cerita sex - Aku, Tante lisa dan tetanggaku nikmat

This story begins with my soul arguably reckless. How not, when my age reaching 29 years, is now eager ML (Sunday) continues every day with my wife (wanted 3 times a day). And the netters had expected, certainly a wife not only wants sexual satisfaction every time, but will also take care of the house was working, raising children and others is many. So that is also my wife almost every night, often objected that intercourse continues, and I also feel sorry for him. Every time sex, my wife can orgasm 3 times 4 times and I did not ejaculate at all times because my wife hurried tired first. At least after my wife fell asleep exhausted, I immediately moved to my desk and turn on your PC and play Blue Film, and I continue to self service. Once satisfied, I just follow my wife's asleep, and if the middle of the night I wake up and I find "inheritance" stand up, I repeat again that I was really tired and fell asleep.
I myself was very excited when seeing aunts that generally they are more mature, more intelligent and painstaking in the bedroom. In fact I often thought of doing masturbation with aunts neighbor who usually flirty-flirty. Once up a time, I got a very memorable fuck experience in the history of life seksualku.Ceritanya started when my friend invited karaoke in tourist areas Prigen and previously I've never been in that kind of area. The three of us a message that the main room and the room has its own door that is separate to the other for three hours straight.
"Eh, Eko emangnya Elo already booking girls to accompany we ..?" I asked Eko, one of my friends."Sabaarrr Boss, entar tuh Adi also can bring a girl .." he said.Ten minutes later, as I'll ignite Djarum 76-ku, merapatlah a deer and Civic Wonder lined to the front and Eko. If the deer that I know, it was his deer out the Adi and two teenagers who dress up Ahooyy. Blood rippled brother saw two teenagers that. How not, her clothes super tight and very accentuate the beautiful hills in the chest and buttocks. However, I'm not familiar with the Civic's. I looked at it there was a teenage girl and another woman about 35 years old (according taksiranku of his face).Eko apparently well acquainted with two women at once welcomed and opened the door, and then introduced it to me."Lisa .." aunt said it welcomed a helping hand to me."Inneke .." nice girl beside him said.Long story short, we've started to sing, dance and drink with, who knows how many pieces of VCD Blue dangdut we play. I saw Eko and Adi started approaching a corner, and who knows how long his girlfriend oral orgasm because they do. While I own a bit stiff with Lisa and Inneke. We were still singing, though his verse Awur-awuran the insistence of desire caused by BF performance in front of us.
I myself sat near Lisa, while Inneke serious sing-song. Aunt Lisa itself is up a pack of his A-mild, while I see the face of the deep red Inneke and sometimes hold his breath panting softly as he witnessed turmoil on screen 29 inch that. My turn to take the mike from Inneke, I got up took the mike from his hand and took a seat Inneke between Inneke and Lisa. The influence of drink and swallow XTC they made us fall in lust that strains atmosphere."Boy .., I want your sperm tonight Honey ..." Lisa whispered softly in my ear, while her left hand touched my crotch.
Inneke who had put his pet aqua take the same attitude to me. He even began to play her tongue in his ear. Warm and fragrant breath of the two women were swept up in the rhythm of the melody makes me lust I already feel creeping trace crotch. Slowly but surely, my manhood uprise and tight, so Lee Cooper does not fit my taste anymore, especially when meneganggnya one lane and a bit off the mark."Well anyway .. bent yours Say ..?" Lisa asked me pretending like an amateur only.Before I could answer, Inneke hurriedly opened my zipper and CD, then eject it."Gini Tan know ... ask him dilurusin, Mas Boy this .." said Inneke followed subordination head towards my crotch."Aaakkhhh ..." I shouted muffled when Inneke spontaneously began to suck my cock head into her mouth and licks straws dikombinaksikan with circular tongue.Spotan both feet stiffened and opened even wider to facilitate oral Ineke.
