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I've been saving my relationship with my half sister. Ms. Afif was enjoying every sex game that we do. We do so without the knowledge of my mother. My goal is really to punish women who have not done justice to Ms. Afif. And even then the chance came.
I am currently in high school. Ms. Afif and his body is also more mature. His chest was more curvaceous and sexier body. All I wonder is I always spray my cum into her womb, but until now he did not become pregnant, pregnant, and I hope she is pregnant, and of the relationship that could have saved Ms. Afif of misery, but it was not so. I'm in touch with Ms. Afif not every day, because we still have school and our parents at home. I did that was wrote, but every game we are getting hot.
Day is I'm still at a high school class. Home from school, I only found Ms. Afif who was also just go home. I immediately went to her room, we now have a separate room, but I still often play into his room, and he was well into my room. I just hug her from behind.
"Ma'am, Rendy miss ya ', I said. He turned with a smile.
I took off my pants and my underwear. And I'm lying in bed. As if know what I mean, Ms. Afif be holding my cock, then he put it into his mouth. He suction and he beat with his mouth, while he opened his school clothes. Now before me there was a girl wearing only underwear while sucking my cock. Ohh .... delicious.
I enjoyed every hisapannya, and sometimes she pinched my cock in the middle of his chest. He likes to do it. Afternoon and even then what happens is, Ms. Afif mengoralku and give satisfaction to me. Peniskupun started hard. Ngulumnya already quite long anyway, I want to, I grip the shoulders of Ms. Afif.
He understands his mouth and began to speed up the whisk, and AAAHHHH ..... crot .. crot ... crot ... kusemprotkan in his mouth. He stopped kocokannya, while slowly releasing my cock from her mouth. He was massaging my cock, sperm looks a little out of the tip of my cock. He spewed my sperm into my cock. Oh .... mixed with saliva makes me happy, my cock seemed drenched in warm water.
"The deck Rendy satisfied?", Said Ms. Afif. "Come, come directly koq kepengen".
"Yes Ms. ya ', I replied.
He took a tissue and clean up my sperm. My sister was very skilled in satisfy me. And I want to know how to let her defeat me. And maybe I have a plan.
The next day, my mother did not go to the office. He complained of pain. Ms. Afif while going to school. I also do not attend school by reason of sickness. Anyway, today I want my mother to surrender to me.
The first step is that I'm the mother's room.
"Why, ma, do not leave?", I asked, pretending not to know.
"Mama flu ya again, really bad body", he said.
My mama's though he was already nearly 40, but arguably he is keeping his body. He is still sexy, her ass is still up and his chest was still plump. I really do not see the wrinkles in his face, he diligently caring for his body. It just so happens that day my stepdad is no longer out of town duty, would I and my mother was alone at home.
"Wow ... how tuh ma?" I asked.
"My mama did not finally come in," he said simply.
"I can shower ma? Rendy mandiin want? "I asked.
"No, and thank you, mama can bathe themselves", he said.
"But mamakan sick, let the mandiin Rendy", I said woo.
"Nah, mamikan children grow up, mature mom taking a shower together?"
"Ma Kan own children, emangnya not be?" I asked. "Fear of why-why yes? Ngeres Mama! ... "
My mother laughed. "Yee, Rendy's already got a boyfriend, girlfriend ntar jealous again."
"A girlfriend? is not got tuh ma ", I said. "If it be still, let the mandiin Rendy mama, no papa if not well"
My mom paused. Maybe he should think logically. And finally he answered, "Well, mama would allow, after all, mama's boy is a little flirty."
And shoots be loved side dish arrived. First of all mama took off her clothes, she was a little tired, can be seen in her eyes. My mom was completely naked in front of me, even though he turned to me, I could see the smooth running of his body. Mom then took a towel and she was wearing pajamas.
"Yuk", ask mama. I will go, I'm off all my clothes and I just use a towel to cover my waist.
We also have in the bathroom now. In the bathup, mama turned to me and took off his pajamas, I will remove my towel. Water pouring from the shower. My body and the body of a warm mama scalded.
"Here ma, Rendy rub", I said.
Mama went along. I also took the soap and rub your back mama. And I will slowly approached until now my legs around his waist, and stuck my cock in her ass. Automatic cock stiffened. The position was very fitting to be made love. But I do not want to start with, I want mama really defeated me. Mom may feel my cock strained.
"Well, boy hot mom has turned out", said mama.
"Iyalah ma, normal, wong koq see a beautiful woman like this," I said. Mama laughed. I began rubbing his mama's back. While I massage him.
At first the shoulders and back. Mom looks really enjoyed it. And I will dare to touch her breasts a little bit. Mama do not anger.
"Ma, are ya rear, the front of the dong", I said.
Mama turned. And, arguably the first time his gaze fixed on the shaft of my cock standing upright.
"He was a big boy this mami also", my mom said as she pinched.
"Aw, ma ...", I said a little spoiled.
"Just his own mother can inflame koq anyway?", Said mama.
"Lha like how ma, mama still sexy, still plump and really smooth," I said.
