Selingkuh dengan istri pejabat

I am the wife of a businessman who can be said is quite rich. Son there are two guys happen to all, and age was already an adult. They chose a school abroad. While my husband a businessman who is quite busy with the business - his business.
As a result I stayed there with all the loneliness. If the morning wake up, I always pensive. Because the house is large enough so that activities undertaken maid servant was barely audible, let alone in my room is quite spacious. Was the same night, after their activity servant immediately went to bed in time that could be considered still in the afternoon. Just a television show that has always accompanied, and even then had made me tired. Since all the events I've memorized and all become interesting again. I tried to start moving around with the neighbors, but became useless because my neighbors are all busy with their affairs - each. Due to stress at home, I decided to go to my friend Lena, in Jakarta. That's what makes me a total and drastic change.
"Hi Len, belon sleep already?"
"Belon, watch TV anymore. What is it? Bete tumben loe malem malem nelpon. "
"I really stress ya again, since the children went to Singapore in the house very quiet. Where Ruben not come home. I may not nginep in your house? "
"Obviously so-so, who wrote ama loe kayak. We've kayak Sodara khan. "
"Yeah but I'm afraid ngeganggu elo khan en loe husband." (Lena son of two one boy, one girl. The boys college in America, while the girls already married then joined her husband to the Aussie)
"It's okay koq, William again went to Amrik maybe 2-3 weeks a new home."
"Fine if so, I picked up at the airport tomorrow yes. I naek the morning flight. "
"Okay, I am told the driver ntar standby at the airport."
That brief conversation with a friend the night before my departure.

When the car stopped right in front of the door, I rushed over to see Lena, and we hugged each other while kissing bercipika. "Wah wah more beautiful and sexy aja nih" Lena said as she looked at me from top to bottom. Ah, indifferent, loe okay, too, where the spa? I wanted to let ya relax in the massage. "Ah could aja deh, I just wrote scrubs at home. If just a massage, hell, Iwan can too. The ngelulur en mijitin I khan the Iwan. Do'i good you know, the guarantee deh addiction. "John .. ? Who is John? "The driver of my personality, which was ngejemput loe. Now loe to the room, I told the Iwan ntar to room loe "Len .. But, I'm ashamed khan. Mijit cooking guy is young again. "I can just calm loe, ntar temenin deh I'll loe not uncomfortable"

Arriving in the room, I lay for a moment imagine that John would memijitku, touching parts of my body that has not been touched by my husband. Young people about the age of 25 years, height about 177 cm, weighing about 70 kg, brown-skinned but net and gave the impression of macho, with hair neatly cut, polite and friendly especially the sharp eyes and strong jaw that gives the impression. Where in the safari suit, looks like a bodyguard. So I feel there is a strange rustling in me. Such as adrenaline turbulent, turbulent blood made me, and I was swept up in his own musings.

Tock ... tock ... tock ... a knock the door interrupted my thoughts. "Who?" Iwan, bu. Then I will go and open the door. I see John has changed, changed from a safari suit with tight jeans and a thin white shirt that shows the muscles of the muscular arms, six pack stomach also stand out. I think sempet, koq like milk advertising model L-men, was like a body guard. Lena is also a great nyari personal driver, lest he plusnya Lena driver, but soon my mind tepis. "Come in, you know .. Lena bu where? "was being received phone calls, I was told to go first, Iwan replied politely.
"Well, yes you've wait a minute I changed it." Yes ma'am, excuse me ..., he replied.

Then I walked to the bathroom, after I closed the door, I open my clothes. My view of myself from the big glass which is located above the sink. I turn to the left and right, that's right in saying what was my best friend. My body, despite the two children still looks like an advertisement Tropicana Slim, is a little bit to make it look more plump caecal. At the age of nearly entered the heads of four, with a height of 169 cm and weight 53 kg, in 34 breast tunjang with B, I still can not lose with teenage children now. It's known spa I used to naturally reduce my stress, I wonder if my skin was smooth white. Selulitku even had my exhaust through operations in Singapore after I gave birth to second child. Then I noticed my face, although there are few faint wrinkles in the eye area, but I think my face is still quite beautiful. Because at a time when I go shopping or just a walk in the mall, many men including teenagers glanced at me, and some of them whistled at me. Involve my towel around my body, and straightened my hair, I was walking out.

When I close the bathroom door from the outside, John got up and looked at me. I saw he was stunned to see that just wrapped in a towel with her hair flowing over his shoulders. "Why Wan?" Eh, baseball bu. Mom looks beautiful, like a fairy story in the film - film. "Ah, you can aja Wan, clever seduce. How many boyfriends who've got you flattery ama? "I said, sitting in the spring. Bu baseball there, I not have a boyfriend. Sma first time ever had a boyfriend, but just passed directly on nikahin same father. Fathers do not want her son going out with poor people like me. Mother to be massaged now? "Well, may deh" I said, lying. John walked into the mattress, opening the lid body lotion. Excuse me ma'am, and I felt John's hand touch the sole of my foot. There is a sense of amusement and comfort when Iwan massaging my feet. After a few minutes, the massage began to rise to the calf and thigh and a half, because half of the upper thighs are wrapped a towel. Hem, who is also spelled Lena, comfortable as well pijitannya. But Lena koq not sticking-sticking, it's sometimes best friend can be had if nelpon hours and hours, at the earliest 1-2 hours. Ah whatever, I've not matter because the drift in the massage-massage Iwan, so I will fall asleep involuntarily.

I do not know how many minutes, all of a sudden I felt something was calling me. Bu .. bu .. Vina "yes, what is it" I replied in a trance. Sorry, I open the towel ya bu. Massaged his legs is finished, now want her back mijit "Yes, please" I replied spontaneously. When the hand touches the shoulder and shoulder Iwan, began to recover consciousness. I think the current situation, where Lena is still not finished got the call. While I was alone with John, while my body just covered the front, because I lay down on his stomach, part of the oppressed must have seen my breasts. Variety of feelings having in my heart, because this my first experience being touched by men other than my husband. Usually I always massaged by a woman, it is this that makes me refuse when my friend suggested John to memijitku. With Iwan segagah massagers, and also in a long while I have not had sex this 
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