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photo 01Because of frequent thieves broke into the houses we live in, the residents unanimously perumahanku hire a night watchman and residents should be allowed to help them night and day. It happens to a house in the middle of the housing kutempati but two houses next to me has not been inhabited so often it's the fourth house built as a hiding place.
That night I was hit by severe influenza because of rain throughout the afternoon.

"I'm still preparing food for the night watchman, mas ....!", Which my wife said, putting the tiny body with a height of 155 cm, interesting-looking movie stars such as Mandarin, although somewhat dark brown skin with short hair, so it looks younger than the age of step 40.

The night air was very hot, so he just put on a pretty thin negligee, so it shows the shape of her body, especially her soft voluptuous butt was swaying when walking, although his stomach no longer slim, because it contained twice and a model dressing gown in front of the buckle so that the breast though not large, but contains a dense, somewhat in size 34C and the second protruding nipples stood out from behind her dressing gown as if she was home alone wearing only a thin camisole.

"It really has not come at ten o'clock, yes ..!", He muttered to himself because he thought I was asleep. A few moments later I heard two men talking outside the house and knocked on the door quietly. My wife is lying in sampingkupun woke up and whether or not my wife to fix her hair and paint their lips so that the red lips.

"Why?", Gumannya softly when he realized his lip brush, but because the guards are knocking on the door that night, he was not so clear that stimulates red lips.

"That night, Mrs. Yati ...!", The sound of a person and I understand that it is Mr. Deran voice and my wife has been known by two guard because often my wife came home tonight after teaching at the college.

"Get used to Mr. Deran ..!", Invited my wife came into the guard that night, while I heard a pretty loud thunder and rain suddenly falling.

"Well it's raining? I was at Mr. Towadi, Mrs. Yati ..! "he said. "It's okay, just go ... anyways ... the heavy rain, sir ...." said my wife. "Good evening, Mrs. Yati ..!" I heard Mr. Towadi to greet my wife. "Wait a minute .. do not make coffee!" Said my wife, then I heard my wife walked into the kitchen at the rear of the house.

"On, see your guns!" Mr. Deran voice whisper, "You messed up, Ran?" Replies Mr. Towadi whisper., "You see, baseball ..?" Mr. Deran voice again, "Yeah, Ran appears ... ., like an eraser? "said Mr. Towadi, apparently they were whispering about the nipples that stand behind my wife's dressing gown, because that night my wife wearing only a dressing gown camisole beneath.

"Voluptuous butt, more ....," continued Mr. Deran whisper, "Hush wife of the man, Ran ..!" Said Mr. Towadi, "eeh, this Friday night, right ..? Fitting the strongest ilmuku hi hi?! "I heard Mr. Deran laughed quietly arrested," aja .. Tried, yok ..., who knew Mrs. Yati want ...! "Said Mr. Deran.

I remember Mr. Towadi rather high black men with muscular bodies and short fat person Deran Pak, both aged over 50 years, I shudder to also hear what they say about my wife before, their native region, known to be very fond of the woman, even when they had told I was on night duty, if ever made a sexy bodied herbal traders, who are often around two weeks in the area where I live, ever made could hardly walk because they rotate together, during which the traders of herbal medicine is still a virgin and to date tells that night, herb merchants are still often ask them both to menggilirnya, even now have a husband, he was never satisfied with her husband, who was young, and even herbal medicine traders were never asked them both to come to his house.

"If it had hit us, sir, .... Waahhh ... women must be lazily with her husband and? .. Her husband did not move when we are there, and let us sleep with his wife in one room with her husband, "said Mr. Deran chuckle chuckle that night.

Then I heard a whisper of them again ..... "You do not be silly, Ran. Already'll miss! "Said Mr. Towadi" Keris inheritance .. I take it .. In .... This .. he he he! "Said Mr. Deran," you do not, so Ran ..., well ... people anyways, sorry for her husband later, the same Wish you wrote later on .. ! "Mr. Kardi sound again. I feel really bad because eventually I decided to come out and they both looked surprised to see me, but Mr. Deran that brings immediate repeal kris dagger and dagger directed directly at me and suddenly enveloping darkness.

Then I awake and find myself in bed again, kutoleh my door and door sills and floor room I saw like burning.

"Eeeecch? .... Eeeeccchhh. Eeeeecccchhhh ..... ...! "I heard the hiss of my wife and I will go down, my body felt weak, so I crawled over to the bedroom door and ...... as thousands upon thousands of volts electricity affected hand while holding the key to my room until I was limp like a sack tersengkur more kneeling in front of the door was slightly ajar.