"Ooookh My Godd ... ssshhh ... aakkk ..." I sighed.My whole body was shaking and felt throughout sumsun bones sucked my cock through the hole. Inneke game truly professional, to the point that the music boom is unlikely to hear again, because my ears too fast ripple. The tip of my cock really stiff, warm, tingling and feelings of lust mixed together there. Lisa then unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and my mouth mundaratkan beautiful in my left nipple, while the right nipple played by his left index finger and thumb.
"Aaakkk ... mmmhhh ..." I sighed uncertain.I really can not bear enjoy this sensation."Crazy .., this is the first penyelewenganku and spoiled by two women at once ..." I whispered to myself.I can not stand any more, and then I drew neck and I put my lips Lisa, I crane my tongue swept across the cavity mouth and occasionally I smoke in the lower lip was sangaat charming. This is because to be honest, I'm more excited with Aunt Lisa, despite nearly 4's head (in our conversation, I finally knew too old Lisa, although not sure that much can be even more).
My body then kumiringkan and leaning on the couch.Aunt Lisa is a wonderful hill destination and sure enough, a few moments later, "Oookkkhhh ... Nimaaatthh ... Sayyy ... seddooottthhh ... terrruuusshhh ..." Lisa sighed breathlessly.Sedotanku kukombinasikan to twist my left thumb and index finger, occasionally I turned round nipples with my palms."Ssshhh ... terussshhh ... Sayyy ..." Lisa hissed like a snake.Suddenly, "Teeettt ..," buzzer sound to our surprise, a sign of ten minutes will expire.I saw Adi and Eko leaning exhausted, and I saw there was leftover semen from the tip menentes his penis began to contract."Udahan was yes auntie .., In ..," I begged them."Emmhhh ... Okay ..." they replied in a tone of mild objections.
We were down, I parted with Adi and Eko, somewhere where they continued the adventure lust. And we had already entered into Civic Lisa."Where we nich ..?" I asked whacky ass while starting the engine."We lanjutin at Ke .. yuk!" Tanta invited Lisa to Inneke."Good Tan ... Let's go to the hotel **** (edited) that have whirlpool in the room." Inneke said.Apparently Aunt Lisa is an executive, so he ordered one of President Suit Room where all my life I've mesuk into it. Rooms are spacious, approximately 6 x 8 feet, paved with brown tapestry flowered and fitted whirlpool overlooking the green valley direction. The room also has a couch next to the whirlpool.
Once inside, Aunt Lisa and locked the door, and Inneke I took a seat on the couch next to the whirlpool. I wrapped my arms to the shoulders Inneke, the music of the night even more and add a romantic ambience."Innn ..." I whispered tenderly to start Inneke percumbuanku.Inneke already on weight was immediately welcomed kecupanku, panting breath, indicating that he wanted the warmth, comfort and fill the void space tickled pussy and moist. With a little rushed, I removed the CD and kurebahkan head on the back of the couch and right hips keletakkan diselangkanganku."Sreett ..." my cock began to respond when a cold ass Lee Cooper touched me and I saw Inneke closed, while fixing his hair that hung on the couch.
I started playing my index finger on the outer lips of her vagina that has begun to melt the clear liquid from the upper reaches. No lag, my lips sucking deeply and occasionally kujepit nipples with his lips and then pulled-pull, occasionally kupilin-gyre with both lips."Wuuuaahhh ... ssshhh ... terussshhh ... nikkkmatthhh ..." Inneke sighed loudly when kuperlakukan like that.His body heat cramps and all blood flow has now peaked. I deliberately did not include finger, as to stimulate more intense again. We were making out and could not remember what Lisa in the bathroom so long.
