Cerita sex - ML saat karaoke sangat nikmat part 2

Anna cock in pussy hole. Although size is not as big
The first man, but because Anna is still pussy hole
Anna narrow it still feel good and began to sigh, "Ahh,
ah, ahh, ooh ... delicious, delicious, ahh ... ahh ... delicious. "

After several minutes the two men who are no longer able to withstand
blast of hot lava. Anna apparently not getting orgasms
The second so quickly that the three men drove
Anna cock into pussy hole that has been wet by the liquid from
The second man, and also the fluid of Anna's own genitals.
The third man was immediately pounded Anna with speed
high that passion back Anna Anna rose and went back
issued a sigh, "Ahh, ahh, ough ... hold, hold, the faster,
the sooner, ahh ... ooogh ... delicious, delicious, scrumptious, ahh ... "After
Anna continued a few minutes pubic battered body finally Anna
twitched with pleasure, screaming loudly, "Aahh ... ooogh ..."
Anna has reached a second climax is also accompanied by
bursts from the third man.

After three men were enjoying Anna's body, they appear intent
pleasure to share it with their friends the other
VIP room is on the other. "What if we take this woman to
where our friends and our nikmatin together, "said one
one of the men. "Setujuuu ..." The second man was menyahuti
invitation. "Steve, quickly grab the camera in place of children, we
nich first photo a woman he later nurutin let our will, "immediately
a man named Steve put on his clothes and returned
rushed out of the room. Soon the man who
It was named Steve was back, carrying a camera.

"Wake up sweet," said the man's eyes closed as he let go of the
Anna is still stuck in the eye. Anna apparently fell asleep after feeling
pleasure of orgasm twice. Anna's body writhe
and slowly began to open his eyes. When Anna opened her eyes,
how surprised he looked and saw three men who are not
he knew there next to her naked body. Anna's body
thrashing, saying, "Release me, release me. '" Patience
sweet, we'll untie you after we finished making
naked pictures of your body. "Immediately the man was taking pictures of the body
Anna nude Anna from different directions and were not able to do
much to cover her face or genitals because both
hands were still tied on the couch.

After the man finished his nude photos Anna soon
removing the film from the camera and mengantunginya. "Ok, our sweet
are finished making naked photos so now you wrote according to
as we or our film and our washing sebarin lu to my friends
and also the parents lu! "Hear the words of the man's Anna
realized that he had no other choice but to comply
will they or will make him ashamed of the film at a later date.

"Steve lepasin bond. 'After binding off soon Anna
looking for clothes, but clothes were already in
hands of one man. "This is what you are looking for sweet,"
while the man was showing Anna dress. "Udech you do not have to
thinking about the make clothes for you again, we all just want to look in
lu a smooth body without any clothes. Come on now lu
we go into another room. "said one man. "Eh,
how nich with his girlfriend, would we biarin here or we invite
aje fence he could let us all nikmatin body ngeliatin
woman. "said another friend. "Bring aje gentlemen, if ntar
ketauan ama servants here are in trouble, do not forget to dress well
was taken. "

We both were herded in a naked state out of
the room and headed to another room at the end.
Once in the room turned out there were eight men
who were having a karaoke while drinking. "Hay
my friends, I can bring a souvenir nich for us to enjoy together
until satisfied ", while the man's naked body pushed Anna to
middle of the room. Anna saw the naked body,
soon all the men were shouting for joy. "Wow, ok
bener nich by-lu, can from where? And men who tuch
that you brought? "asked his friend. "I nemuin this woman in the room
Another karaoke and this man is her boyfriend, but he udeh
ngijinin us to nikmatin female body anyway, yes, right? "while
the man was pushing my body to the floor until I too fell
on the floor. "Ok, guys let's start the party should not
a waste of time. "

"Uh, you first danced for us dech more passion and you must
begged us all that we want the body nikmatin lu, "
said one man. Anna heard that command only
can surrender and start wagging her smooth white.
"Let the spirit narinya donk, like the last time you danced for men
lu, "apparently the man is crouching us from the beginning. With
Anna had also started to shake her body with more
Anna was excited and tried to enjoy the situation. Long
Eventually Anna was getting hot shaking her body
squeezing her breasts and genitals, pulling
rustling sound, "Aahh, ahh, let my body nikmatin, ahh ... ahh, let's
who is willing to nikmatin me, please let my body nikmatin, aahh,
ahh, do not be shy. "

Seeing Anna dancing with hot, then all men
started to take off her clothes one by one until naked. Anna
was surprised when he saw the man's genitals are
is standing upright all and most are large, more
approximately 18 cm and a thickness of about 4.5 cm. "Come sweet please
choose which one would you pake first, "said the eleven men
merubungi Anna's naked body. Apparently the man was surrounded
naked has made another sensation for Anna, she felt a
the desire that had been buried in him, which is associated
sex with several men at once can be realized
although these conditions do not really want. Looking at the eleventh
penis went up nearby as if asking for and caressed
kneaded, then Anna deliberately plays the penises were making
The men were increasingly unable to resist his desires.

"Let's Hurry or you want to vote our sweet all at once
you enjoy your body. "Anna sat silent while he played two
fruit the size of the largest penis thus making both
man blingsatan easement, "Oohh ... ohh well ... delicious
lu remesan sweet. "But only a little while Anna plays the second
genitalia was pubic she soon moved to another.
"Apparently you ask dikerjain once by some boys, ok
if it wants then we will give you sweet. "

Anna was told to kneel and suck one of the pubic
male and after a fairly wet so Anna was asked to squat in
the genitals of men who stand upright, slowly Anna
began to incorporate it into the pubic cock, slowly
but surely it goes all to the genitals in pubic Anna
Anna accompanied by screams of pleasure, "Ahh ... ahh ... ahh." Then Anna
told to pile up his body with both hands so that the fruit
Anna's ass rather menungging who immediately greeted with the pubic
has he lick, slowly but surely breaking into the pubic
ass hole, Anna's body stiffened as his ass hole was
with the inclusion of the pubic pain, suddenly the man
stomp his ass so hard the whole cock
disappear into the hole ass Anna, and Anna was screaming between
pleasure and pain.

Anna saw a wide-open mouth, a man the right
Anna was standing directly in front of the face insert his cock into the
Anna's mouth so that Anna was choking because now his mouth
gagged with a penis. In addition two other men are not
want to waste the ripe breasts and caecal Anna, immediately
The second man was licking and sucking, suction with

Be Anna enjoyed by five people at once which makes Anna
can not resist the pleasure that is felt, the pain is felt in
ass hole has also been turned into a no kenikamtan
peerless. Vigorously five men were enjoying
smooth body that make Anna Anna to orgasm three times and
on the fourth orgasm pleasure more complete with
accompanied by bursts of three male genitals that meet the
each hole has, cock, ass hole and
mouth. The three men who have gained immediate enjoyment
replaced with three other men and this continues
done until all the men get any satisfaction and Anna
is no longer count how many times she got her orgasm.
After approximately three hours the men were enjoying Anna, they
was tired and rested. Anna was exhausted and fell limp
with feelings

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