"It could be you", said mama.
I also rubbed the front of the mother's body. I rubbed his chest. Beginning to touch the hell, I'm a little hesitant, but I gently touch the upper chest, then started down, initially anyway just rubbing, but then I give a little massage. Look mama just close my eyes, seemed to enjoy it. I then rub mama armpits, hands, thighs, legs. Keep in mind, the position of my penis and vagina mama was very close, as if I was ready to stick my dick if I wanted.
"It ma, turns dong", I said.
Mama like lightning. He opened his eyes and a little nervous. She took the soap and rub my chest and stomach and he was a little awkward to rub my cock.
"Why ma?", I asked when mama would stop rubbing. "Love soap dong ma"
Mama finally rubbing my cock, oh ... it feels incredible. Tapering fingers that my mama and soapy rub my cock rose. I could only close his eyes and said, "Ahh .... well ma ...".
"Whoa, boy mami koq it anyway?", Said mama.
"Come on ma, do not stop pliiisss terusin, already wet ya ', I said.
"But this just wrote it!", Said mama. "Promise!"
"Promise deh", I said.
Mama finally sort out my cock. He was very professional at all, it is clear, otherwise how could Dad want her stepfather. Mine continues to shake with both hands. I know mama is also turned on. Looked winded as well as hunting. He enjoyed the sight aroused me from his hand whisk.
"Oh maa ... very sexy mama .... ahh ...", I said merancau. Mama did not say anything. "Maa .. oh ...".
I dared to touch her breasts. Mama let him. I shook a little faster than before. And, if it kept ya I could burst. I saw mommy saw my cock, she seemed to enjoy it, I saw her vagina clean without the hair actually started close to the fruit pelirku, I tried to shift a bit and finally vagina mama and fruit pelirku touch. This sensation was so delicious. Mama seemed to enjoy it too. He tried to hide it by speeding up the whisk my cock. I think I'm going to explode. And .... "Ahhh .... maaa .... oh ...."
Sperm spurting everywhere. Seems partly to mama's face. Wheezing breath and mama seems to feel strange. I looked into his face, I could see a bit of sperm stuck on her forehead. Mama clean.
"I can be ya Ren, son masturbation mom just pake mami hands, yours is quite large as well," said mama.
"Mami want to feel?", I asked a little daring.
"Hush, you were my son, just wrote this!", Said mama.
"If so ma turn now", I said.
"You mean?"
Without babibu, I touched her femininity. Mamiku somewhat surprised and a direct holding on bathup. I swipe-swipe her clitoris. I did the same thing to him as he did to me. I continued to rub-geseknya while I put my index finger into it. Mama did not protest, he even enjoyed it, even now Mama is really wet at all.
"Oh, ... Ren ... Ren ackkhh ..... big dick, ... akhhh ', mama started merancu. And suddenly he hugged me and mencengkramku strong. I hasten tangaku friction in the vagina. And he screamed. His breath puffed.
Mama do not feel that his chest on my chest. I took out my hand and I put my mama on her waist. Stick my dick in her stomach. He seemed to rest on my shoulder. Perhaps they are so sick mama again tired incredible. Mom hugged me for a long time. Then he returned to his original position. He turned his body wet shower. After he cleaned his body, he moved from bathup and going to leave me alone.
The incident was certainly kept in mind mama. Later that night, mom watching tv in the living room. Ms. Afif had no business to her sister's house. It seems important and should be staying. So once again in this house just me and my mama.
I masturbate in my room, thinking mama. Other exciting incest sex stories in hceritadewasa17tahun.info I did it on purpose to see mama. Usually mama bed at 21:00. It was at 21:00, her mom turn off tv and went to his room. At that time I accidentally opened the little door to my room to bsia seen.
"Oh mama, aahh .. ahhh ... let's ma, ma rocked ... ahhh yes ...", I said, shaking my cock.
My mom saw it. He peeked through the door. I continued to masturbate until my sperm come out. ".... Rendy Maaa until ya want ma .. keluarin in the mouth mama wrote .. ya ... ahhh ... ahhh ... ya ma ma ...". CRoott ... my sperm get out and wet hands. My mom saw it all from the door, and before I clean my sperm, mama was gone.
The next day, mama looks a bit odd. We did not say anything at the dinner table. Then he asked, "Ren?"
"Yes ma?" I asked.
"Why Rendy fantasizing about mom? Not that there is another girl? ", Said mama.
"After yesterday events really make Rendy aroused ma", I replied.
"Do not Rendy, I am your mother", said mama. "I do not deserve their own children to his mother"
"But mama menimatinyakan yesterday?" I asked.
"Watch your mouth!", He said.
"Let deh ma, do not have to hypocrisy", I said.
PLAQUE! Mom slapped me. I was a little frustrating. Then I left the table and into the tv. I turn on the video player, after quite a while and then came the show that TIDA alleged by the mother. I actually put the camera in the bathroom mama, mama at me and I swipe mengonani-geseknya. Mom was surprised.