I do not believe look at the living room from the bedroom door was ajar, I saw my wife standing in front of Mr. Deran dagger carrying sleeve for adult pubic shaft is larger than 40 watt fluorescent lamp that ends in a stand-point it to my wife, while the hand only seemed to twist at the other end of the elongated U-shaped. Mr. Deran hands now holding the base of a curved dagger and twist both ends of his fingers and saw my wife standing, his back and hissed bergetas

"Heeeggghhh? .. Oooooohhhhhhh. Ooooooohhh ...... hhhhh .... ..!! "Mr. Deran no longer as attractive but interesting twist both ends of the U-shaped dagger that puffed out his chest and my wife looks like both her nipples forward. "Mmm heeeggggh? .. Aaaaaaa .... aaaaduuuuuhhhhh h ......! ! "Hissed my wife and the length of Mr. Deran directly suck one end of the U's and .... "Paaak?. Paaakkkk .... jaa ... jaaangaaa annnnn?. Paaakkkkk .. ....!! "Hissed a voice pleading wife and my wife's right hand reflexively holding her right breast, my wife swishing back ..... "Ummmppff?. Paakkkk ..... jaaa .... jaaaaang aaaannnn? paaaakkkk? ..! "the wife hissed. Mr. Deran right hand to twist the other end and my wife was holding her breasts re-wrapped his robe and camisole that.

"Hhhhh EEecccchhhhhhhgggg?!!" My wife sighed again when Mr. Deran rotate so that the base of the kris dagger sheath U-shaped stand, while the fingers of his right hand stroked the edge of the hole kris voluptuous ass and I saw my wife was shaking with great. Mr. Deran faster stroke and even rub a hole kris and my wife was moaning .....

"Paaakk? paaakkk .... suuu. Suuuuddaaaaahh ..? paaakkk? jangaaan diteruuuuskaaaaan?. eeeecchghghghghghg h?.!! ", while his ass was shaking so badly and my wife's hands holding her voluptuous ass shook when Mr. Deran licking ass hole kris and twisted contortion voluptuous wife is not known, his hands squeeze her own sexy ass back and forth that began when Mr. Deran siphon hole nyedot keris and even Mr. Deran tongue licking hole and ..... "Mmmppfffhhh hghghghgghghg?." My wife grew louder hiss hiss, lifted up her crotch and arrives near the end of middle sleeve dagger suck and lick his hole sucked up by Mr. Deran.

`Paaaak? sudddaaaah ngngngngngngng hhhheeeghghghghgh?! "My wife closed her eyes and hissed at her crotch interested in her crotch forward until now mengesek ngesek sarong keris.

"Suudddaaaaah paaaak jangaaaaan sudaaah eeeeechghghghg?.!" My wife continued to hiss hiss. Then Mr. Deran stop the action. "DIII ..., coax kerisku hole?!" Said Mr. Deran to Mr. Towadi who had been stunned, while at the base of his already bulging crotch showing her pubic shaft was standing tense. Mr. Towadi directly stroking hole kris Mr. Deran and back .... "Eeeeee ..... eeeeee .... eeeeehhhhh. Eeeecccchhhg hghghg ....? ..! ! "The wife hissed. "It's good .... Mrs. Yati," asked Mr. Deran who stood before him and is still stuck in the crotch of my wife's dagger sheath. My wife answered guns, silent ...... "Ooooo .. apparently less good?! "said Mr. Deran then .... .. "Nnnn jaaaangaaa Jaaa .... ..... , Paaakkkk .... ..! "My wife moaned plaintively," uncover dastermu, Buuuu ......! ! "He ordered. "..... Paaak oooohhhhhh. Jaaa ... .. Jaaangaaannn .. .... paakkkk. .....! "My wife's pleading. "Ayooo .. Buuu not be ashamed .... or let him to find his own way? "said Mr. Deran.

Like a dagger scabbard and even then ruled against the crotch of my wife when Mr. Deran take it off and .... "Paak .... jaaa ... nnnn ... paaaakkkk jaaangaa?.!" Hissed when my wife started rubbing his crotch holster back, so that his ass was shaking again. "Dii? Tonight we go first? Mbah a nyebokin Gandul let Mrs. Yati, tonight got him? see Dii? Mrs. Yati raise dasternya? apparently she was dying .... "I saw my wife and mengelinjang hissing, while his hands held her own ass and pulled up slowly dressing gown, so smooth thighs began to unfold.

