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makes my heart pounding. Between shame and began to descend my passions.

Gone was the sense of comfort, replaced by a strange feeling that comes with the massage gently Iwan. So that when a strange feeling it was the better of me, I involuntarily began to hiss when the hands of John the sensitifku areas. He's sort of a bottom-up hip, then her hand turned toward the shoulder, when his hand touched my neck, I instantly menggelinjang between amusement and lust. There is a second sensitive area, where the main is clitorisku. So I'm getting wild hissing and unconsciously I turned around. Breathless with my eyelids open, I looked at John who gave me a standing position on her knees. I see the sweat running down to his shirt soaked with sweat, making his body became more and more sexy. I've lost my senses, so I do not remember that my body is naked now clearly displayed in front of John. John also seemed to understand my situation and will take it in a towel that was wrapped around my body. In lapnya sweat on his face, and when he opened his shirt I immediately grab a towel in his hand. I wipe the sweat while kuraba body, because the body is very different from her husband. Kuraba his broad chest and down my left hand while I kiss up to six packnya chest. While the other hand caressing her back which is also muscular. When my left hand reached for his jeans buttoned, his right hand caught my left hand and his left hand grabbed my waist. As I pulled up my waist, my lips dilumatnya. Oohh .. I felt a touch different than I had ever felt. Cleansed by crushing his lower lip, and then I felt his tongue breaks into my mouth, we pulverize each other. Then in rebahkannya me, and he unbuttoned his pants. It was a very erotic scene in front of me, I got up again and stroked my underwear was visible fullness. I kissed the top, not the smell of his manhood, he seems to care enough hers. Smack my head with my panties pelorotkan. Oohh, my soul gurgle of the surge. Immediately I put the stem in my mouth, suck me in and out, I heard moaning that made me even more heat. When I look up, he seemed to enjoy sedotanku closed. After I inhaled for about ten minutes, Iwan to stop movements. Lumatnya in my mouth again while I lay in bed. Then dilumatnya my neck, so I went back writhing wildly. "Ekhs .., wan ..." I grabbed the bed sheets, while the other one hand gripping his back. John seems to have known weaknesses, he soon moved to pulverize twin hills. Bukitku crushed out his tongue along the tip edges. While his hands kept sliding down through my stomach, until the thin-haired little hill that is now getting wet. I was always diligent jembutku shave, because I like to wear G-string panties. His hand now reached the folds of my vagina, and tersentuhlah clitorisku. I was immediately struck, such as stun exposed thousands of volts. "Akhs ..... wan ...... "I cried, squeezing her hair. While the hands of John playing in the crotch, her tongue down to my stomach now, briefly played around the stomach and then back down into the vagina. Both hands holding both sides of my thighs, while in my meqi pandanginya wet by fluid femininity. "Vina Meqi beautiful bu .." the words seemed to give an injection of passion, so I said with a groan "come wan .. Do not liatin wrote "directly into meqi benamkannya my lips, while his nose on my clit, so I immediately snapped up to the top. In julurkannya tongue swept inside of my vagina, so I feel like there's a tickle memekku. "Oohhh .... continue wan ..... continue ...." he continued meremasi rintihku hair on his head. Her hand reached for both breasts, while she occasionally meremasi pentilku second twist. Made into the wild, and I feel a storm surge that continues to delight in me. Until now iwan kissed her lips and sucking my clit, I gasped in such a terrible, screaming "Aaakkhhsss wwaaannnn ...... ........." I lifted my head and my hips flops high-high, two hands grabbed her hair. John did not stop constantly kept menusuki memekku with his tongue while rotating the head, sucked and dijilatinnya until juices run out of memekku melt, I seemed to fly in the clouds.
