Seks dengan laki-laki lain part 3

from his face as if his mind was wander, whatever he had in mind at the time.

"Vi, already night ya, I go back yes .."

She gasped and looked at me ..

"Um, sir, will not vivi nemanin tonight?"

I was also surprised to receive a question like that because they do not mind to stay at home tonight, but I do not want to disappoint him with a face that asks expect.

"When it is still a lot, we meet again tomorrow at the office, and sometime we can meet outside the office."

He stood up and approached me ..

"Thank ya sir, vivi so happy tonight, I hope you do not get bored with me."
"We have long known, I am always willing to assist you in any case."
"Once again thank you, if you want to be home now and please convey my greetings for the mother."

Eventually I came home with the continued infestation of questions in my mind, why would he be so, so sorry for him.

As usual the next day I come to work early in the morning because it's always a lot of work to be done, I think there is not anyone who was there because usually when I come is the office boy, but it turns out that morning I was greeted with a smile that has been sitting vivi desk. Not as usual, in the days before I always see vivi another in appearance from this morning, now she looks radiant and seemed friendly and familiar.

"Morning vi."
"Good morning sir."
"How, can sleep well last night?"
"Ah father, could aja, last night I slept soundly all."
"Well, yes I used to live, good work."
"Yes sir."

I continued my steps toward my office which is not far from his desk, from the back room I turn his face toward him, apparently he's still looking at me with a smile.

Not as usual, I feel these days is something that is tedious work, it's too late to face the job that is day by day there's always something to be repeated, I ended up writing this story. HP rang in my pocket, there is an incoming SMS, SMS is opened, apparently coming from the girl across from my office this morning looking at me until I walked into this room .. yes he is, vivi.

"Sir, there are events not later mlm? if not can not promise you Menuhin father last night. "

That the contents of the SMS that I received, I think ya girl too aggressive in the end. Kuangkan existing phone on my desk and punched him extensin numbers.

"Why so vi, invites going where?"
"Hello father, who kirain, baseball, vivi already nyediain dinner at home, the father can do the same vivi dinner tonight?"
"Sure, if so I'll go wait in the parking lot yes."
"Yes sir, ma love."

In the afternoon I was surprised because the time to go home already missed ten minutes, quickly take care of my room and ran to the parking space. Vivi is waiting for me there, but he smiled as he saw me coming, I thought he would be disappointed, but thankfully he was not disappointed kelihatanyya.

"Sorry to be waiting for ya vi, should clear up something first."
"It's okay sir, vivi is also just there to be solved first with neni."
"Yo." I said, membukkan the door for him, and he breaks into the car and sat in front.

The trip we talked to and fro, and imperceptibly we finally get into the housing complex where vivi live and then we headed down to his house. She opened her front door with difficulty, apparently there is a problem with the locked door. I'm not trying to help him, because of the new rear I noticed this time that the center back of vivi's interesting, the circle is not too big, but I'm sure men will love to see him when half-squat like that.

Finally the door opened and he also invited me in, and we also entered. After inviting me to sit down, he went to his room, after which he returned again with clothes that have been replaced, did not he just came up but continued to walk toward the kitchen and returned with a glass of water and a cup of coffee, then she handed me the coffee.

"That is very good gini nih day drinking coffee, you really do not drink coffee also vi?"
"I never drink coffee pack, do not be the same as the mas."
"Oh so."
"Pak car garage inserted wrote yes, let the mindahin vivi."
"Bolah, all I want to go to the bathroom, the agency did not feel comfortable if there is sweat."
"The towel in the bathroom pack."

He stood up and accepted that I put my car keys while I ngeloyor to the bathroom to keep the body clean is not good feels somewhat after the trip just exposed to a pretty bad road conditions are not as usual.

Out of the bathroom I found vivi looks a little confused, I asked him,

"Why vi, really like the confused so .."
"Anu pack, just a phone call from my pesani restaurant for dinner, he can not nganter food that was ordered because the vehicle did not exist."
"Well okay, we're able to make their own food, have what can be cooked?"
"Adu pa, vivi so embarrassed."
"I can not okay, even good so we can cook all together."

I smiled, vivi stepped into the kitchen and I followed, until he opened the kitchen refrigerator that turns out there are very few foods that are ready to cook there. Finally we cook potluck dish while talking to and fro.

I happened to notice a visible posture vivi other clothing worn by now, a little bit outfit a bit tight curves of her body causing obvious, really perfect body shape for a woman her age. Without realizing it I went up to him and hugged him from behind who was doing his duty as a housewife, she turned towards me and smiled, I put my lips to her lips and she greeted him, initially just a kiss till we finally berpagutan each other here, so in his own kitchen.

