotic in my ear.

I am the wife called nyeleweng. I am the wife is cheating .. uh uh uh .. Why so fierce lust overcome me now. Lust inflated by understanding the meaning of cheating and I still went into it. Lust fueled by the sense nyeleweng and I kept breaking them. Uhh .. I was not able to answer all but the sense of resignation that runs .. And as I collapsed into bed, and then with Mr. Archer picked me immediately with his arms and embraces in his chest, I was totally immersed in the charm of the enormity of the nyeleweng and cheating wife, who waited for subsequent moments that will be filled with enjoyment and gelinjang which must be very great for beginners manipulative wife like me.

'Honey .. I have long longed for this baby. Every time I see the pictures of movie stars like Sarah very dear .. My heart is on fire .. Kapann Unfortunately I can embrace this kind .. '.
What a speech Mr. Archer. My ears felt like cold water splashed mountains. Flowery hear such praise. And more to make me willing and resigned to work at the handsome Mr. Archer. Mr. Archer .. Kekasihkuu .. He was behind me and overlap.

He immediately devoured my mouth that gelagapan difficulty breathing. He put his hand into my blouse. Dirangkulinya me, pressed her lips more pressing again. Sucked my tongue. Ludahku sucked as well. Looks like I made her drink. And I really enjoy this madness. Then his hand he calls, the second meremasi my milk and then release as well. Replace the pick bibirnyalah my milk and nipple-nipples. She licked and sedotin it out. And who comes to me is my nerves gelinjang of the struggling. I was not able to withstand this gelinjang except with the moans coming out of my mouth .. .. Bapakeee Bapakeee .. Bapakeee nikmattnya Bapakeee .. forgiveness ..

Hands off of my milk down to grab a pair of jeansku. Dilepasi button my pants and opened resluitingnya. His hands are large and roughly shoved up my pants slid to the thigh. Then the hand reached into my underwear. Aaaiiuuhh .. inexpressible pleasure that I came. I was unable to withstand the vibration body and soul. Moments of the coarse fingers ran a hand over his lips and then meremasi kelentitku groin .. I immediately drifted into endless space. Enjoyment .. million pleasure .. ah .. Selaksa million pleasure Mr. Archer gave me through the rough fingers.

The radius was also trying to pierce my vagina hole. I felt the tip-lip unjungnya play in the hole. Birahiku fluid that has been spreading since he was nick-notch as a lubricant to facilitate the entry of his fingers pierced hole. With lips that keep my milk melumati groin and pushed his fingers through his ever played on the lips of my vagina hole .. Ohh .. Why I am .. Ooohh .. Surya Mas .. akuu forgive .. Ampunilahh .. your wife is not able to circumvent this bertara no pleasure .. forgive Surya Mas .. I have menyelewengg .. I do not mampuu Maass ..

Mr. Archer continued menggumuli me. My shirt was a mess that he was pushed into my armpits ease. He and sedoti lick armpits. He seemed to enjoy all the moans kept out of my lips. He seems to want to give something that I never got from my husband. While his fingers continued menusuki pussy hole. The walls are full of lust sensitive nerves he huddled huddled over, until I felt kelenger pleasure. And could not be stopped, the fluid flows with swift birahiku.

The original one finger, other fingers are now following after another. Terimapun pleasure that I rise. Mr. Archer knew her weak points. His fingers leads to G-spotku. And no doubt. Only a lick in the armpit and fingers finger bowl at the vaginal opening up to the point where I tergiring I'm not longer able to block it. For the first time touched the man not my husband, Mr. Archer managed to make me orgasm.

When the orgasm came, kurangsek behind Mr. Archer. I grabbed her head and her hair kuremasi. I hugged her tightly and kuhunjamkan my nails into his back. I do not again take into account how the wound and the pain endured Mr. Archer. My thighs clamped his hand, while lifting my ass menjemputi hands it to his finger over the hole spreading to the vagina which was to bear the lust of profound irritation. Tingkahku it all racau constantly accompanied my mouth.

And it was spitting fluid during orgasm birahiku I cried hysterically. My hands grab what you can reach. Bearing bed is soaked. Bed blankets were lifted off and thrown to the floor. My legs keep twitching pussy twitched a sperm spewing. "Sperm" women who are liquid-clear liquid that comes out of his cock. That sweat profusely flowing into my eyes, the cheeks, kebibirku. Kusibakkan gerahnya my body hair to reduce the air conditioned room.

Moment has subsided, I felt the hands of Mr Archer stroked her wet hair blowing with great affection. Uh .. He is ngayomi me. He eluskan hand, she combs my hair with his fingers. The cold penetrated my head. And finally my body began to feel one back cool room air conditioner that flights.

'Honey, Honey mm yaa really great .. Yaa .. take a break?!, I'll get you a drink ya .. ', Mr. Archer's voice was create a sense of calm. I'm not authorized to answer. My breath is still struggling. I never thought that I would get such a great pleasure. Room inn has seen how I get the pleasure of the first time when I strayed from my devotion to my husband Surya Mas disentuhi and struggled for by Mr. Archer, Mr. RT village, which even opponents play chess so often my husband in idle moments. Surya Mas .. Ooohh .. Maass aakuu .. forgive .. Maass ..

While I was still asleep in bed and took a deep breath after orgasmeku earlier, Mr. Archer continued kissing and ngusel-uselkan nose into my hips, my stomach. Even the tongue and lips licking and menyedoti sweat. His hands were incessantly ran a hand over my crotch. I was speechless. I need to restore staminaku. My eyes stared at the ceiling it's flights. Penetrate the roof up to the clouds. I saw Mas Surya is busy at the drawing table, intermittently its stip Staedler remove potlod lines which may be due to either pull.

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