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photo 01photo 01This incident took place a few weeks ago. At that time, on Friday afternoon, I was working on one project. As usual for refreshing, while sipping a cup of coffee, I read the email incoming email. Immediately repaid email requests for proposals from customers, and I sometimes laugh reading joke emails from my friends. But there was one email that caught my attention, that is from my friend who lives in Bogor, Andi. He was too late and asked me to refreshing to Puncak when I'm not busy. Incidentally I'm not doing anything tomorrow, just need to take payment to one of my clients. Moreover Monika, my boyfriend, also was out of town with his family.I immediately took my cell phone and call Andi, my friend."At .., OK I picked up deh lu ya tomorrow .. As long as my girl was not there ""Yeah donk .. Freely ye ni .. Just what you where a security guard? ""Go to Surabaya .. There are relatives marriages ""Tomorrow, do not be late coming ya .. An 11-hour deh ""OK"After that I turned up a cigarette, and I continued my work.*****That morning, I went to Bogor. On the way, I go over to one of my clients in the area of ​​Tevet, to take payment of the project that has been undone. After taking a pay check, I immediately headed Jagorawi toll. Unfortunately my car had a flat tire, luckily it happened before I entered the highway. As a result, even though I have spurred my car, only about 12.30 am I got home Andy."Damn you .. I've been waiting for from the earlier, the new coming ". Andi said a little annoyed when he opened his door."Sorry .. I need to first client .. So already had a flat tire, had to replace the tires once in the middle of the road ""I tire Anterin first yuk .. We just pull the "I continue again."Bentar .. I used to replace it ". Andi was then ngeloyor went to his room.While waiting, I read a newspaper in the living room. Shortly Siska, Andy's brother, arrived with the drinks."Why not stop by Mas long time now?""Yeah Sis, busy out .. Must earn money ya 'I say."Just because already become entrepreneurs .. Arrogant yes, "he teased with a chuckle. Siska is quite familiar. His son was friendly and fun. We were joking while waiting for her brother who was getting.After Andy came, we immediately went to the nearest tire builders. Once done, I took my car to a private bank to cash a check from my client. Queue was rather long day, a result quite a long time we also spend time there.When out of the bank, the clock has been demonstrated at 14.00 noon, so I asked Andi stopped at a fast food restaurant for lunch. At the restaurant, we met with two beautiful teenager girl who is still in uniform in high school. That a short-haired, with a sweet face. Tall and slender, with a little black leather, but clean. While that is a pretty-faced, fair-skinned and had long hair. His body was not too high, but the most striking is a solid body. Big tits glazed look behind the school uniform. We smiled at them and they responded with flirtatious."Wan .. We invite them yuk .. "Andi said."May wrote that they would" I replied."But you treat ya boss .., is not new money ngambil nih""Beres deh"Andi was then approached them and asked to meet. Andi was very brave indeed in this case. He was well known playboy, had a lot of girls. This is supported by the rather handsome stature."Lisa .." short-haired girl said when introducing himself."It's his what's his name?" I asked, staring at her sexy friends."Novi" she said, holding out his hand. Jump kusambut delicate handshake.Me and Andy then moved to their table. The four of us chatted while enjoying each one. When asked, they agreed to walk together to the summit. When finished eating, walking toward the car, I saw Novi breasts look a little wiggle when she walks. He wanted to run out kulumat young girl's breast.*****After a walk in the Peak to enjoy the scenery, we also check in at a motel there."Lu Wan's treat .. You choose which one? "Andy whispered as we were taking care of check-in. Indeed, before I'll buy you a promise, because I just received a payment from one of the project."Novi" I answered shortly."Hehe .. Lu lust clay bodynya ya? "Brenda whispered again with a chuckle. After that, we also immediately check-in. Kugandeng Novi hand, while Andy seemed to embrace Lisa's shoulder into the room.After lock the door, eager direct kudekap Novi body. Jump kissed her lips passionately. Forcefully squeezing my hand with her breast mound. After being kissed his lips, I kiss her neck, and then immediately opened the buttons of his uniform."Iih Mas .. Nyusu already can not wait huh? "He teased.I ignored his words, immediately picked up his cup bra which looked too small to accommodate the huge breasts. I smoke directly with Novi's annoyance chewy meat, this beautiful high school girl."Ahh .. Ahh "she moaned as her nipples had hardened kujilati and I smoke. Novi hands lifted her breasts, while her other hand pressing my head into his chest."It's good Mas .. Ahh "she moaned as my mouth further by malignant breast enjoys a very tempting lust birahiku."Lick her nipples Mas .." he said. Moaning and getting into his hands pulling my hair when kuturuti request gladly.Satisfied with the breast of this young girl, I kiss her beautiful face again. Then punched his shoulder, and he too understands what I want. By squatting in front of me, opened my pants restleting. Can not wait, I help her open up