Sex Istriku dengan temanku

photo 01Heat the story this time emang rather sad story to tell on the website of this new s * x. That is a hot new story about a wife who was having an affair with a close friend of her husband. Let's watch as the story of s * x. Happy reading ya friend. anyway here's been 3 years I waited for my wife finally pregnant. The results of the examination the doctor she was 2 months late, and stated that my wife's health, pregnancy is also no problem. Because this is an automatic first pregnancy my beautiful wife, a very spoiled this tiny, yet he had asked for time to crave strange strange, yesterday he asked the young coconut should I take own the tree? What!! but for the sake of my dear wife I would also learn to climb, of course wearing a safety rope.

But this time the request makes me surprised and confused how to fill it. When we were busy sleeping in the room suddenly my wife quietly spoke:? Mas in fact I crave something a bit odd mas? But feared talking to mas. It must be angry? But I dont know really dizzy, cravings this one I think should be so real ..?

? Cravings what is love? If I can find ya I'm certainly looking for ..? I said, read the newspaper.

? Bener not angry ya ..? but I actually do not want to get carried away but somehow until mas dreams. It's weird. I crave this mas ...? Rini handed my wife dvd discs. ? Hmmm what ya ma? hehehehehe so want to love ya? if cravings so easy ... aja mas ok ok .... even now? I smile a smile as she turned in the XXX movie player. Apparently a movie about girls fucked rame rame.

? Well the rame rame want to make love like this? Wah you can aja? I said, engrossed in these horny movies.

As I bowed my wife said slowly:? That's the problem? I often dream of handsome guy fucked the same guy that big trunked so mas? Weird ya .. what I have been crazy but every time I sleep, dream spinning in my head immediately.?

I was really surprised not to play. This does not play play .. cravings model of what this is?!
? Nah! anyway how are you? not kidding Rin? I shouted angrily angry.

My wife bowed her head and cried. ? Out? I did kepengen? How to behold?

His request was crazy and make dizzy head, accidentally two weeks I leave. As a result, she cried every night, I did not talk to.
I'm actually curious benar2 the details how the hell he wants. ? Dik ... ok ... ok ... gini gini actually love how the heck you wanted? hmmm ....?

While my wife was crying I was actually hesitant to speak faltered Just like in the scrub brush aja kok mas, not get real, just curious how it feels .. aja bener do not go in and again he'll pake k * ndom. He will also not embracing Rini .. mas ... can ya? My wife was crying again.

My head really pusing.Jelas I do not thank my wife fucked another man, crazy ...! Sure not to get in, but it stuck too ..
I could think of mending I'm divorced, but divorce his wife when pregnant bener not clearly apparent as well.

Andi is also my friend Rini understand my predicament. ? Ron, it's insane demands, er sorry I'm not saying your wife is crazy ... but that's another request from the others.?

I continue to be how Ndi? I have the swatch gigolo? wah .. crazy!?
Explosive emotions. ? Or you want to help Ndi? ... I know you are clean but aaahhhh crazy, I can not see my wife fucked another man.?
? Calm Ron, is it not real sex, just stuck doang ... maybe not that bad anyway ... k * and pake ndom again, it's safe. Maybe your wife just wants to feel rubbing on her clit.? Andi tried to curb my anger.

Some days I could not sleep, I finally round it off my resolve, is not ok daddy, I hope it's only desire in front of the aja, not bener bener. I know the character of Rini, he is passionate passionate in front but if the seriusin usually not so, fingers crossed.

? Dik ... ok we swatch a clean guy .. then it should be how many people? one wrote it? three huh?!! we try a person you had a how to? ok? ok two people wrote I said trying to seduce.

Rini asked 3 people insist .. it makes me dizzy. 3 people do not play play. I fear that influential in her pregnancy, miscarriage if how?
Other than that he's never tried to have sex with more than one person or what is it called? threesome? and the like ..

Because I could not leave it alone to get me to look for Rini. I give up ... he's up .. as long as he should be sure if the guy clean guy .. otherwise I'm sure he just wants in front of the aja, not going to be real.
At first he did not want to, why where and how to look.

3 days passed, I was lying down, stroking her belly stroked the still visible hamilnya, Rini said quietly Mas ... I can .. I took the Andi, as Anton wrote, it is also known mas right?