"What is Rendy? What? ", Said mama.
"This is a video copy ma, mama if do not want to have on hand is Daddy now. So she has to obey the will Rendy ", I said firmly.
"What do you mean?"
"Rendy has been copied a lot of this video and send to Rendy Rendy friends. So if something happens with Rendy, the video is not just the father wrote, but also to friends, and others, or may be spread on the internet ", I said.
"Damn you so", said mama mad. He turned off his video.
"Eitt ma ... remember, I still have a copy of and I'm not bluffing," I said.
"What do you want Ren? I am your mother! ", He said
"I know, and I want mom to be my slave for ever", I said.
Mama suddenly knelt down in front of me. "Pliss Ren please, do not do that ..."
Mama seemed to cry. He really did not want to spread the video or obey my will. "Simple wrote koq mam, mama obey I wrote."
Mama's little thought, I let her knees, bowed his head. But I do not want to wait. I took off my clothes one by one until now I did not wear any clothes. Mama saw me.
"What do you want?"
"Mama, are my slave now, accept this fact deh ma", I said.
Mama could not really anything. He just resigned. I also getting the situation under control. Mama I bopong to the sofa. There I lucuti all her clothes. Mama really let go, the tears flowed. I kissed her lips, tongue kulumat, I smoke, then squeezed her breasts. I feed him as I breastfed as an infant.
Mama just closed my eyes. "Enjoy aja ma, Rendy will give satisfaction not given by the father."
I kissed her entire body, armpits, shoulders, breasts, brown nipples, navel, thighs, and when I suck on her toes, she menggelinjang. Looks like mama actually resigned. I know all my kisses on her body she sighed.
Neither the vagina, and without further ado I lick it, where I was born first. I lick it, I wet with ludahku, I'm fine, I lick her clit, mama can not stand. So many of her female fluids coming out. Maybe he wants to orgasm.
"... Ahh ... Ren Ren Ren ... do not ... pliiisss, mami do not rape," says mom pleaded. But I can not remain silent. Mami squeezed my hair, then I went up to his belly breasts daranya I smoke again.
I stop my activities. I was ready to plug in rudalku now. Mama saw the muzzle rudalku. He let go and know that it would go into her vagina. And really, I put it gently. First of all, only a quarter of an entry, the tip alone. My mama was bergelinjang. Then I press a little up to half the entrance. And that was me rocking back and forth. Her pussy is very wet, very many of her female fluids, he might have an orgasm first. I keep pushing right up to full mine entrance. Mama can not say anything more now, even he keep up with me by pressing her bottom to top.
I also quickly shook it back and forth. Kutindih mama, our breasts and kissed her lips together. Shaking my ass like a drill. Tries to the summit, to remove the sperm. I do not feel satisfied with this position. I then stopped my movements, my mama's limp body kubalikkan. I prodded him from behind. Very sexy ass. absolutely right, the thrill of this amazing doggy style. Mom just said, "aah ... ahh .. ahh .. oh ... oh .. ah .. ahh .."
"It's good ma?" I asked.
"Rendy .... ah ... continue Ren Ren ... rape ... rape mama mama", he said merancau. I did not stay silent. Kupompa faster. Oh ... her ass is really merangsangku, I can not stand it anymore.
"Ma, Rendy come out ya ', I said.
"Keluarin Ren, mama coming out", he said.
CROOOOTT ..... CROOOT ... CROOT ...., which came out a lot of sperm into her womb. Mom hugged me from behind. And we were weak. I hug boobs, squeezing her breasts. My cock still in her vagina. Our position on the sofa with both hands squeezing her breasts, our bodies lean sofa. Gasping for breath. We then finally fell asleep.
An hour later I woke up. Mama was not hugged again. He was sitting against the couch. Her eyes were swollen. He felt guilty.
"Why ma?" I asked.
"Rendy once ama mama bear", he said ..
"But mama sukakan?" I asked.
"But, mama has betrayed papi", he said. "It should not be like this".
I held her from behind. "No problem ma, this will be our duty, we will keep this secret, for secrecy mama too".
Mama was silent.
I then moved from the sofa. I stood in front of him.
"Why Ren?", He said.
"Sponge Rendy penis dong, Rendy not satisfied", I said.
According to Mama this time directly. He holds the tip of my cock. As she slowly massage my cock, my cock was still asleep, instantly tense. Then slowly he stretched out his tongue, he circled his tongue to the tip of my cock, then he put into his mouth. Yeah, so good.
Then he wet all over my cock with her tongue, licked, kissed, shaken crushed. God knows how long I stand with the pleasure given, obviously, I was really pleased when my sperm squirt in the mouth mama. Mama suck it up, swallow it whole.
After that incident, I became more daring with my mama. Every night I'm always asked for rations. Every day, even if the mother began to complain of such pregnant how, I do not care, mama now become my slave.
That's what I maksutkan sex was by chance that I took from one of the web, and I say thank you corpulent who already want to read the latest sex stories let's hope you feel happy and we akn meet again on the other opportunities that would be more fun again for you read.

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