Cerita sex - Menyiksa SPG

This story appeared as an arrogant act of SPG keep auto show in one of the plaza in town. At that time I and my friends (four) was a walk to the plaza, and then we saw a car show there. Idly I and my friends see cars that are cool-cool, even though our performance was very much with the other visitors are neat, tidy. All eye wash as well, because the SPG was beautiful and the white-white and smooth-smooth, they wear short skirts are really in harmony with their bodies are slender and tall, slender legs are very beautiful to look at from toe to the thighs are wrapped tight red mini skirt. Their faces are like the average Indo soap opera star is very pleasing to the eye, is very suitable to accompany the luxury cars are being showcased.

As I see, I hold it, hold the cars on display and tried to open one door and metutup. Suddenly .., "Mas, please if you want to see ya seen it, do not hold, hold, will be cleaned again", I turned to the reprimand came from, apparently warning came from one of the SPG is beautiful, although I'm offended I was amazed at the face and body on this one girl SPG. SPG is the face of such a mixture of Indo Dutch, westernized westernized like that.

Still semi-conscious, SPG was talking again, "Please step aside once ya .. There are buyers who want to see ". I looked around, "Where are the buyers .." I thought, that there is still a look at the next car, this time I really felt harassed by the SPG, in my mind, "Arrogant once that girl is .. but he's also a guard, not necessarily buy that car, too. "As I think so, do not feel I meet the girl SPG's view, the more upsetting her face as if to see me as being an inappropriate standing there. I saw her smile also really annoying, as if challenging, and had won. I step aside with a smile too.

"Come on, pull!" I commanded my friends in a tone that was still smarting from earlier abuse. I immediately directed them to hide the parking lot with no upset faces. Espass car we drove. Along the way, we stopped, my friends know I'm still upset, so they're kind of lazy way.

After a while Aguk the helm broke the silence, "Why you? SPG is still annoyed at that? "he asked me. Before I replied, Ben go to vote, "wrote Lu did not squeeze her ass, let me know he's feeling." Their laughter loose, but I was still silent, see gelagatku who can not take a joke, my friends still follow. Suddenly dodot spend a great idea, "Eh .. what if we kidnap girl aja tuh! "My heart is like an upset gets a refreshing splash of water," Sure enough ", I thought," Let Serves ntar how the consequences if he harasses me "I smiled, grinned at dodot, and we immediately turned the car to the plaza again.

Half-hour was ten o'clock at night, starting to look the employees of the plaza is out to go home. We are patiently waiting in front of the plaza, watching the people who came out.
"What if out of the side shops?" Said Ben.
"Ah .. yes means the lucky fate, "I answered quickly.
"That! it! "dodot half shouted pointing in one direction. Our eyes are all directly explore the direction of a designated dodot.
"Good!" I thought when looking at the plazas SPG goes out to search the vehicle. He was with a friend who seems to SPG, too, was wearing a cloth to cover a mini skirt, they walked down the sidewalk, apparently angkutannya route is not on this path. We soon followed him slowly until they stopped at an intersection that has been mastered by many angkota. They go straight into one of the existing bemo, so bemo the left, we were immediately followed.

Came to a road, which fortunately quiet so we strongly support this operation, the SPG down. Not the slightest suspicion that he put a car has been following since last angkutannya. After bemo is pretty far left, we started to approach the SPG was apparently still have to walk to reach his home. Without wasting time Aguk align our car next to the SPG and immediately opened the side door dodot Espass. SPG was surprised to see I saw no cars are very close to him, and without realizing it was claimed dodot hand down and pulled her into the car. "Srreekk ..", the side door is closed, we immediately drove the car without a trace, while the SPG are still confused and will cry, but the sprightly Ben immediately shut his mouth so that there was only a murmur. The SPG tried to wriggle, but a blow ditengkuknya launched by dodot him fainted.

I looked back, Ben and dodot smiled at me as if to declare that the kidnapping operation was successful. I saw the cloth that covered the exposed mini skirt, and even in the dark car, I still can see a smooth thighs. Dodot not bear any direct massage and it felt smooth thighs. Our car drove into a house that was empty and Aguk ordinary as where we gather.

Once up and parked in the garage, we hold that SPG is still unconscious in the room. There we tied on a wooden chair there. I sat on the bed facing the SPG is still limp bound in a wooden chair. My friends seem to SPG it is presented to me to be treated just about anything.

"Dot .. ambilin water. "dodot out of the room and soon entered with a glass of water offered to me. I stood up and poured slowly into SPG's face it. When realized, SPG looks very surprised to see me in front of him, "You .." he said, moving his body, and she realized that her body tightly bound in a chair. This time I smiled, a smile of victory. "What do you want?" Still proudly SPG asked half a rebuke to me. "If you do anything, I would shout," she added. I just smiled, "please just cried, not going to sound really", I said, turning on the tape Aguk, coincidentally the song from the band Metallica, Unforgiven, kusetel bit harsh, though I'm sure that the room Aguk isolated location, so it's impossible to hear someone else shout .

Fear began to look at SPG's face, her beautiful face is starting to look pitiful pleading pity. But the hatred in my heart still goes out, I wanted to teach him a lesson!
"What's your name?" I said flatly.
"Vera", he said.
"Please Mas, I'm sorry, I told the boss to be so", he said, as if to defend himself.

Do not care about his defense, direct kusibakkan cloth that covered her skirt, then pulled her skirt up roughly to the groin. Vera looked scared, "No, no Mas .." he said plaintively as if to know worse things will happen to him. Again roughly pulled her shirt so that the chair moved and all the buttons off his shirt almost. Seen by us which breast was covered 


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