The longer the vibrating butt fast and rubbed her crotch back and forth by a dagger sheath called Mr. Deran, Mbah Gandul it. So dasternya revealed to his groin, Mbah Gandul directly infiltrated into the groin and my wife ..... "Mmmmmmpppfff eeecchhhh ..? .. Bessaaaar? Oooooohhhhhh. ....! "Hissed my wife long. "Already, in, let's get out tonight's Miss Yati Mbah Gandul?!" Pa said Deran. "Madam Yati, entrusted Mbah Gandul yaa, enjoy, our new tomorrow ... Oh ... yes ...., his mother came home tomorrow night?. Do not have to pake bra and panties so if you come home, will be wrapped and handed to me in the mail if home? though more comfortable? .... he he he! "Pak said, squeezing her breasts Deran my wife who stood with his legs did not move the terkangkang. And they went out from the wife who terbengong.

"Mmmpppff .... oooohhhhh. Beee ... .. Besaaar ..? Aaamaaatttt. ...! "She moaned as the two men had gone. My wife was trying to sit on the couch and apparently he tried to pull it out but the dagger scabbard ..... "Mbaaaah uummppfff oooooohhh ... aaammmmpuuunnn. .. Mmmbaaaahhh. .... ? ..! "My wife loud hiss. "Ooocch masuukkk to daalaaam eeeccchh gilaaa uummpppfff heeecchhh gilaaa? Uuuccch geliiii aaaccch koook giniiii rasanyaaaaa uumppppccchh ennnnaaaaakkkkckccc hhhh?!" My wife and I saw the back of a chair and gripping her buttocks vibrating back and forth in his seat and shake her ass faster and faster, while memebanjir sweat and gasping for breath breath

"Eccchhhghghghg mbaaaaah Gaaanduuull?. akuuuu keluaaaaar?.! "my wife moaned as an orgasm that night. His body fell sideways on the couch and moments later his legs wide and his body terkangkang his hands resting on his crotch to see Mbah Gandul again it worked. Butt shaking back her mouth while hissing breath of pleasure and hunt hard and ....

"Mmmbbaahh Mbaaah ... aaaa ... hhh ........ aaaakkuuuuu. . Keee ... keeeelua aaar lagiiiii?.! "He moaned as they reach orgasm and her ass jerky. Then he sat back and tried to get up and walk into the room, I will immediately head straight to bed ....

"Mas ... maaasss. ... Wake up .... mass. ...! "Call my wife" You really looks like crumpled dik, today ... I heard commotion outside .....! ! "" Maas!! "My wife said sheepishly, as he hugged me ..

Hose a week later, back Pak Pak Towari Deran and turn on guard duty, and as a past-past habits, they will surely stop by kerumahku with a reason to drink coffee. As early hours of 7 pm I went back to the room, with pretend guns body feel good. That's about 9 o'clock, there was a knock at the front door and there was my wife who was watching TV in the living room and opened the front door and the sound of Pa Towari Mr. Deran ... "Congratulations Yati bu .... what the father is still awake ...? "" Ohh ... you feel well and guns have entered the last slept since 7 o'clock ...! "sounded the reply my wife ..... "Oooo ... sorry to bother you, but I just stopped by to pick up copies ...!" "Then please sit down, I'll provide the coffee kitchen ...!" Said my wife again, as he walked into.

A moment later I heard footsteps following kedapur my wife and ... "Mrs. Yati, my mother did not tell my husband about past events .... ? ..! "Mr. Towadi voice. There was no sound from my wife answers. No hose then heard muffled noises from the kitchen and ....... "Ooooohhhh .. .. Do. Jangaan paak ...!! "A voice pleading" Why, Mrs. Yati ...? ntar bu nothing .... really .... it would be nice too! "Pa Towari voice back. "No sir, ampuun paaak?.!" My wife more and pleading, I think Mr. Towadi the urgency, then the settle-edapa I get out of bed and peered through the crevices of the door .... and with a quick look .... Mr. Towadi jump and standing between the two feet wide terkangkang my wife, when my wife clasped her legs. "Close selambunya, Ran ...!" He said to Mr. Deran, and Mr. Deran selambu and closed the door. "Come on! Ants penis Yati Bu .." Mr. Towadi suddenly pulled out his penis a little bit weak but long-nodule berbintil like fruit pace near the mouth of my wife.

