Ibu guru yang nakal

Rina is a history teacher in high school. She was 30 years old, divorced with no children. They say he looks like Demi Moore in the movie Striptease. 170 height, 50 kg, and 36B. All of his students, especially the male body pengin really look innocent.

One day Rina had to call one of his students to his house, for subsequent replications. The Anto had to repeat because he was caught cheating in class. Anto is also known for his solidity, knowing he was in elementary school wrestling with martial sports, so he must maintain his fitness.

For Rina, Anto coming to his house also was a coincidence. He also secretly had a crush on a boy. Therefore he intends to give her something 'lesson' on Sunday afternoon extra.
"It is finished Anto?", Blake went back into the living room after leaving Anto for an hour to work on the problems they provide.
"Almost bu"
"If it is later entered the living room so I stayed back .."
"Yeah .."
"Miss Rice, I've done", Anto go into the living room while membawapekerjaannya.
"Mommy where?"
"There is in the room .., Anto while yes", Rina tried to correct the t-shirt. He deliberately took off her bra to stimulate the students. Loose-fitting T-shirt behind the shape of her breasts clearly visible, especially her nipples are sticking out.

Once he came out, eyes bulging Anto almost dislodged because, look at his teacher. Rina let her long hair flowing freely, not as usual when she performed in front of his students.
"Why let's sit down, Mrs. check .."
Anto face red with embarrassment, because Rina smiled when his eyes on her breasts.
"Good ... good, so you can really use any cheat ..?"
"Excuse me ma'am, that day I forgot to learn .."
"... Oo, so to?"
"Anto you want to help me?", Blake pressed his seat on the carpet to the student body.
"What Mom?", Anto body trembling as her teacher's hands to embrace him, while the hand-rubbed Rina is one area uasap 'vital' it.
"Please Mom ... yes, and promise not to divulge to anyone".
"But, but ..., I".
"Why?, Oo ... you still virgin eh?".
Anto just a red face at the words of Rina "Yes"
"It's okay", she guided it.

Rina then sat on the lap of Anto. The two then exchanged berpagutan lips, Rina aggressive because thirst for warmth and Anto that according to it when a warm body pressed to his chest teacher. He could feel the nipples hardened Rina. Anto Rina tongue exploring his mouth, looking for then each berpagutan tongue like a snake.

Once satisfied, Rina then stood in front of his students are still gaping. One by one her clothes fall to the floor. His body is smooth as if to challenge for the warmth given by these students is also a virgin.
"Let pakaiannmu Anto," Rina said as he threw himself on the carpet. Her long hair flowing like silk ditindihi body.
"Ahh quickly Anto", Rina sighed impatiently.

Anto then knelt down beside his master. He did not know what to do. Knowledge about sex only in the failure by any of the books and videos.
"Anto ..., put your hand on the chest Mother",
With trembling Anto Rina put his hand on his chest that go up and down. Then guided his hand to squeeze the plump breasts Rina.
"Oohh ..., enakk ..., so how ..., squeeze gently, feeling her nipples tighten .." In the spirit of doing what the teacher Anto said.
"... Mother, May I suck mother's milk".
Rina smiled at his student, who said, looking down, "Sure ..., do what you like".

Rina's body tensed as she felt his mouth licking and sucking him in his milk. Feeling that he had felt three years ago when she was with her husband.
"Oohh ..., lick and hold dear ..., ohh", Rina's hand tightly clutched to her breast the head of Anto.

Anto increasingly ferocious lick your nipples is her teacher, she realized her mouth without making a sound that loud. Anto suction louder, even without realizing it light-bite nipple bite the teacher.
"Mm ..., you naughty ', Blake smiled his students felt that behavior.
"Now you see the area below the navel Mother".
Anto went along. Rina sits between the legs are opened wide. Rina then rested punggungya on the wall behind him.
"Try to feel", he guided finger into her vagina Anto.
"Hot Mom .."
Can you feel there is a nipple ...? "
"Yeah .."
"It's called the clitoris, it is a sensitive point girl as well. Try rubbing your "Anto finger slowly rubbing the clitoris started poking it.
"So ..., Oohh ... yes ..., ... rub, rub", Rina-gerinjal mengerinjal easement when rubbed against her clitoris by Anto.
"If diginiin favors yes ma'am?", Anto smiled as he continued rubbing his fingers.
"Oohh ..., Antoo ..., um," Rini's body was wet with sweat, his mind seemed in the air, while his lips moaning easement.

Anto hand the teacher who dared to play with the clitoris is stimulated more vibrant lust. His breath is the sign of the defense chasing his master would soon burst.
"Ooaahh ..., Anntoo", Rina's hand gripping his student's shoulder, while his body stiffened and her female muscles tighten. His eyes were closed for a moment, enjoying the pleasure that has long been felt.
"Hmm ..., you wily Anto ..., ... Now, you try to lie down".
Anto went along. His penis immediately stiffened as she felt her teacher's hand gently.
"Well ..., wahh .., huge," Rina's hand immediately rubbed the penis that has been 
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