Cerita sex di Hotel

This story happened about 1995 ago when I was in college in the first half of a college in Jakarta. My name is denny, I am now working as a systems engineer with a telecommunications company in Indonesia. Story like this. One morning I got a call from an old friend of mine named Herrera, who had just arrived from London on an errand. It so happened that I was not there in college, so it can be free to go anywhere. When I got there my friend turned out to have a long wait in his room, and I went in, but not long after, Herry said goodbye when he's promised to go to his office on Jl. Rasuna Said and I was waiting in his room until Herry home.

It turned out that waiting is a very annoying, do not feel has been an hour kupindah moved from CNN to the television channel Star TV, but it all seemed boring, so in a room when the bell rings, ting tong .. ting tong, lazy I opened the door. Seen a body of women with less than 167 cm high with a span and work wear skirts, sexy chest I thought about 36B.

"Excuse me, Mr. Herrera would meet there," he asked.
"Mm .. oh Mr. Herrera was to go to Jl. Rasuna Said, there is the promise? "I asked.
"Yes .. should I wait? "he asked.
"Please", I said bring him in..
The woman went in and sat on the sofa. Hours when it shows at 10 am.
"Who are ya Ma'am," I ventured.
"I Selly, representatives from the London branch of a pick Pak Herry here", he said.
"Ooo .. I introduce Denny, Herry friend. "

Selly is ideal female figure. In addition to elegant, she is also beautiful, if viewed like Drew Barrymore. Hour show at 11.00, and Herrera has not come home. I was nervous too, because in this hotel room with a beautiful woman. Slowly kuberanikan to sit next to Selly.

"Mmm .. how ya Ma'am .. why not come Herry ', I say open the silence.
"Ah .. not right, there's Denny Mas ", he said, holding my hand.
Oh ya I thought the green light. Well ya mad man, I was nervous held like that.
"Going to the restroom briefly ya Denn .. where the heck it is? "he asked spoiled.
"There tuh", I said nonchalantly.
"Nitip bag ya!" He said again, and Selly went into the restroom.
"Awww .. awww .. Den please .. there are cockroaches .. "she screamed from the bathroom.
I thought how could hell in a five star hotel like this kind there are cockroaches. But I also got into the bathroom. New to the bathroom door was pulled Selly hand.
"Go .. here .. "he said as he closed the door. I saw the skirt spannya Selly been released, only the clothes just stayed the same CD. And he kissed my mouth. I was not ready mentally to avoid even kissing. "Where kecoanya?" I asked, pretending to be stupid. Out of this only once did I dibegitukan by women.
"Here ya go into the pants", he replied nonchalantly.

He kept trying to kiss my mouth, over time I'm excited too. I kiss her mouth turns as well. About three minutes pagut-bite event that was taking place. Kupraktekan how to kiss I've seen in porn. Then my hand was soon extended twin hills of the cracks shirt. This is crazy child, she was not wearing a bra. I play straight twin hills and kupelintir little nipples. Felt her nipples harden, they say the signs are still aroused. "Awww .. dong slowly Den ", he protested when kupelintir nipples. I kiss and hold her long neck, Selly was just a sigh, "Aah .. hmm .. ahh .. Deenn .. "immediately opened his shirt and displayed clear the bumps on his chest that exciting. I kiss the twin hills and kujilat-lick her nipples, again he muttered, "Keep Den .. ahh .. ouchh .. "I continued kissing her belly button, belly button and hold it down. Clearly emblazoned with triangular thin hair on his groin. Kujilati heart's content.