Immediately my body went limp, iwan was creeping up on me, in peluknya myself, on my forehead and dilumatnya kecupnya my lips. I also responded with a crushing re-think her lips are sexy enough to crushed. We looked at each other for a while, I seemed to re-invent something that now fills the recesses of my heart is lonely. "Insert kontolmu wan, but it slowly for now. I'm still a little weak ya "I said softly in his ear. "Well, ma'am. '" Do not call the mother continues to ah, not good didengernya. Will you call me dear? "" Yes, dear. I enter it. "" Uh-huh, but slowly slowly you know "and I felt the head Kontolnya red shiny stick to the groin. There is a feeling in my heart pounding, but this is my husband's masculinity is lucky to be able to enter my hole intercourse. I felt a little sore when his head into the mouth lubangku "wann, pelann .. ya a little sore. "" Yes dear, it's also slowly koq. "Iwan again pressing his ass, and I felt increasingly pushed his penis into the memekku. Neither spontaneous hug cnn "aakh .. wann ...." "hold a little baby!" Iwanpun stomp his ass with a single snap and instantly felt sore when I felt lost my virginity. Iwan was slowly lifted her butt, so I feel like memekku dick sucked out along with the iwan. Then pressed back into memekku Kontolnya, originally I thought the pain was gone when changed the sensation of pleasure in and out of the iwan have a rhythmic tickle the walls of femininity. "... Nice wan .... akhs teruss dear ...." "memekmu really a drag, like my penis in order nih" dilumatnya back my lips, we also berpagutan while rocking gently. After a while iwan mengentotiku with slow rhythms, which makes me like he's having sex with a lover who has never met a long time, my passion arises along with the power which began to recover after an orgasm before. With a hug, my body roll to my side, now on top of her position with the penis still sticking in memekku. "Unfortunately it's my turn .. I want to give you pleasure, like that you've given me. "I hit his broad chest with both hands, then slowly slowly lift my ass" ..... Oookhh "cnn holding hands with her eyes wide with" why dear? "" My penis kayaking on the suction to the top. "I too smiled and lowered my ass again, I did a while, until I see iwan comfort of any brake literacy. Every now and then I shake my butt to the right and left.
Suddenly the door opens, Lena entered while laughing "Well, not bad koq-invites invites. How? khan bener which I say, iwan tuh really good, I already wrote not know how many times I'm in the KO in him. "" Yes Len, you get from where is it? "secret" donk, not ya say? "she said as she kissed the iwan. They also berpagutan, and Lena stopped and took off his clothes. Iwan Dikangkanginnya advance to the position of dealing with me. Iwanpun without prompting immediate dilahapnya pussy Lena, Lena was so sizzling easement. My breasts and sucked struck by Lena hisapnya, one hand twisting twisting my nipples. It makes brake literacy easement, it was a tremendous sensation arises in me, this is my first threesome. Passion that continues to peak my orgasms came the wave of the second. Lena and John would like to know my situation, I will be embraced by the Lena and her lips dikulum. There is a feeling difficult to express when Lena kisses me, but what I remember is the passion smoldering lust that led to the gates of orgasm. John also welcomed hentakanku by lifting her ass up so that the stem is immersed into memekku out and touched my G-spot. I also long groaned Aaakkkkhhhh ........... liquid orgasm rippled out my dick wet Iwan, I will limp in the arms of Lena. Lena looked at me, stroking my hair, she kissed me tenderly.
I also wrote back, I feel happy like rediscovering a lost love.
I lay myself to the next, I see Lena suck Iwan pubic shaft. "Um .. mu cum awful Vin "I just smiled at my friend's words. Lena then changed the position, he turned to John, in enjotnya dick Iwan. He swayed wildly as he continues menceracau his mouth and hissed, smoked breast of the iwan, one nipple at the gyre gyre. Then her body shook, Iwan Ooohhhh dicengkeramnya shoulder ....... Wwaannnn ....... aakkuuu kelluuaarrrr ........ Iwanpun then rose, lifting her body lay Lena Lena and menggenjotnya. Sodokannya so fast that the body of Lena shake shake. Then he too groaned Aaakkkkhhhh ........... bbbuuuu .......... Aakkuuu uuddaahh mmooo kelluuaarrrr ........ Lena grabbed swiftly and mengulumnya Iwan dick. John was immediately stiffened, instantly drew Lena as she squirts pejunya head into the mouth of Lena. Appear whitish viscous liquid melt from the sidelines Lena's lips. I also moved forward, participating sucking rod and cum Iwan. Eventually the three of us slept together in naked.
That was the beginning of the story that brought me into a wild sex adventure. Please advice, criticism and commentary, so that in the next article could be better than now.

