Cerita sex- ML saat karaoke sangat nikmat

This incident happened because of me and my girlfriend, Anna, went
rollicking good karaoke with our friends and just
both of us. One day I was told by my friend that there is
a karaoke place in the Palm d'Ivoire who play the songs
karaoke with pictures of naked women. Out of curiosity and
want to know more I invite Anna to go
karaoke at this place.

When the night of the week, at about 22:30 I took Anna to
karaoke at this place, and Anna did not mind,
I have been informed previously Anna situations and circumstances.
Once there I immediately booking a VIP room, we
forced to book the room for ten people for the room
the smallest. Then we were escorted by a woman to
to the room we had booking. Arriving in the room, she
They offer drinks and food. We only ordered drinks
and little food, crunchy nuts, because the new hours ago
we eat. After receiving the ordered items, the woman immediately to
outside. Meanwhile, we both started to pick the songs you want us
sing or just to be heard. Two songs have been completed
we sing and the door opened and in walked the woman back
he took our order.

After a long wait, we were curious because of the drawings
that hot yet appeared on the TV screen and it turns hot pictures
it's just beginning to emerge after 23:30 pm. Looking at the pictures
female nude that made me start high sexual appetite. I
I began to sit close to Anna and began to put his hand
I was at his waist. Anna apparently sensitive to changes in circumstances
happened and he began leaning against my chest while
continue to sing. I have been hard to concentrate with the texts
it says on the TV screen, my hand started to carry out their duties.

First I started groping her back and then slowly but
surely my hands began to move to the front, my hands started
touching the lump of meat wrapped by a lacy bra
rather thin. I started to squeeze into two lumps of meat with
ardent, Anna began to issue a gentle sigh, sigh
tempting. Anna sigh that my sexual appetite more and make more
increased and soon slipped my hand under his T-shirt that
My immediate release tight and hook the bra in back
smooth. "The key to the door first love, if there is an incoming entar
how, "said Anna, I rushed to the door and look for
key. The door is locked, immediately my brain spinning. Sofa
which is near the door I pushed up against the door,
rather that door open because it can not be directly blocked by
a sofa.

Direct me back to the sofa where I sat down and started originally
release t-shirts and bras worn Anna. This time Anna does not
objected to the measures actually help me release my shirt
she was wearing. Once the shirt and bra off I saw two
pieces of lump meat is very adorable, size does not
too big but perfectly proportioned to the body of Anna's
slim. Although often see Anna naked, but
I am always fascinated when looking breasts and beautiful Anna
caecal it. Do not let myself fascinated too long, straight
I grabbed Anna's breasts that have been challenged to knead and
smoked-suction. Soft sigh came again when my hand started
squeezing her breasts and accompanied by suction and
sycophancy. "Ahh ... ahh ... ahh ..., delicious, delicious, forward dear
hisapannya not released, "Anna muttered with a passion.

Anna has begun to see the high passions, my hands were immediately
move to the thigh. My hand began to creep under the skirt
mini and began feeling smooth white thighs, until the hand
I meyentuh CD which is also embroidered. I immediately pelorotkan CD's
and I was back in guerrilla hands on his thighs came to a
small, barren hills, Anna just shave off the hair coat
cock, so I can freely find a gap in
hill. Immediately my hands began to infiltrate into the cracks and
started to play her clitoris is soft and sticky. Anna's body began to
while continuing to give voice quivering sigh-sigh favors,
ahh ... ahh ... ahh ..., delicious honey, delicious, while accompanied
encouragement Anna's ass. I was more eager to squeeze

Anna suddenly rose from his seat and said, "you must want to see
I am not dancing? "Although a little bit surprised because
Anna suddenly stood up suddenly, as soon as I nod my head
sign agrees with the proposal. Anna was again put on the whole
his clothes and began to pick songs that will accompany dancing.

Anna began to stand in the middle of the room and when the song starts
sung, the body of Anna began to wriggle to the rhythm of the song. Anna
liukkan bend with the limp body of a plump and voluptuous, Anna
occasionally wringing her breasts and also sometimes groping
his cock as he stuck his tongue. One song went, Anna was
began to take off her shirt and bra, while continuing to bend liukkan
body. I actually can not resist my sexual appetite
Again, let alone see Anna's breasts jiggled with
beautiful. I saw the start blingsatan of passion, Anna
the winding hot-liukkan a plump body and suddenly he
mini skirts continued to throw it off to me. "Open, open,
open the CD, "I said. Anna heard the screams getting possessed and
he grew eager to bend his body while continuing liukkan
squeezing her breasts so that I became increasingly anxious.