After that he kubimbing sitting next to the tub and sat down. I told her to open her legs continued. Ooh, such a pussy hole anyway. Because their whole life only this time I see first hand the original. Immediately, I saw up close. "How diliatin doang Denn .. dijilatin donk "Selly said. I said nothing, kept kusibakan cock lips and looks at where the meat is outstanding. Perhaps this is called the clitoral thought. Kupelintir fun continues with the meat slowly. "Ahh .. ouhh .. Denn .. ahh .. continue Den .. mainin clit ahh ", wah really well I thought. I held it continues slowly, really a bit damp and wet. Well apparently aroused Selly weight nih. I watched closer, suddenly buried my head in Selly hand in his groin. "Den Jilatin dong .. ahh .. ahh .. do not be naughty, so dong .. the only diliatin wrote "I continued to lick his lips his cock. Mmm .. clit and continued to kujilati also liquids that were there delicious salty taste and smell it to make tablets of hardened stem groin only. Kujilati continue with her clit while I bit a little vicious. "Ahh .. Denn .. ouchh .. Denyy .. akkhh .. akkuu .. AKKH. "

Looks increasingly heavy liquid that comes out and Selly just buried my head in the cock. Well apparently Selly was the climax here, "Ahh .. Denn ouchh .. I keluarr .. "he said. Kujilati all discharge from the genitals Selly. Continued he, too, stood up and headed to bed. Well ya mad woman, I dianggurin time, I thought. I continued to follow him to go to bed. Apparently he was sitting at the bedside. "Here deh Den .. I turn the mainin kontolmu ", he said. I went along and I'm lying in bed with his feet on the floor. Continue to Selly began playing in the groin from outside the trousers. She lick the shaft of the groin was already very tense, constantly opening my CD-tooth wear. "Well ya sure most people see films nookie", I thought. After my CD off, turn the bag groin he played, he was licking up and down. It was really shocking. He continues to cling to batangku with both hands and licked-jilatin head with eyes looking at me. Directly he buried the entire stem groin into his mouth and shake-shake wearing a tiny mouth. "Oohh .. Selly .. akhh .. uhh ", I sighed to feel the pleasure in the whole batangku. While continuing to suck-ngulum stem groin, she massaged my groin fruit, delicious taste ached.

After the last 5 minutes, Selly was getting bored with the game. "Den, we play real yuk", he said. I think even without a direct answer to the spirit of 45, "Ayoo!" Selly sits directly on top of my thigh and groin as he holds the rod is directed into the cock pit. Bless .. entire stem groin burrow into his cock. Was moist and delicious, can not be described in words. "Ahh .. mm .. uhh .. aahh .. "sighed Selly while enjoying the friction brake literacy groin with a hole sticks his cock. Not forgetting his bandwagon was holding both of her breasts. "Ohh .. Denny .. akhh .. uhh .. yeahh .. Dennyy .. ahh. "I was playing with a reflex offset by lower raising rod groin, so you hear a pluk .. pluk .. when the rods collide pubic and genital canal. "Ahh .. oughh .. mmhh .. ahh .. "sighed Selly.

Selly become even more-so, he was then holding his head and felt my hair getting wild movements, "Ahh .. uhh .. ahh. "I'll help stimulate her by holding her breasts. Soon Selly was screaming, "Dennyy .. ahh .. ouhh .. akuu .. like .. out .. ahh .. "At the head of the stem groin feels there is a flow that can not be dammed again," We are equally Sell out .. ahh .. ouhh .. "I felt a warm liquid to spray on the head causes the head of the rod and rod groin groin could not withstand the heavy flow of the stem groin. "Ahh .. I keluarr .. Selly ", I shouted. "Akuu .. jugaa .. Denny .. akhh. "Then we went limp and fell asleep until 5 pm.

Until all of a sudden you hear a bell, tet .. tet .. wah ya crazy, Herry home. Immediately, I woke, "Selly .. Sell ​​.. Selly .. wake up .. "turned out to Selly sleep soundly. I ignored it because hard when people are sleeping wake of immense pleasure. Finally I opened my hotel door, apparently Caucasian woman who knocked on the door. "Excuse me .. Is this Mr. John's Room, 513? "He asked. "Oh .. No, I think .. its beside this room ", I said it blindly and Caucasian women went into the next room. After purchasable many times but to no one. He went at me again. "He is not in his room", he said. "It's a .. ya .. wait here? "he said. Well he can also speak Indonesian, I thought. "Oh .. sure .. course ", I said. "Please go." He was sitting on the sofa. Because it includes spacious rooms, about 7 × 7 feet, then fell asleep on a mattress Selly invisible.

