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photo 01Today's story I'll tell you khgususnya for adult fans of the story with a bit of heat and of course the story elements bendebarkan to read, because reading a story today with the passion we will come back with a slight burning smell thrilling scenes from the story that we read later.

Maybe you've tidah wait to read a story that happened today I got also from other internet sites, but the story is indeed very hot one for you read. But before I warn those of you who have not grown harao I do not read the story below:

Just mention my name Etty (not actual), I was still at a private high school. I look exactly pretty, yellowish-white skin, slim body shape but contain dense, slender legs from the thigh to the leg, which is quite sensual lips, thick black hair loose and oval face. Pantatkupun breast and have a somewhat decent shape.

In the mix I'm pretty friendly so it is not surprising that at school I had many good friends children own class II or class I, I myself was still a class II. Men and women are all happy to hang out with. In kelaspun I was one of the students who have good intelligence, ranking sixth out of 10 best students while the increase of class I to class II.

Because kepandaianku mingle and make friends not infrequently good teachers like me in the sense of the word can be invited to discuss the lessons and other general knowledge. One of the teachers that I like is the father of English teachers, handsome ex-shaving with a fantastic beard around his face, is quite high (a little bit higher than I) and a slim but muscular enough. He is still single and that I'd heard he was only 27 years, including a bachelor still very ting-ting to the size of today.

One day after class sports (volley ball is my favorite) I sat down a break in the cafeteria with my friends the other, including the boy-boyfriend, while drinking iced syrup and eat snacks. We are the girls still wear sport shirts and the shorts. Indeed, there the girls look sexy because of her legs including thighs look quite beautiful and white.

Suddenly the father is an English teacher, let's call him Freddy (not true) and we all say, "Good morning .. AAK Paa", and he replied with a smile.
"Yes, morning all. Well, yes you are tired, exhausted to play volleyball. "
I replied, "Yes sir ya, more heat. Done teach, yes sir ". "Yes, twelve and a half hours later I teach anymore, now would ngaso first".

Me and my friends asked, "wrote Sir Here, we just talk", he agreed.
"OK, one should not mind if you wrote"!
Me and my friends say, "No, sir.", Then I replied again, "Once in a while, donk, we dijajanin Pak", and other friends, "Naa .. aa, betuu .. UUL. Setujuu .. ".
When Mr. Freddy took a position to sit down immediately I came because I'm happy to be kegantengannya and cash I ngatain friends.
"Alaa .., Etty, directly deh, deket-deket, do not sir."
Mr. Freddy replied, "Ah! Yes, ndak nothing ".

Then I happened to gaze a little flirting with one leg raised as if my body will correct shoes and because they still use a pair of shorts, it was obvious beauty of my thighs. Mr. Freddy smiled and seemed to pretend I'm sorry.
"Sorry, yes sir".

He replied, "That's OK". Inside I was laughing because it could affect the view of Mr. Freddy.
On one Sunday I intend to go into the house of Mr Freddy and say goodbye to Mama and Papa to play a friend's house and came home late in the afternoon with a reason not to do homework together. By coincidence my mother and my father also permit granted. Today's most historic day in my life. When he arrived at the house of Mr Freddy, he's out of the shower and was surprised to see me.

"Eeeh, you Et. Tumben, what is it, how come alone? ".
I replied, "Ah, not for fun wrote. Just want to know the father wrote home ".
Then he took to get into, "Ooo, so. Come on in.. Sorry my little house like this. Wait, yes, I Paka © clothes first. " It seems Mr. Freddy wearing only a towel only. Soon after he came out and asked once again about my needs. I just explained, "Just want to ask a lesson, sir. Pak Kok very quiet, the house ".
He smiled, "I am boarding here. Alone. "

Further discussion about the two of us English until lunchtime and Mr. Freddy said, "Let laper, Et".
I replied, "Not bad, sir".
Then he stood up from his seat, "You wait a minute, yes, at home. I want to shop around the corner there. Want to buy fried rice. Would you? ".
Instantly I said, "Ok, ok wrote, sir.".

When Mr. Freddy go, I'm in his house alone and I walk up to the dining room and kitchen. Because the bachelor, the kitchen filled only pickup only. But I accidentally saw Mr. Freddy room door opened and I entered it into. I saw a collection of English-language literature on the shelves and desk, from magazines to books, almost all of them from abroad and there was a pornographic magazine from overseas and immediately opened the open. Ouch! The pictures are not playing. Guys and girls who are sex with various positions and for some reason the most interesting to me is a picture where a guy with a fun girl licking pussy girls and boys are sucking penis big, long and muscular.
The unexpected sound Pak Freddy suddenly heard behind me, "Well! What are you doing there, Et. Let's eat, will trigger a cold rice ".

Gosh! I was startled as she turned to him but his face looks mediocre. Immediately threw the magazine into his bed and told me to get out with a stutter, "Ti .. ti .. no, uh, eng .. ggak doing anything, really, sir. Maa .. aa .. AAF, yes, sir ".
Mr. Freddy just smiles, "Yes. Already it's okay. My room is messy. not good to browse through. We eat aja, yuk ".

Thankfully Mr. Freddy was not angry and yell, my heart seemed to calm down but shame can not be lost immediately.
At dinner I asked, "Collection of really reading a lot sir. Emang had read all, yes sir ".
He replied with a spoonful of fried rice to enter into his mouth, "Yaa .. aah, not all. Not bad for a fad ".
Then I was fishing, "Why, was there such things".
He asked, "Which is where such things".