Once you are satisfied to make movements that stimulate, Anna
CD turned to me and started stripped slowly are
more and make my soul no longer bearable. I immediately brewed
squeezed and squeezed her breasts from behind. Hand
quickly pulled off his CD is still stuck in his leg and
my hand slipped into a gap in a barren hill. Anna was
scream of pleasure, "Aahh ... ahh ... ahh ... delicious, delicious
go, go ahh, ahh, ohh ... Mas, Anna can not stand nich
pingin ngerasain sword thrust Mas strong and mighty, "he said.
"Ok, Anna," immediately pulled off the shirt and pants I was wearing jeans.

Suddenly I remembered that I took a rope and blindfolds
I would use to bind the hands of Anna and also cover
his eyes. I delivered my idea as soon as she continued to
stimulate the squeeze-squeeze on her breasts and in the
cock. Anna nodded he agreed to my idea
that, as soon as I put Anna's body back on the couch and I was
began to tie his hands on the sofa and then his eyes were
I covered it with a piece of cloth. Really peaked my soul to see
Anna is in a state of naked, bound and covered
his eyes. Seeing Anna who was helpless and resigned, I was
simply open the CD and I was wearing a hard penis mengacunglah
and stout.

When I wanted to get closer to the body of Anna who was sitting against
with a submissive, my body suddenly ambushed from behind by
three burly men and my mouth was gagged with a direct
a lump of cloth. My body is seated on the sofa opposite
(Sofa in the room was a U-shaped) with the naked body of Anna
and my body was tied tightly and closely. "Sorry yach, I
pinjem first lady lu, lu nontonin aje three of us enjoyed the body
lu her, ok. "

I finish cleaning up the helpless, the third man
Anna's body began to approach the still naked and sitting back
submissive waiting to be fucked with.

Anna saw a naked body without a thread, with
caecal her breasts and genitals are challenging as well hills
arid had made sexual appetite that the three men rose. They
then do the lottery was first to determine who
Anna has the right to enjoy first. It turns out that winning is
male rather stout and dark skinned, he smiled
Anna grinned and immediately approached and began to squeeze the fruit
chest. Anna does not realize that her breasts squeezed
not me anymore, Anna only scrumptious issued groans-lowing,
"Ahh, ahh, ahh, favors, favors unfortunately continue, continue, suction, suction
dear. "Hearing request Anna to suck her breasts,
straight men sucking breasts, suction Anna challenging.

Sucking and licking the man's growing desire to Anna,
seen from the body stiffened, and also her nipples ngejang
stiffened. Anna can no longer restrain his lust, "Come
unfortunately put your stuff, quickly dear, ahh, ahh, aah, I've
nich not take it anymore, "said Anna. Anna request immediately greeted
to puncture the man's genitals are large enough,
approximately 17 cm in length and about 4 cm thick. First end
male genitalia were just stuck in the pubic Anna and slowly
but surely he began to wiggle her ass so his cock
began to pierce into the pubic Anna. After making sure his cock in
right direction, straight man stomped his ass
so hard that his cock into amblaslah entire pubic
Anna. Ahh ... ah ... ahh, ooohh, delicious honey, delicious, ohh ...
pleasure. "Sigh Anna more and make him speed up
movement is also getting his ass so that makes Anna scream delicious.

Seeing his friend is eager to enjoy Anna's naked body, making
two other men who become resistant, too. They also
finally approached and began to enjoy the body of Anna with
wringing and licking and sucking tits Anna. Because
lust are associated with already peaked, Anna does not realize that the
enjoy her body not just one but three people. Anna
just continue to churn out a sigh-wheezing sound delicious, until a
Anna's body when suddenly twitch strongly indicating that
he has reached the pinnacle of which was accompanied by
shots of the male genitalia it. Anna's body one minute
-ngejang stiffened with pleasure and then Anna's body begins to

When finished doing his duties the first man was
pull out his gun and sat on the sofa with sweaty bodies.
The second man began to do its job by starting
Anna again stimulated by licking, licking at her breasts and also
squeeze-squeeze on his cock. After a while Anna began
aroused again and started to be heard again rustling sound delicious.
Without wasting time, both men began to stick
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