You know ... I had a chance to ask for help when Andi, he said he's not bad, but if he can not help ya papa, I'm quite believe him, but you bener bener not go right? I am frankly very objection if coitus occurred. Just swipe swipe wrote it?? Rini nodded his head bobbing? Just swipe swipe but until I wrote clitoral orgasm ya mas.

In the evening I was a discussion with Andy and I just helped Anton Ron, do not worry, not going to go, I just swiping batangku course, Anton has also been agreed with the plan.? Andi said.

I immediately prepared the bed, the plan I just sat next to during Rini stimulated. Let's hope this thing does not happen I do not want, I really hope this guy when the guy is ready, Rini cancel his plans.

Rini came by wearing black lingerie from La Zenza. Pink nipples are silhouetted behind a thin bra, lacy black stockings while sticking closely on a smooth thigh. Ahhh .... my wife is beautiful chest rumbled out of jealousy.

Andi and Anton stared at my wife, they seem to hesitate before me. ? OK then I'm going to do? ? I say break the ice.

? um ... umm, if able to do here dong mas .. I'm ashamed of, what if in the next room mas wrote. I'm not really old ... it's just not swipe swipe wrote more .... my wife said. ? mas and later it can be seen from the video that mas made.

? I'll keep bener bener Ron ..? Anton said softly.
I put a video camera on the bedside table. Then he walked doubt I passed into the next room. I caught a glimpse Anton lowered his trousers.

In the next room I stayed in bed with a restless, 5 minutes later I heard my wife moaning softly over and over again. 10 minutes go by .....
Then came the crack of rock bed shake, heard a scream my wife a little ... maybe he's an orgasm ..
Ahh .. my incredible jealousy. I hit the wall many times that I regret why my wife wants approved. Really stupid ...!
20 minutes pass .... why are they so long? go back a long groan and scream my wife. Bed rattling sound grew louder.
30 minutes ... I added anxiety .. why so long ... 45 minutes ...
Suddenly my bedroom door open, Rini walked slowly into a video camera handed. Lingerie straps are broken so that the left looks ripe breasts poking out.
? Mas aja ya see him later after Andy and Anton afraid to go home ... if mas angry. I'll even fuss ...? Rini said quietly, wiping sweat from his neck.

I see Anton and Andi are still pulled his pants up. On the floor I see 2 k * fully ndom sperm hhhh ... I sigh ... of course if they were to ejaculate not just rub the clitoris ...
? Ron ... was .. EEEE .. EEEE EEEE ... I mean like this? Anton looked awkward to explain.
? Ok ... ok ... you go home ... no need to explain, I can see from this film is it? thanks was a hassle. I said walking towards the television. I can not wait to watch it.

Rini after they came out and closed the front door, she went and sat beside me and whispered,? Mas ya later ... do not be mad scene might be a bit overkill ... but first wrote mas ...?

I said nothing as he turned on the TV. The scene begins with Anton and Andi took off his pants. Seen my wife sat up in bed. ? ok now we have what Rin? Anton voice sounded not very clear.

? Ummm you lie wrote, and I'll sit on you, papa not it? wrote but you still know where your hands do not run ... eh do not forget where k * ndomnya pake ...? Anton started lying in bed while my wife Rini Anton's body slowly began to climb. Hmmm I'm sure Anton turned heavy, visible when the stem is tall yet what's what.

Rini glance view camera, then the woman on top position, her body swaying gently back and forth. Andi sat there looking at my wife.

My chest rumbled, my body shivers to see my wife closed her eyes, I'm jealous of Rini trying to find pleasure with the rod Anton. Rini fast growing sway to the sound of the short short moans. ? Andi you are ready to be ready then?? Whispered my wife.
Then my wife Brenda moved to the upper body. Andi trunk looks very big, bigger than mine. Rini rocked back on the rod Andi, faster times. Louder moans from her mouth. ? aaahhh favors mas? sorry ya mas? aaah favors mas?
It seems that Anton and Andi also aroused, her hands started wandering into the swaying breasts beautiful wife, Rini repeatedly dismissed. This time Andy helped to move his body up and down. Brazen? I worry Andi rod into the v * gina my wife.
Rini growing body vibrate. Lenguhannya louder. Hysterical moans made me tremble. Rini swung his body forward and backward causing her long hair flung to and fro. Body movement grew wild.

