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photo 01Hot story is deliberately written to you all who know her Nati you can find various kinds of stories that had already been a quest for the enthusiast or a story like sex. For that you try to read the story this summer and you will feel happy.

But before I suggest to you at will if you are under age please avoid reading the story this summer, but otherwise if you're feeling today I invite to read the story below:

My name is Krishna, I'm 26 years old. This incident about a year ago, when I called it a wrong number. When I called my friend but it turned out the other side is connected to one office. Call it the answer called Ma'am RS, aged 33 years. Because his voice is nice, sweet and somewhat ngebas, I'm trying to find other materials that do not cut off the conversation, it turns out he responded. I asked with a little desperate if he has a girlfriend, "Not yet" she left her boyfriend a new responsibility. When we finally talked long record of each telephone number.

The next day I called him again, this time-Ngalor talks about nothing, without realizing it when talking about the experience of dating, he says, "If you've marital relationship is not too intense for a little bored .." well it turns out he lied, he finally admitted that he had married and had children aged 1 to 4 years.

Eventually I became more brave and I asked what it was like a honeymoon because I had never felt close to her (although it is called a kiss, Swear not been). She said, 'That's a natural .. "this time he started to not be shy anymore.
Then I asked again, "The style of what is usually done."
RS Mak said, "If Masku at the beginning of the game is like kissing my neck and then suck-suck on the breast ..."
Then I asked again, "If you Ma'am how nice it ..?
"I'm still usually the most fun on top .. cepet nyampe ..! "she purred.
Still dipercakapan phone also ask, "Please Ma'am ajarin dong I .. It's not a trace ... Ma'am take KB's ..? "
"It's good aja .. aja is still looking for single women and married .. take care of .. "he replied in a tone a little flirtatious.

Well it turns out Ma'am RS-tame tame pigeons .. I became increasingly challenged. Then I tried fishing again.
"Yeah deh .. baseball need a heavy-weight .. ajah kiss .. "
Turns out he began to wind up with an answer, "Check out have not already want to kiss-kiss .. entar tough if you've run away ..?
I replied back, "Who would run me or Ma'am ..?
He replied, "Did you find aja deh .. where ..?
Instantly I said, "At KFC continues to directly watch aja .. good film .. The Entrapment? Ma'am have baseball back to the office aja "
Finally at the end of our conversation to make a pact to meet tomorrow at 12 noon at KFC.

The next morning at half past twelve I've been hanging out at KFC, there promptly at 12 middle-aged woman with long hair dyed quite red, wearing a coat and trousers with the innards. Wow, sexy, high of about 170 cm, weight 65 kg. "Wow plump cat .." added ngeres direct my thoughts, I swore that I should be able to fuck her.

Only briefly at KFC and then we drove to the 21, coincidentally the new movie will begin. We sat in the middle of the edge, because on Monday the chance to watch just a little. Once filming began, 'secret weapon' start up faster. Then kuberanikan to hold her hand, she did not say anything.
I whispered, "Ma'am said it was a lie he got a call from the grandmother, but in fact there are like 20 years of age, well lucky husband Ma'am."
Then I whispered again, "Where is his promise Ma'am .. baseball if he can kiss away .. "
Then he looked around, "Shame .. ntar caught people .. "
I say again, "Sepi why Ma'am ..!"

In the dimness I saw him close the second-docked for cleaning lipstick lips. I started to put my lips on his cheek. Man, very fragrant. Then without a ba .. bi .. bu kulumat lips again. It turned him against lumatanku with a passion. My hands can not be silent anymore, then crawl into her neck to her breasts continue. Wow, huge. Jump crumple and twist her nipples. Ma'am breath RS started struggling.

Suddenly stopped kissing my hand and plucked. She says, "It's Kris, not too far .. I'm married ..! "
But I do not want to give up, I held her hand full of tricks and kubimbing to the groin (I think I must have slapped as insolent). Turns out he did not say anything. Then I pulled groin, I pressed her hand in the groin. Ms. RS shocked, "Risked you Kris .."
"Biarin Ma'am ..." I said mischievously.
"Gede and the length of your stuff too well ..." she whispered coquettishly RS Ma'am.
"Yes Ma'am I already could not put up again ya ..." I said tenderly.
"Later keluarin wrote in the bathroom ...!" Ma'am RS teased.
"I do not want to .. want the same hand .. Ma'am! "I whispered spoiled.
"Dizziness ya .." Ma'am RS continues to tease me.
"Yeah ..." I said firmly.

Finally Ma'am RS issued a lotion from her purse and then shake my stuff. "Oooh ... syhhkkk ... joy .." Hand Ma'am RS is super smooth and full of stuff churning experience. After a while, "Sreeet .. srettt "exit was cordial hand whisk sperm from RS Ma'am.

When the movie was over we went out and roads. I bought her a dress for her son, back roads, eat up hours of shows at 8 pm.
"Ma'am RS, baseball dimarahin at Mas .. go slow ..?
"It was already said there friend's birthday so go a little slow ..."

I took her home. On the way see the signpost hotel. My mind began to misbehave. Well take it here. I put my car into the hotel.
Ms. RS protest, "Want doing here ...?
"We're talking .. to know each other again Ma'am .. I'm really bad baseball will Ma'am ", I said tenderly, Ma'am RS silent.

When it has on the inside, Ma'am RS looks clunky. I tried to calm him, "Relax Ma'am .." and then he took off his shoes, I approached him. "Well I lost yah high Ma'am .." but baseball is no effect if already in bed. "Ma'am I want to kiss her lips again Ma'am .." and then I approached him, he said nothing. Then kulumat lips.

With half-opened his shirt and forced her pants, she rebelled and though his body kujepit large and plump but still losing strength. "Kris .. Kris do .. Do not force the dong ... "I do not care, quickly opened my pants and my shirt and then I put my stuff with great alacrity, and the length of the hole that was already wet senggamanya. Ms. RS moan, I moved quickly up and down. Still stuck in the rut of my things feminine, kuguling-roll body so that he sometimes above sometimes below her.

Sometime later she was aroused too, eventually we both reach orgasm. Then quickly kujilati lips cock until she orgasms again. Finally my dream come true for Ma'am RS fuck plump body, tall, slightly overweight and have one child. Oooh delicious.

Well how exciting the reader if the story above is not still think about I invite you to look for it there anymore, now that summer is a collection of stories that present a lot of it. And latest news also invite you to read the story of an adult who is already on the previous post and Terim sekain love.

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