all my clothes."Ih .. Mas, really big .. "she sighed softly as my cock went up straight in front of her pretty face. She stroked it gently stem groin."It's tough when you have never so great?""No Mas .. Novi did not have this big guy. "He said. His eyes looked grimly to the groin."Arghh .. November delicious .. "I groaned when Novi started sucking my cock head.Dijilatinya piss hole, and then dikulumnya my cock with passion. Meanwhile, a subtle hand shaking my dick. Every now and then gently squeezing the fruit zakarku. Incomparable pleasure is upon me, when this pretty girl pumping cock with her mouth. I saw his head back and forth menghisapi manhood rods. Wipe his hair in exasperation. Because of tired feet, I will move to a chair. Novi then squatted in front of me."Novi suck back soon Mas .. Novi was not satisfied .. "he said softly.This young girl's mouth back menghisapi cock. Stroking her hair, I noticed his mouth crammed into a tiny groin. The room soon filled by eranganku, also favors Novi murmur when menghisapi manhood. When his head back and forth, swaying breasts were tantalizing. I squeezed in disdain rubbery chunks of meat."Nov .., November Susumu wear flops .." I pleaded.Novi immediately put my cock in her breasts, and then kupompa my cock. Meanwhile, Novi hand pinching her big breasts, so that the friction breast meat gives tremendous pleasure on my cock."Yes .. Yes .. "I will not hold back a sense of favor to. After a while, kusodorkan my cock into her mouth again, a welcome with a passion.After enjoying the mouth and breast of this high school girl, I want him to get up. I kiss her lips again squeezed and squeezed her hair in disdain. Restleting my hand off his gray uniform skirt, rubbed her vagina and then wipe the discharge began wetting her panties. Kusibak little panties and wipe my pussy lips and rubbed her clit. Novi menggelinjang body in my arms. Moaning getting into.I've wanted to fuck this young girl. Kubalikkan his body and asked him menungging resting on the dresser. I opened my underwear, so he just stayed put on the uniform buttons have been opened."Ahh .." she screamed as my cock began to break through the long narrow vagina."Mad .. Memekmu November awful .. "I felt the clamps when the vaginal wall Novi.Jump kupompa cock in pussy pretty girl. In the meantime, my hands holding her hips, sometimes squeezing the rounded bottom. Novi was screaming pleasure when the body belianya kusetubuhi doggy-style style. I saw on the dresser mirror, the face of Novi was so stimulating. Pretty face young girl who was having intercourse. Her breasts looked adorable wagging behind her uniform open.Bored with this position, I sat back down in the chair. Novi and sat turned to me and directed my cock into her vagina. Kusibakkan beautiful long hair and smooth white I kiss her neck. Meanwhile, Novi body moves up and down enjoying my manhood. My hands were busy squeezing her breasts do not miss."Ahh .. Ahh .. Ahh .. "groaned Novi sway in rhythm with his body on top of me. Sometimes the moaning stopped when kusodorkan fingers for smoked.A few moments later, I stopped shaking her body and I lean slightly backwards, so I can menghisapi breasts. It's delicious chewy breast enjoy this beautiful girl. With annoyance and occasional twin hills kulahap kujilati nipples are pink. Novi moans grew louder sound, making me more excited. Once completed I enjoy ranumnya breast, back body looking young Novi youthful passion with the release of my cock pumping up and down wildly. I never thought a high school girl can be so wild in sex play.Quite a long time I enjoy intercourse with this beautiful girl on a chair. Then ask him to stand, and we kissed again. I opened my school uniform following her bra, so now we both were naked. Back in disdain squeezed her breasts and I smoke 17 annual. I wanted to finish this game. Then he bring them to lay down on the bed. I was then directed my cock back into her vagina."Ahh .." groaned Novi back when my cock again filled the burrow femininity.Kupompa directly with ferocious body of this school. Moans of pleasure filled the room the two of us, plus the sound of creaking bed to add hot atmosphere. I saw a beautiful Novi shook his head to the right and left holding favors. His hand-wringing bed linen."Mas .. Novi almost Mas .. Continued .. Ahh .. Ahh "she shrieked, her body stiffened in my arms.Seems she has reached her orgasm. Pompaanku stop him, and his body was later slumped on the bed. I watched as sweat ran down his face beautiful nan. Her breasts up and down in rhythm with an intake of breath. Young beautiful breasts, big, chewy, and dense. My mouth was grimly back to enjoy it with ardent breast.After that, I pulled my cock in her breast and back kujepitkan. This time I squeeze her breast meat on my cock. Novi still seems hung limp. Then again kupompa cock in these parts of her breasts. Tongs chewy meat that makes me unable to survive for so long. Soon I was spraying my sperm on her breast is a sexy high school.