Suddenly I saw the fingers point to the sidelines Rini thigh, apparently he wanted to hold Andy's rod. I expected something that is not visible event in front of the screen. Rini Andi insert rod into the v * ginanya!!?

? Ohhh .. I'm not strong? Please I'm not strong? Get ya! Rini moaning.
? Ahhh .. do not Rin! ? Andi tried to beat the ban but the passion of his voice. Andi slowly and a large trunk stuffed v * gina broke my wife's slick. Andi's face appeared to be confused with the many, many times facing the camera as if to apologize that it was not his will.

I panicked at what's in front of the screen, while my wife Rini down beside me feel guilty. ? Rin? Why should get Rin? Me a promise not to coitus? how does Rin?

I turned back to the screen. Andi rod looks great in and out quickly. Indeed although the scenery in front of me jealous but my heart is very exciting. My wife's curves really s * xy and exciting. Rini movement up and down causing the bed creak creak. Apparently this is the last sound of the next.

? Andi? Less quickly? Aaahhh over the dong .. aakhh? strong hands squeezing Rini sheets. Anton stood there beside it and apparently whispered to my wife. I saw my wife just nodded approvingly.

Anton went to take k * ndom on the dresser and then slowly walked to the back of my wife. Andi was still busy pumping, while his body lay limp Rini Andi chest. Anton calmly smearing my wife anus with lubricant. What will he do?

Anton gently steer the trunk into my wife's anus, squeezing my hips and buttocks, he hit the trunk into the anus of my wife. Crazy! I was really shocked to see this. I saw Rini did not protest even his face seemed to enjoy. ? Aaaaa? Slowly? Sick ..! ... Slowly slowly?
In the blink of an Anton rod that is not too big already entered all up to the hilt. Soon Andy and Anton moving rod pumps alternately.

Rini louder moans, groans, and short length make it the two men took turns swinging the trunk to grow rapidly. V * gina my wife's firm grip on every snap and the pull rod Andi. While Anton's ass repeatedly slapped my wife ... very exciting!

I was amazed at the condition of my wife at that time. Rini front of me was stunned to see herself on the TV screen. The faster the crack bed alternating with short cries my wife, holding pleasure. Rini offset the pumping of two men with her hips swaying and stretching.

Rini really exert all its efforts to reach satisfaction. Many minutes had passed, their movements do not appear loosened. I'm sure Rini get multiple orgasms. Probably a very long streak orgasm. and he was not going to stop. My head grew dizzy looking at the screen. Everything was shaking.

Naked and shiny due to sweat, my wife menggelinjang, Andi kissing hairy chest. It's an incredibly exciting and very erotic. Not surprisingly quickly Anton and Andi ejaculate? Rinnnn? Me out.!! ? Cried Anton. Andi quickly follow? I jugaaaa!? Andi did not want to lose.

Soon both men were floundering in the next wife. My wife's chest to hold his breath up and down the hunt. ? Andi? Please enter again please? I'm not satisfied?

Andi bounce back? Hmmm seems he is still strong. ? * K off .. not have ndomnya In pake ... hot .. let cepet! ?
I was shocked, how could my wife Andi allow intercourse without k * ndom. Andi soon jammed with his giant rod into the v * gina my wife deeply. My eyes suddenly blurred ...

I looked at Rini front of me ...,? Deck ... exactly what you are nyidam baseball? really be like this story? ?

Rini is still down,? Mas sorry ... forgive me ... before I actually married mas, we've often played all three.?. He whispered.

I look back to the screen again, it appears now Anton was spitting sperm into my wife's mouth. Plus my head dizzy.
So far you are acting in front of me? Ok Ok ... now they call quickly call them again! nyidam adek's not so true! I want you ... make love to me again! Direct! but I also picked up on playing! ? I yelled to my wife.

? We had four games ok?! and I'm going nonstop until the morning! Sekaraang!?
My wife looked at me with fear? Then slowly raised HPnya.

My head feels like to break. So my wife has always been a threesome with them? why did not I suspect for this? I should have been suspicious when Rini was not a virgin on the first night. I should have been suspicious when Andi and Anton are willing to deliver when it's my wife to Surabaya. Aaaaaarrrgghhhh! really stupid of me!

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