"Where are you from?" I asked, opening the conversation.
"Oh .. I come from USA, Nevada ", he said.
"Oh .. Las Vegas ", I said.
"Are you married?" I asked again.
"Yes .. I .. married two years ago and I've been divorced for a year ", he said again.
Well ya lonely girl, I thought. Visits to see if this woman is about 170-an, his something like his Dana Scully X-Files, she was in her 30s. If you see a steady body does too. Shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, lips, wah very sensual.

"Can I know your name?" I asked.
"Jessica", he said, holding out his hand.
"Denny", I said.
"What is your job Denny," he asked.
"I'm student", I said.
"What major?" He asked.
"Informatics", I said.
Why might the two hours just Nanya school problems nih thought. Ya must be stopped. Kuberanikan asked another question. As he moved to sit next to Jessica.

"Can I know something about life?" I asked.
"Well .. what? please in Indonesian, cause I think you can not speak fluently in english ", he said.
Modalku out deh wah, I thought.
"It's a bit personal, okay?" I asked.
"No problem, cause I think you are good people," he said.
"If you've divorced, how you meet the needs biologismu?" I asked.
"You mean sex?" He asked.
"Yes .." I said firmly.
"I can have sex anytime and anywhere with people I like, that's causing my husband to divorce me."
Well ya crazy girl I thought.
"You've played Denny sex," he asked.
"No. .." I replied.
He smiled to see me, she continued to see lying on the bed. Wah deh if caught cheating.

"Who is it Denny?" He asked.
"She is my sister", I said carelessly.
"Oh .. so yes you have never happened .. I want to learn together, Denny? "he asked.
"That would once Jessy", I said firmly.
"Here Denny .. you to me .. What your sister did not get angry if we see Denny? "he asked.
"Jessy's okay", I said, close to the front. He continues to take her clothes off. "Here Denny .. you hold my chest, "he said. I held her milk continues in size 36C.
"And kiss my lips Denny", he said.

I kissed her lips instantly without command Jessica. Our mouths collided directly, kulumat sensual lips and tongue that we were beating each other, "Ouchh .. mm .. "and then I went down to her long neck and she sighed," Aahh .. mm .. ouchh .. ssh .. Denn .. you make akuu .. ahh .. "Then I went into the milk, kulumat her nipples with the mouth. "Ahh .. ouhh .. shh .. Dennyy .. oo .. You are naughty baby, yeahh .. ahh .. "Then I opened spannya skirt and her CD, kuturun directly into his groin. Kujilat out his cock greedily. "Aahh .. Dennyy stop .. I'll give you my favorite style, "he said. Though already wet cock hole. He seems to have aroused severe. Immediately, I pulled off my jeans, and then also help to release the CD Jesicca my groin while holding the rod is 7 inches.

"Good penis", she said, squeezing already strained batanganku weight. "Try to sit in this chair dear", he said. I sat down and kept him sitting on my thighs. Oh ya I think kind of nice. He continued to hold the weight of already strained groin and he was directed into the pit of his cock and he was sitting on top of me, bless .. groin also burrow into the pubic Jesica. He then shook his hips up and down. "Ouchh .. yeahh .. mm .. Oohh .. ohh .. it is like riding a horse, Denny ", he said. "Aakkhh .. oukkhh. "I went down to compensate by raising my hips. "Mmm .. akhh .. sshh .. ukhh .. akh .. Denyy .. ukhh .. yeajjhh .. yeahh .. oukhh .. "Suddenly Jessica screaming incoherently and soon .. "Dennyy .. I keluaarr .. "hot liquid gushed from the hole without the pleasure of Jessica and still let it go kukocok Jessica pussy hole with a rod groin. "Yeah .. ouchh Dennyy .. please stop Denny .. akhh .. ouchh .. "still remains kukocok. Instead, add fast frequency. "Please .. unfortunately akkhh stop .. akhh .. "Responsibility ya thought. Suddenly, Jessica struggled and because it was on the verge of climax. Jessica is so revoked grip on the shaft of his cock hole groin, just semen that has been at the head end to go all out. "Oouchh .. baby .. "just mouth and groin Jesicca dilumatnya grabbed his head out the fluid in the head groin.