*****We end up staying at the motel. While there, I'm very happy to enjoy a plump body Novi. I fuck her repeatedly, both on the bed, dressing table, chair, or in the bathroom while soaking in the bathtub. I actually wanted to stay much longer, but on Monday I have to meet my clients in the morning, while there is a material that still need to be prepared.On Sunday night, we went back to Bogor. This time instead of driving my car Andi. Lisa sat in the passenger seat in front, while Novi and I sat in the back. On the way, look beautiful Novi sit beside me, with a mini skirt that showcased smooth thighs, making me excited again. I began kissing her hand as she rubbed her thighs. Kusibakkan his underwear, and I play her pussy with my fingers."Ehmm .." she moaned as her clit rubbed kuusap in disdain.Stop moaning because his mouth was instantly passionate kiss. My hand and opened her school uniform. I dropped my cup of her bra so that her big breasts sticking out challenging it immediately."Like it really does Mas .. Nyusuin Novi "he said softly."Yes your milk out really good" I whispered.Novi back swishing sound when my tongue began to dance on top of the already prominent nipples hard. I smoke in disdain twin mountains of this beautiful girl to make her delicious menggelinjang."Gantian dong in November" I whispered as I've had a good ripe breasts.We went back to kissing while a smooth hand Novi started my pants zipper open repeatedly. Lowered my panties, so that my cock had swollen sticking out proudly. Novi was then ayunya face close to the groin, and taste delicious spread on my body as his mouth began to suck my dick. While menghisapi my cock, slowly whisk Novi trunk, do not hold me to hold favor to groan."Ihh .. Really big .. Lisa also want dong .. ". Suddenly I was startled by the sound of Lisa's since when attention was somehow behind our activities."Moving here wrote" I said, stroking his hair is still menghisapi Novi cock.Lisa was moved to the bench and then step back. Direct I kiss her face, which although not as pretty, but pretty sweet Novi. My tongue and his tongue was linked to each other, while Novi still busy enjoying my cock."In .. Briefly turns ya later .. "I said to Andy that glaring look in the rearview mirror."Okay boss .." he replied as he continued to stare at the sight in the back seat of my car. After being kissed, I pulled my cock from the mouth of Novi."Let Lis .. He says you will "I said, a little push to get closer to Lisa's head groin."Yeah .. Abis really big .. "he said with a cute brush the hair out of his ears."Ahh .. Yes .. "I sighed when Lisa put my cock into her mouth. Dihisapinya stem groin like a little boy was eating a lollipop. Infinite pleasure surged through nerves.Lisa is also long enough to enjoy my cock. Meanwhile, Novi back thrusting her young breasts to enjoy. After a while kuhisapi breasts, Novi then thrust his face into the groin and kissed zakarku fruit, while Lisa was busy sucking rod groin."Here the turn of November .." he said, thrusting my cock into the mouth of the nearby Novi. Novi was toying with a swift return groin with his mouth. Meanwhile, Lisa's turn this time of licking and kissing zakarku fruit.At that moment I felt like I was in heaven. Two high school girls who are beautiful and licking my cock menghisapi interchangeably. Kuelus pet the head of the girls who are enjoying the ABG's manhood. Favors that I felt made me feel not stand much longer. But first I want to fuck Lisa. Want to feel pleasure clothespin black pussy this sweet girl.I ask him to sit on his lap as he turned to me. Kusibakkan her panties, her joy turned my dick in a rut. Deliberately did not ask him to take off his clothes, because I do not want to attract the attention of a passing vehicle out there."Ah .." Lisa sighed as my cock began to crowd her vagina is no less narrow in Novi belongs.Lisa then raising his body down on my lap. Novi did not stay silent, He kissed me while his friend was pumping my cock in her feminine wall clamps. Lisa made me feel your body sway will immediately spill my sperm in her vagina. I'm trying hard not to ejaculate before he orgasms. Novi, kissing, hand plays Lisa's clitoris."Ah .. Continue Mas .. Lisa wanted to .. "she sighed. The sooner wipe-rub her clit, while Lisa's body was pumping my cock faster."Ahh .." she moaned pleasure when experiencing orgasm.His body seemed stiffened and then fell limp in my lap. I was moaning as I spouted ejakulasiku stuck in this sweet girl's vagina. After a brief rest, we quickly cleaned up with paper towels available."Want to turn on? "I asked Andy who seemed ill at ease to bring my car."So definitely dong" Andi said as he pulled the car in a deserted place.We also changed places. I brought the car, while Andi moved to sit in the back seat. The plan he will also play a threesome, but Novi also went to the front bench."I'm tired ah Mas .." he said.Andi looked disappointed, but what may make. We immediately resumed our journey. Andi I heard groans in the back seat. The rearview mirror I saw Lisa was sucking his dick. Because it is satisfied, I do not really care about it anymore.Arriving in Bogor, our two girls down in the first place, while I give money to a few hundred thousand and taxi money."If all else ya Bogor contact Novi Mas .." said Novi sweet when we parted. I saw a few people notice them. Maybe they were suspicious of why there are two high school girls in uniform on Sunday, he again tonight .. He .."Wan .. I doain many projects you can deh .. Let you treat me like before anymore .. "Andi said when I was down in front of his house."Sparky .." I said goodbye to go home.Kukebut Jagorawi my car down the highway to Jakarta. I smiled with satisfaction. Which had always been my obsession, can now become a reality. It turned out that life is beautiful.

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