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photo 01All Night - My story began when at my age this is still quite young, 19 years old, my daddy's time to match me with a boy whose age was 10 years older than me and he said there is still a family relationship with my mom.

Indeed I was when it was enough to settle down and my face is also quite good, though my body looks a bit chubby perhaps people call me sexy, but my skin was white, not like most of my friends because I was born in the midst of a bloody Chinese family-Sunda, my daddy and my mama Chinese native Sundanese from Bandung.
So sometimes a lot of idle young men who tried to seduce me. Even many of those who say that the large and dense breasts contain so many men who always pay attention to my breasts alone. Especially when I'm wearing a rather tight, my chest will definitely soar high and sharp. But until I sit in class 3 high school I still do not have a boyfriend and still not know the name of love.

Actually in my heart I refuse to fixed up soon, because actually I still want to continue school to college. But alas I can not oppose the wishes of his own father and another family's economic condition was not possible to continue to attend school up to college. Because all three of my sister that all the men still require a considerable cost to be able to stay in school. While papa just ordinary working as private employees. So with a variety of family, especially my mama bujukkan I succumb to my parents happy.

That is until the wedding day arrives, there is no serious things that hinder the course of this marriage with a new youth I knew less than two months earlier. During the introduction we also do not have anything serious stuff we're talking about the future because all prearranged by the families of both parties. Then the times are very short introduction we were just filled with regular visits to my future husband every night of the week. And that's the only one or two hours and is usually accompanied by papa or mama I'm talking about his family circumstances. After the wedding reception is usually done as a happy bride and groom entered the bridal chamber to carry out its obligations.

Called the wedding night or first night did not happen that night, because after being in the room was silent and tense I do not know what to kulalukan. Understandably perhaps because I was too naively at that time. My husband even in those days apparently have not been too "advanced" with the so-called marital relationship, so the first night we spent just groped by her husband. And even then sometimes I refused because at that time I was actually feeling uncomfortable groped by men. Moreover, by men who "have not" I love, because I do not love my husband. Our marriage solely on the parental mating only and not on my own free will.

It was only the second night my husband started to launch their attacks, he began to take off my clothes one by one to kiss and fondle her forehead to toes. Had an attack like that of course as a woman who had entered puberty I will start, although not directly excited I showed my husband the next. Especially when he starts to reach most parts of the case before me, like my head uncontrollably moving right to left holding a million delicious taste that has never felt before.

Discharge and groin started to wet hair out of her vag * naku. My husband is more excited about kissing your nipples are pink and brown look round hardened perhaps because by then I was already aroused. I can not remember how many times he licks clit at night, until I could not resist the pleasure of the game my husband's tongue licking her clitoris and I orgasm with hot liquid spouted from the vag * naku into his mouth.

With impatience, I opened my legs wide and I raised that will be obvious by my husband's vag * na hole is red and wet. At the request of her husband holding a large rod and hard cock incredible I think at that time. Slowly bring them the head of his cock touched the hole vag * naku already wet and slippery. Great pleasure I felt when my husband's penis head rubbing his lips vag * naku this. With a little push my husband managed to penetrate her ass virginity, followed rintihanku retained.

For the first time vag * naku is penetrated by the penis of men and strangely does not hurt as often I hear from my friends who recently married and share the experience of their first night. Indeed, there is less pain-wrenching at the head of the penis begins to slowly infiltrate into the vag * naku this, but probably because at that time I was so excited that I was not concerned anymore with the pain. Especially when my husband starts to rub his cock was in the vag * naku, my eyes closed and my head just looking upward, contain his amusement and pleasure that I can not tell here.

While both my hands holding the edge of the bed is on top of my head. The longer my husband's swaying hips faster breathing a sigh followed by a chase makes my soul more and more passionate. Occasionally the sound of clicking sound or muddy water from the hole vag * naku being swiped-string with my husband a big cock, which made me even more quickly reach a second orgasm. While the husband still keeps pace to reach the top of pleasures, I had two orgasms in the not too long. Until finally my husband was holding a sigh as he ejects fluid from the warm and thick head of his penis in the hole vag * naku this.

Later I learned that the fluid called semen, knowing that I always considered her to be less slang for things or terms like that I never knew. My husband's semen flowed out of the mouth vag * naku wet sheets and mixed with the blood of virginity. We both hung limp, but still managed to fumble my hands lips vag * na to satisfy the desire and passion that remains. By rubbing the clitoris is still wet, slippery and soft by my husband's sperm, I had an orgasm for the third time.

Remarkable is the sensation that I felt at the time of the wedding night, and things like that I told above continue almost every night for several months. and every time we do that I always felt I was never satisfied with a husband who is only able to do it once. I need it more than once and always wanted it every day. I wonder what really happened inside of me so that I can never stem the turmoil my soul. Whereas before I was married it never felt let alone to want it again and again. Could it be that I included in the class whose name hypersex it?

After 2 years of our marriage I divorced with my husband, because the day my husband was at home less and less, because the day-to-day he works as a marketing manager in a private company so many times he was out of town by reason of the office affairs. and no sooner heard the news that he has a mistress. Even more painful, so I asked for a divorce the wife is the mistress that her ex-boyfriend who used to be, it turns out he's been married to me because it was forced by her parents and not because of love.

Not willing to share her husband with another woman, I'm finally officially divorced my husband. This heart is sick like sliced ​​husband's confession about his wife's savings, she frankly said that he loved the wife of a former mistress who actually does his girlfriend. Moreover, he said my husband's mistress was always able to make her happy in bed, do not like myself who always ask only satisfied but could not satisfy my husband, he said.

Five years have I lived a widow, and now I live alone with a sign of a house in the suburbs of Jakarta. Luckily I got a somewhat decent job at a private company so that I can support myself. Lately every night I can not sleep well, often I could only fall asleep in the hours 3:00 am. Maybe because my mind is often digress lately. I often daydream and imagine the good times with my husband first.

Sometimes I often imagined myself making out with my friend, so every night only on * ni only thing I could do. There is no courage to tell it to others especially to my friends, I might not be a good julukkan in the office. Only with this hand-stroked kuelus vag lips * naku every night while imagining making out with a man, sometimes I put my index finger so that I can better feel the pleasure I've ever had before.

The netters and gentlemen, I dared to tell it like on top of you all probably driven by the feeling that is unbearable at this time. and some among you who can help and will probably be jodohku later. I hope you're not just obsessed with the story above. [Zonamalam]

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