My door suddenly opened, Lena looks pretty face behind the door. "I can be ready belon? '" Bentar again, I belon powder make-ya. "" I wait in the car yes. "Lena soon disappeared from behind the door.

I apply a thin powder on my face, my view mirror, I'm quite happy with what I wear makeup. I do not like excessive makeup, most just use the powder, lipstick and a little Bloss on, and even then with a thin smear. Grab my handbag which was lying on the table, then kulangkahkan feet toward the door.

Divide drove the streets of Jakarta, we headed towards the city. On the road the Big Mango, we turned toward Lokasari Plaza. After John parked the car, we also walk in the nearby area. There are many gambling arcade in the area (at that time there has been no prohibition as now), we entered the place after place, apparently gambling hobby Iwan dexterity. Lena seemed to be familiar with places like this, because I see some people greeted him politely. John decided to play in one place, he spoke to Lena and Lena gives some money and her ATM card. Lena asked me out, it was our entry in Discotheque out in the same area. One by one we entered the place, I felt stuffy with the situation in the Discotheque. Smoke cigarettes, House music is frenetic, the people who were dancing up to the road was difficult. There are some guys who approached and tried to get us acquainted, there is offered a drink, and some even offer a 'Inex' (exstacy). Lena just smiled and laughed as he continued walking, occasionally stopping for anyone he knew. I wonder and amazement to my friend, yes he can koq like this but I do not know at all. Am I too naive and gullible, or he is good at playacting. If he works as an actress, I think he's already a lot of awards trophies Sabet.

Lena phone rang, he went into the toilet, so he can answer the call. Sekeluarnya Lena from the toilet, he asked me out.

Once outside, she told me that had called another friend who was cranky at home. Then after Lena told me that he's with me, his friend was invited to his house, he wanted to meet with me and will prepare the Welcome Party for me. We visited John at his place playing dexterity, after we found the car keys Lena asked. We then rushed from the house where it's headed friend Lena.

"Bete, nyupir your own? Why not use John? "

"No pa pa, he tu maen if already got, mo until he is mah home tomorrow too. Anyway we celebrate her mo khan Welcome Party for loe. Said my friend, special partynya girl wrote. "

I wonder what kind of party ya? cook just a girl wrote that may be.

The car that we were riding turned into the gate housing starts friend Lena, we stopped for a while, after asking security identity and purpose of our visit, we also are allowed to enter. We arrived in front of a stately home and extensive enough, the car straight into the yard and stopped right in front of the garage door. Houses in the complex that has no gate, but the leafs are beautiful gardens beautiful and attractive.

Lena knocked on the door of the house, his friend opened the door. Also pretty, tall and lanky, slim bodynya white skin, you know the hallmark of Chinese descent. "Hi, how are you? Well pretty loe friend Len. "He said while cheek kissing with Lena, and then he shook my hand while kissing bercipika with" Welcome to yes, I'm Jane "" Vina "I said simply. "Come in, not have to hesitate, let alone wrote home." Lena go and talk to Jane directly to a room. While I looked around the walls filled with paintings of women. There are two, three, four even-do was there. When I look at paintings, I felt awkward, why do women not all women dress in the painting, at best, and even then still highlight the entangled fabric form a sexy body. "Vin, loe doing? 'Said Lena suddenly surprised me. "Ah elo Len, ngagetin wrote, fortunately I'm not a heart attack. Len Bete his lonely hell? '"Jane Khan live here alone.'" Ma Lha her husband where? '"He's not had children, already divorced her husband because of ama can not give offspring.'" Bete not get married again? He khan beautiful, the guy who would not exist. "" He never tried but instead he was more frequent in sakitin. There are just going to his property, there are girls who like maen, the latter being the most severe, like mukulin. So choose him over his own life, he was already traumatized ma guy. "" What, therefore, this painting all the pictures girls? "" Hey, again on doing here anyway? Ngobrolnya in the palace aja yuk! "Suddenly Jane appeared that question unanswered by the Lena, we also get to follow Jane.