".... Jaaangaann nn Jaaa paaak?. Aaampun paaak?!" My wife sobbed, holding the wrist Pak Towadi menyambak Pak Towadi hair and buttocks forward and his cock a long stem-nodule berbintil closer to my wife's mouth. "Take off my hair ... paaak!" Cried my wife and Mr. jambakannya Towadi off and my wife opened her mouth that was close to the Pak Towadi penis and my wife suck penis Towadi berbintil Pak. "Suck Mrs. Yati?. Wwwuhhh Raan Mrs. Yati nyedot clever dick?!" Said Mr. Pak Deran Towadi to my wife who is also approaching and "Mrs. Yati Sudaaah let alone later ...! ! "He said, I do not understand the meaning of the words of Mr. Deran, then pull out the penis Pak Towadi berbintilnya of my wife's mouth and pushed my wife to sit long dibangku in the kitchen, while she sat on the left of my wife, my wife was Mr. Deran dikanan. "Madam Yati? punyakmu rub yourself?!! "said Mr. Deran while holding his right hand into the crotch of his own wife.

"Ayooo?.!" Said Mr. Deran lirihdan start and whisk my wife masturbating her pussy lips rubbing themselves until finally the sound came from his crotch kecepak. .. "Yati Itilmu Bu ...!" Said Mr. Deran and his own wife moaned when memepermainkan kelentiitnya. "Paaak?! 'Wife hissed" Why, Mrs. Yati ...? "Asked Mr. Towadi" Paaaak?.! "My wife just sizzle" Bu Ran niih Yati start up .... ,! "Said Mr. Pak Deran Towadi and had stood up and headed for the door and opened it and went back to hold the rope and how shocked I was when Mr. Deran draw Tarzan, dick herdernya faithful, who always accompany their case. Istrikupun surprised like me and Mr. Deran locked the door again and Mr. Towadi holding my wife's going to run. "Diaam?" Snapped Mr. Towadi "Jangaan paaak? .." My wife will set his feet but Mr. Deran was standing in front of my wife and my wife and Tarzan foot hold, directly infiltrated in between the legs that hold the foot Deran Pak wife and "Aaaaaauuuuwwwwwww. Paaaak ......? ..! "My wife moaned as the sound of her bare crotch licked Tarzan.

Apparently the Tarzan's trained to stimulate a woman because my wife's loins Mr. Deran who stood in front of my wife holding my wife's legs to keep terkangkang wide "Eeeccch eeeeeecchchh eeh? .. Wwwuuucccggghhh paaaaak aaaahhcchhchchc?" My wife moaned loudly as ddan sizzling licks Tarzan in his groin. "How Yati Mother? Ibu Yati good? "Said Mr. Deran chuckle chuckle" Paaak ampuuunn adduuuuuuccch aaduuucchh mmmppfsss paaaakkkkzzzzz? eeeh eeh eeh eh eh?. paakk akuuu wwwwwwuucccch ngngngngngng? .. "My wife moaned loudly and gripped her waist while Mr. Deran terangakt voluptuous buttocks lift his third orgasm that night Tarzan ferociously explosive and continue to stimulate the clitoris, vaginal lips, and my wife to within a few minutes my wife moaned again when reaching orgasm the body of the fourth and My wife had fallen in the chair breathing snort snort sweat flowed freely, but Tarzan, the shepherd's dick continued to stimulate my wife to lick lick my wife's killer in the vaginal lips and clitoris my wife and my wife was stiffened and groaned again when oergasmenya to five exploded.

My wife's body was completely limp and Mr. Deran turned my wife lying on the couch and pulled the legs of my wife lying face down on the floor and resting on his knees so that my wife and Tarzan menungging apparently was ready and the red stems kemaluannnya been enlarged and stiffened immediately jumped on back my wife and Mr. Towadi directing stem pubic Tarzan to my wife's vagina and "MMmmppppfffh paaak jangaaaaan akuuu mnmmmn nn nggaaak mauuu mmmmppfffff. uuuucccch ucccchhh!!" my wife moaned as Tarzan pubic rod into the vagina through my wife and I saw how quickly Tarzan mengenjotkan butt so my wife can no longer moan just sizzle "wwwhhh wwwwhhhhhw wwhwhhhwhw? ..!" and sound-kecepak kecepak harder on my wife's crotch "" wwwwhhhhcchh wwwccchhhh ngngngngng?.! "My wife and continues to push the moment of orgasm keberapa whether to orgasm until it seems my wife nearly fainted.

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