The struggle goes on the lips, and squeezed her breasts kuraba from outside her clothes. Vivi hands moved to unbutton his shirt to reveal the front followed by the bra she wears, thus more freely left and right hand squeezed. A few moments later I let go of her lips and turned my lips to her breasts that look really beautiful with the reddish color of the nipple, the nipple kujilat right and he took a deep breath to receive treatment, eventually kukulum nipples and I smoke in deeply while my right hand still squeezing the left chest.

I moved my left hand towards his ass, and squeezed the rubbery ass. I put my hand into her skirt and there kuraba wear something warm and slightly damp and kuraba-touch continuous passage. Apparently he could not stand to receive my attitude, his hands moving melorotkannya unzipped her skirt and down. I cut my lip on the activities of her breasts and her panties bubuka and I found a beautiful coat that not too many there and turned my lips a little kusingkapkan there and kujilat small parts that stand out there.

Lowing sound of her lips was no longer unthinkable, will extend the story that I write here.

"Oh, sir, I have never felt this, oh .."

I continued my tongue diselangkangannya activities while continuing to put my tongue into the moist cave that smells of woman's typical. Mooo by Mooo kept out of her mouth until finally I felt her body twitched and shook with cries issue that can not be withheld from his mouth, he had reached the climax of a lelaku as I touch it, and eventually I stopped my activities then stood facing him, he knew danpa kiss my lips.

"Yes sir we are into the room."

He led me into her bedroom, the room looks neat, and then we sat back end of the bed and there berpagutan each other. He stood before me as she asked.

"May my father undressed?"

I just smiled to respond to these questions, then he opened up all my clothes down to my underwear. He held the gun that he found behind the panties that had just opened, and then he kissed and licked, delicious taste.

"From the beginning I wanted to do this, but my husband never want to be treated like this."

He said this as he resumed his activities licking my arms, he unexpectedly had to continue their activities suck and suck rod groin, and it was more delicious than I felt. Finally he stopped and said to behave like that.

"Sir, yes tidurin vivi."

Without waiting for a request that I repeat his body lay on the bed, I kissed her body is rewarded with a smooth body gelinjangan it, finally after all this time I tried to enter the groin into the hole that was already wet intercourse than had been, and "Ahh .." that's what vivi out of the mouth, so delicious that once it enters the body is naked, and another, still felt his cock hole and narrow enough to bite, a question occurred to my mind, of what belongs to her husband until the hole is still felt cramped like this.

I noticed the clock on the wall of his bedroom showed that I had pulled groin enter into his body for twenty minutes and finally back to his body stiffened as she felt strange noises issuing from his mouth, he eventually floundered, hugging me tightly as if do not want to be separated from his body , because his arms were so stopped me from my activities.

A few moments later vivi release his arms and fell limp, but I see a satisfied smile on her face and it makes me feel happy because tonight he had twice been getting what he never got from her husband.

"How about vi?"
"Oh, vivi limp but that was so good .."
"Vivi will try another style?"
"Um .."

I moved to wake her and turned to me, I pushed his shoulder until he menungging slowly before me, I put my manhood senggamanya into the hole and he took out a small cry.

"Ouch .. Very good sir, push and hold the pack, vivi had never felt pleasure like this .. "

I'm out this insert into his groin with the rhythm more and more kupercepat, I'm too old to do it until finally he said, "Mr. vivi want to pee again ..", the kupercepat movements because I felt something was pushing to get out of my body.

Under conditions of weak and still menungging vivi receive shuttle service from me, maybe he knows that I soon reached a climax, and finally menyemburlah enter all the liquid from the groin into her body. A few moments later I felt my body limp and spineless as I pulled my gun from vivi's hole.

I lay beside him after releasing favors diada tara, she smiles with satisfaction as he looked at me and hugged me, and then we fell asleep with their feelings. In sleep I dream of the activities we did and it just took almost morning I woke up I found vivi still closed with a peaceful face while still holding me, I let go pelukkannya and he woke up, then we continue the activity that was interrupted by sleep last night until we both got up and headed bathroom in each state without a single yarn naked cover our bodies.

We do it in the bathroom again, and again he uttered the words that do not run out I can understand "Vivi have never done this before ..".

Finally we went to work from home vivi, deliberately still early so no one in the office who saw the arrival of the two of us to avoid something we both do not want.

Until I wrote this story, still ringing words are often uttered the word "Vivi have never done this before .." every time I relate to him with another style.

Starting from where we used to perform the marital relationship, and that we always do at the request of her, I myself never asked him because I did not want him to have a mind like I'm exploiting him. And now I know vivi vivi much different than the first, he was a friendly person and always smile at everyone in their environment.

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