Selly suddenly awakened, "Dennyy .. Dennyy .. "I am shocked and Jessica is not playing. Fortunately I was able to overcome this very serious situation.
"What is love? yes good sleep ", I said innocently. Fortunately Selly can understand this situation.
"Denn .. Who is that? "he asked, and Jessica was still close to Selly naked and shaking hands.
"Jessica", he said.
"I'm sorry .. already disturb your sleep ya? "said Jessica.

Without saying anything, Selly instead direct Jessica kissing. Why did not I would have thought, it turns out he was bisexual and Jessica Selly probably carried away by Selly also follow it. Both women were caught up in the game. I just mangamati game from their sofas. Selly around the neck and then kissed Jessica and Jessica's ass was fingered Selly. Selly then kissed and licked Jessica's breasts. "Ohh .. uchh .. sshh ", only the word that stuck out from Jessica's mouth. Then Selly Jessica took to the stomach and then licks with greed. Soon Jessica collapsed on top of the spring bed and placed his foot on the floor. Selly then kiss me all over the surface of the pubic Jessica from his lips. "You're a great player dear, mm .. ukhh .. ss .. "says Jessica. Selly began licking and stirring the contents of the pubic Jessica without compromise. With his tongue he began to stimulate all the nerves in the vagina and with the reflexes Jessica Jessica's hips were moving up and down lick-lick offset that hit in the groin.

"Aahh .. uhh .. yess .. OHSS .. Babyy .. "Jessica screamed at Selly clit licking clit and chewed slowly. Jessica was seen to grow pubic wet course. Soon they stopped and looked at me. "My bad, could be a stud for them both ya ', I thought to worry.
"Hey Denny .. want to join? "Selly said, smiling mischievously.
"Ah do not .. I watch as .. already tired ", I replied.
They also continued their actions. Now I think they want 69. Hey but wait, it turns out Jessica took her black bag on the table and take anything. Oh it turns out he was carrying a rod-shaped vibrator pubic. "Hi .. Selly .. you would be more enjoyable with this tool, "said Jessy while giving a vibrator to Selly.

Jessica then went back to sit beside me. Selly seen immediately turn on the vibrator and put it into her vaginal canal. "Aahh .. ohh .. ujhh .. ss .. "screamed Selly fun with his new toy. "Hi Jessy .. This game was really awesome shh .. ohh, "she said brake-literate. Jessica smiled at my side, stroking his rod groin that had gone to bed. "It was terrible pake .." said Jessica. Well of course be treated as groin up again.

"Want more Denn?" Said Jessy.
"No," I replied.
"Sure?" She said with her mouth down close to the stem groin and he was nmenjilat groin-licking seeds from the ground up. "Please relax Denny", I was enjoying jilatannya while sleeping. "Ahh .. ouckhh .. shh .. I'm almost out Jessyy .. "Selly screamed as she reached orgasm with a vibrator. Jessy also has not ignored the cries of Selly. He was preoccupied with the groin and he started licking the head of groin and plays his tongue on the end. This made me very amusement and pleasure. "Jessyy .. sshh, uch .. "and Jessy started to remove the rod stuffed in her throat and groin after 10 minutes of kulum pubic shaft, I was screaming," Jessyy .. I want keluaarr .. "and water was dripping cum on Jessy face. "Ah very good," said Jessy, smiling coquettishly. Eventually the three of us went to sleep. Until finally woke up around 6 am and we beriga back to their respective places.

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