We sat on the sofa length and width, whose size is almost like a spring bed sized teenager. In front of us there is a long and wide table to follow the size of the sofa, on the left side there is a mini bar. Helper Jane, about-faced 19-year-old beautiful, long, straight, shoulder-length hair, brown skin, a tight white shirt that boasts a medium-sized breasts but looked solid and tight. Tight shorts make your thighs and calves, a Javanese word 'mbunting rice', sexy and beautifully displayed. He was making drinks for us, it seems he is quite skilled in concocting drinks. We also chat while watching the plasma TV broadcast events abroad.

Jackie walked toward us, carrying a snack, a large pitcher and four glasses of crystal, apparently Yanti joined in with us. After all the drinks are poured, Jane took us to 'toast'. We also drank our drinks each, the smell wafted wiskhy when my lips touched the glass, but it was sweet, a little bit louder when running down the throat, immediately feel warm when it reached the stomach. He poured the drink into the glass again, now turns to invite Lena 'toast'. We also engage in fun conversation, as though we've known a long time, if this is how women get together already. Glass after we sip drinks together, talk more and we also already started making sense.

My head started aching, I will lean on the back of the sofa. TV shows of yesteryear do not we watch has changed, now they broadcast the film romance with sex scenes are not censored. I watch a movie with half-drunken state, there is a rustle of excitement creeping myself. I close your eyes, I felt like I was in that movie. The touch of the hand as an actor in the film was a real ran a hand over your thighs, stroking his head and face. I felt a soft kiss, crushing my lips, I'm getting carried away. His hand rose from the thighs to my breasts, making me sigh meremasinya favors. I felt then tried to open jeansku pants buttoned, seems to not work so I tried to help her. When I hit the button my pants, soft hand touched me the nails, so I opened my eyes. Oohh .. I guess it turns out that the actor is Jane. I was shocked and tried to get up, but my body is weak so that only the head is lifted. My point of view to the side, I also saw Lena was making out with Jackie. Their clothes are a mess, strewn around them. This scene makes tempestuous passion, my face in the direction of Jane palingkan who have successfully opened jeansku pants. Jane hug me, I pull his face closer to my face, my lips are red creamed with greedy and wild, he too is not less exciting kissing me back. My hand slid off his back toward the voluptuous ass chunks. Jane had taken off his pants from earlier, he was wearing only a bra and panties, G-String red color, which contrasts with the color of his skin so it makes it even more sexy. Kuremasi ass, pull my panties strap, so that the front entrance to the parts of the pussy is already wet from the earlier, menggeseki clit. Janepun not remain silent, tanggannya slid down into my underwear. Diremasinya hill groin, hands wildly mengobok meddle with my vagina, nimble fingers play in itilku, occasionally out in memekku. We then sighed, our breath at the same hunt, hunt down the incomparable pleasure. Insistence tempestuous passion that made me take off the first orgasm. My body is stiffened immediately greeted by a friction finger faster Jane dancing in itilku. I squeezed Jane's hair, I groaned as he pulled her hips so that the more tightly squeeze my body. I twitched a few times, Jane kisses and soft membelaiku but 'hot'. I know Jane has also been in a state of 'peak', orgasmeku began to subside, I immediately launched seranganku, pulled his body upwards so right in my face toketnya directly kukenyot, occasionally biting my nipples and pulled. Kuremasi her ass, while one hand is playing in her vagina. Kujepit itilnya with two fingers, pulled slowly, sometimes I turned, moaned Jane increasingly wild and tear my hair. Moaning grew louder, he got to his feet, legs dikaitkannya that one on my shoulder, now pussy right in my face. Directly pressed his ass into my face, which immediately kusambut by licking and sucking. Jane grabbed my hair and shook my head to the left and right, followed by an opposite movement of his ass. He looked up with a groan, I felt a warm liquid gushed into my mouth, and swallow

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