I asked with some embarrassment and smiled, "Um .., Yes, that such things, tuh. Emm .., dirty magazine. "
Then he laughed, "Oh, is it, anyway. That was a gift from my friend when he was to Europe ".
We finished eating into the hall again, and just so happens that Mr. Freddy offered me to see the collection of readings.
Then he offered, "If you're serious, we are into the room, yuk".
I also immediately went to it. I rushed to her room and I took another porn magazine lying on his bed.

Once in the room, Mr. Freddy asked, "Yes you no shame?", I just shook my head. From then also Mr Freddy casually opened his jeans and I could see something big in it, then he menindihkan chest and keep getting stronger so it touches the vagina. I like to moan but I held back.
Mr. Freddy asked, "Pain, Et".

I just shook my head, for some reason since then I started to let go and mulutkupun locked at all. The longer lick Pak Freddy increasingly bold and crazy. Apparently he was really drugged lust and do not remember going to his honor as a Master. I can only sigh, "aa .., aahh, Hemm .., u .., uuh".
I finally buckled and kurebahkan me on the bed. Mr. Freddy was up and ask.
"Delicious, Et?"
"Not bad, sir".

Without directly asked Mr. Freddy ferociously kissed my mouth, as well as I serve him with one hand while you lust stroking mighty penis. Feel hard at all and seems to have stood up perfectly. His mouth began to suck on both nipples. Practically we both had not spoken again, everything is absolutely stupefied lust is blind. Mr. Freddy stopped merangsangku and taking pornographic magazines are still lying on the bed and asked me one hand while pointing to a boy put his penis into the vagina of a girl who seems resigned below.

"May I like this, Et".
I did not answer and just blinked my eyes slowly. Perhaps Mr. Freddy thinks I agree and direct him to straddle my legs wide and sit in front of my vagina. His left hand trying to open up parts of my vagina is tight, while his right hand grasping his penis into my vagina and directing.

Mr. Freddy looks rather difficult to insert his penis into the vagina is still tight, and I felt a little pain as possible the muscles around the vagina is still stiff. Mr. Freddy warns, "Hold the pain, yes, Et". I did not answer because of the pain and continued to resist, "Akhh .., not playing when the pangs of the penile shaft Pak Freddy had started to go, I just wince but Mr. Freddy seems to have no care, continue to besiege his penis until it all and he immediately euthanize her on top of me. Both of my breasts a little depressed but feels good and sufficient to offset the pain in my vagina.

The longer the pain turned to pleasure the penis is in line with the movement of Mr. Freddy shake my vagina. I gasped, "Hah, hah, hah, ..". Pak hands Freddy's arms tighter and tighter to my body and my hands are spontaneously hugged her and stroked her back. The longer the movement of the penis Pak Freddy gives a sense of pleasure and felt in the vagina squirming and spinning.

Now rintihanku are moans of pleasure. Mr. Freddy then rather mengangkatkan body and hand stretched by his hands and palms clutching my hands and pressed hard against the bed and ouwww .., Mr. Freddy further strengthen and accelerate the shuffle of his penis and saw the look on his face that annoyance. The stronger and keep getting stronger so that my body and my head shook bergerinjal thither, and finally Mr. Freddy a little moan along with a sense of warm fluid in the vagina.

Apparently semen is already out and soon he took out his penis and lay down beside me and looked him still panting.
After all was quiet he asked me, "How, Et? You okay? Sorry, yes ".
I replied, smiling softly, "it's okay. Pak little sick. I am new to this first ".
He said, "Equally, I".
Then I kind of smiled and fell asleep because I was tired, but I do not know if Mr. Freddy is asleep.

At about 17:00 I was awakened by Mr. Freddy and apparently when I sleep she covered my entire body with a blanket. Appears to me that Mr. Freddy just a towel and said, "We shower, yuk. You have to go home right? ".
I was still a little weak when you wake up and to remain in a state of naked I came into the bathroom. Then Mr. Freddy go for me to bring a towel. That's where we both take turns cleaning the body and I will no longer awkward when Mr. Freddy soaping around my vagina that are there are very few spots of blood which may be wound from a torn membrane daraku. So did I, did not feel disgusted again picking and cleaning the mighty penis.

Once all is completed, Mr. Freddy make me a cup of hot sweet tea. It felt so good and felt my body become refreshed. At about 17:45 I go home and say goodbye to Mr. Freddy gives a fairly intimate kiss on my lips. When I drive my car, imagine how the state of Papa and Mama and the good name of the school where I think the most historic events that had been caught. But I ignored it, I consider this as an experience only.

Since then, when there is spare time I come to the house of Mr Freddy to enjoy prowess and I'm grateful too, that the secret never gets out. Until now I still enjoy genjotan Mr. Freddy though I was a student, and as if we were both dating. Mr. Freddy never offered to me to marry me when I've finished college later, but I've never answered. What matters to me now is the first malignancy and might enjoy my English teacher's penis.

Well that's my story maksutkan adults and if you have not been satisfied with the story above mnerasa latest news invite you to look for it again from the various sites that discuss a variety of adult stories and the like. So first of I hope you feel happy with what I gave to you all.

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