Cerita sex-Bercinta dengan bosku

My in-laws for a week she was in Jakarta, almost every day every chance I and my mother in-laws always repeat our intercourse. Especially after my wife Indri assigned to the field for three days to work on projects that are in the office working on my wife, and mother-in-law I do not waste the opportunity we got, we were getting carried away. Mother-in-law and I share a bed, like husband and wife, when sexual desire we come directly in-laws Mom and I finished both of us desire. Kusirami continuous in-laws mother's womb with my sperm, fatal consequences.

After my wife returned from Medan father-in-law mother-in-law asked to go back to Gl, with a heavy heart, she finally returned to the village mertuakupun Gl. After the mother-in-law back kedesa GL my day today so lonely I'm so addicted to sex games I missed my mother in-laws scream scream joroknya, when orgasm is being swept.

Mid-June and then my mother-in-law called me to the office, I was so excited once we're both equally as long for each other, to repeat our intercourse, but that surprised me most was when my mother-in-law gave the news, when he missed a period and upon inspection to the doctor, Mrs. positive-law is pregnant. I was shocked, I thought, my mother in-laws can no longer pregnant.

I asked the mother-in-law, so that the seed is in the womb made it, but my mother-in-law refused, mother-in-law said it was tantamount to suicide, because her husband had not had intercourse again, but still get pregnant. Then I realized, well if you know his wife's pregnant father-in-law, father-in-law certainly enraged father-in-law especially if you know that to impregnate his wife was his own son.

Also on the advice of doctors, according to doctors at the present age, is very risky for the mother-in-law once to get pregnant or have children yet, so my mother-in-law decided to take action.

"Mom, what should I come to the village of Gl?"
Mother-in-law prohibit, "No darling even make Mr. suspect later, after all this is just a small operation".

Once I was convinced that the mother-in-law do not need to be accompanied, jorokku brain immediately pictured my mother-in-law's naked body.
"Mom I miss all the same mother, I really kepengen ya Mom"
"Yes, Mas, Mas mother also miss Pento. Wait yes dear, once this is completed, the end of the month she came. Mas may entotin Mrs. Pento unlimited ".

Before I ended the conversation, I said to the mother-in-law not to get pregnant again, my mother-in-law just smiled and said that he missed. Crazy .. , An affair between me and my mother-in-law produces seeds lodged in the womb mother-in-law, I'm very confused.

As I was busy daydreaming fun thinking about what happened between me and my mother-in-law, I was startled by the sound of a phone ringing dimejaku.
"Hello, good morning".
"Pento you please to the mother for a while".

It turns out that calling the big boss, I will move from my seat and rushed to attack Mrs. Mila. Mother Mila, middle-aged woman, who was widowed over the death of her husband by accident, while parachuting exercise in Sawangan. I estimate, Mrs. Mila aged about 45 years, Mrs. Mila a woman who was so full of authority, despite being 45 years old but still beautiful mother Mila, Mila unfortunately only a little plump mother's body.

"Good morning ma'am, what she calls me".
"Oh no .. , She asked about a job just like yesterday, which is given as Bp. Anwar is finished you do or not? ".

"Oh .. yes ma'am .. already, now I'm checking it out again before I leave, let me no errors ". I replied.

"Oh .. ya .. already if so, why do you look pale? You sick? ". Asked Mrs. Mila.

"Oh no ma'am I'm not okay".

"If you are unwell, it permits a break at home, do not be forced later even worse your illness".

"Ah .. okay well my Mom really ". I replied.
As I was leaving the room mother Mila, I was surprised once, when Mrs. Mila said, "So if cheating careful dong Pen Do not be too bold. Now here's the result so pregnant mother-in-law ".

I was very surprised at all, my face feels like summer lightning struck once, I really get a tremendous shame.

"How do I know?" I asked in a voice that faltered brick.
"I'm sorry Pen Instead I want to know something others do, That was when she phoned you keep your online why she was curious, she come up to your line. Actually, after I know you're talking about, when my mother was about to hang up the phone it's really presumptuous of others listened to the conversation, but she was interested so I know that you are having an affair with his own mother-in-law ".

I was furious, but what the mother Mila is superior, but Mila's mother was a cousin of the owner of the company where I work, I might even be fired. I just shut up and bow my head, I resigned.

"Well, just relax your secret is safe in the hands of Mother"
"Thank you ma'am", I said softly as she lowered my face
"Later, the evening after office hours you temenin mother to the house, there are going to talk to your mother, OK".

"What about Mom?" I asked.

"I want to hear all the stories about your relationship with your mother-in-law and do not refuse" she said firmly.

I also left the room Mrs. Mila with a sense not known, I am outraged by the actions of the sassy Ms. Mila listening to my conversation with my mother-in-law and a sense of shame because of my dark relationship with my mother-in-law is known by others.

"Why Pen? Why your face so tangled up as the fat guy dimarahin yes ", Tanya sohibku Wilman.
"Ah, there is not anything I'm more tired Wil wrote".
"Oh I think it's the fat guy marahin you".
"You were Wil, gendat fat, Mrs. Mila denger ntar if you're dead".

That day I was not concentrating in my work I was just daydreaming and thinking of my mother-in-law, what a pity he should dikuret alone, pictured with mother-in-law is clear beloved face, I felt like flying to the village of GL and accompanying her in-laws, but alas mother-in-law told me not to . Moreover, this afternoon I have to go with my mother Mila, and I have to tell him everything I had with my mother-in-law, uh .. it's going to explode this chest

I hope that day does not have to move, but the seconds go by quickly, without being felt already half-past five. Yes I could just let go, like it or not I should mencerikan all that happened between me and my mother-in-law in order to keep my secret safe.

"Kring .. ", I answered the phone at my desk.
"How? It's ready, "Ms. Tanya Mila. "Yes ma'am I am ready", "Yes, the road ahead is waiting for you at the ATM BNI young mother".

Apparently Mrs. Mila did not want his departure to me known to other employees. Wilman with my friend a ride, I was escorted to the atm bni, the reason I want to take the money, and will go where familiku, Wilman was ultimately not be waiting and drove home as usual.

Approximately fifteen minutes I waited for my mother Mila, but has been waiting for has not come too, when my patience is running out I saw a black Mercedes car owned by Mrs. Mila into the driveway and parking. Mila mother was out of the car and walked towards the ATM.

"Hi .. Pento doing here? ", Greeted Mrs. Mila.
I'm so confused, but she blinked Mila, Mila I will understand you mean, for us to be on the stage because there are some people who were queuing up to take the money.

"Oh no ma'am, I was again waiting for friend but really has not come too", I said.
Mother Milapun join queue in front of the ATM.
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