"Bentar Inn .., I used potty yach ..?" I said, releasing cumbuanku."Emmhhh ..." Inneke breathed a little annoyed.However, I see Inneke continue lust with two fingers. I myself jogged toward the restroom and when she reached the door, I was surprised to find Aunt Lisa again stretched orgasms."Aaakkkhhh ... ssshhh ... ssshhh ..." Aunt Lisa sighed, his eyes bulging brake literacy.Apparently pearl vibrator was still working, so when I pee, Lisa did not see me."Boyyy ..." a surprisingly gentle call me when they want to leave the bathroom."I. .. iii .. yaaa ... Tan ..?" I said, somewhat surprised."Here dooonggg ..! Hangatin Lisa vagina with a dick .., ookkhhh ..." Aunt Lisa yelped when he pull the vibrator from her pussy hole.
I came toward Aunt Lisa in Bath and I lay my body there."Oh .., so deliciously warm bath dikelonin this sexy auntie." I whispered to myself.I embrace his neck and give french kiss is so intimate and Aunt Lisa responded with ferocious entire mouth cavity, throat and sometimes my nipples in hisapnya. My cock was submerged in water the maximum warmth alone. For three minutes we were making out, Aunt Lisa seems unable to control his lust."Mmmppphhh ... oookkkhhh ... fuck me Boy ..! Cepeeetthh ..!" lisa aunt begged her squirm like a worm."Well .. Lisss ... Thank cock panjaaanggg ..." I whispered as I put all my dick very slowly."Oohhh ... mmmppphhh ... nikmatthh ..." gumannya when manhood rods per milli milli began stuffing uterine cavity."Kocokkhh .. yaacchhh ... terussshhh ... aaakhh ... nimat bangeettthh ..!" she exclaimed as I started rubbing my cock slowly.
I spend about four inches, then kukocok five or six times quickly and kusodokkan deep into the beaten seventh. Apparently the effort was worth it to stimulate her G-spot."Aaakkkhhh ... ooohhh ... nimatthhnyaa ... oookkkhhh Godd ..!" cried the seconds started orgasms.Ten seconds later, "Nnggghhh ... aaakkkhhh ... sshhhfff ... ookkkhhh ... Boyy ... kocokk ... more intense again Yannk ..!" cried Aunt Lisa followed wriggling wildly beautiful body.Kneaded her breasts squeezed myself, while I'm still holding on to the side of the bathtub while gently churning pussy."Akkhh ..." cried softly as Aunt Lisa biting my shoulder because I still shake my penis in her vagina.Apparently Lisa has begun to ache.
I squeeze my arm muscles tense and Aunt Lisa seemed to ask time out to set the breath and eliminate sengamanya kengiluan in burrows. I grabbed his neck, and then I stood up on two knees and Aunt Lisa silence followed what I would do. I memondong Lisa and keep my cock buried deep in her pussy Tante Lisa flanking both tungakainya to my waist. We went to the well again Inneke stretched orgasms and Inneke seems wilder than the Lisa, perhaps because of the influence of XTC and the atmosphere was full of carnal lust.
"Aaaoookkkhhh ... ssshhh ... aaakkkhhh ... aaakkkhhh ..." Inneke screamed loudly as he pierced his right-hujamkan two fingers.While his left hand squeezed and twisted her breasts and occasionally pressed and rotated. I was momentarily stunned by the scene created mebayangkan Inneke it and I would be hysterical again and out for sure if it is a 15 cm penis pride."Booyy ... ayyyoook terusinn ..!" Aunt Lisa begged her hips gently swaying accompaniment.He seems to be excited again after seeing Inneke so hysterical and so when I had my cock almost loosened at Vaginal Lisa. I took a step and sat Aunt Lisa from behind the sofa. I myself take a stance for easy eksplorasiku. On the other hand, has put an end to menstruation Inneke who knows kehadirna us and took place behind Aunt Lisa.
"Ookkhhh ... terusin Keee ..!" Aunt Lisa begged her hair while Inneke neck and began to fondle her aunt Lisa.No lag, Inneke palms shaking, twisting the nipple and sometimes twisted gently. I seem to feel what Aunt Lisa felt her blood begin to warm, lust is heating up. Lisa's body like a meat burger in between me and Inneke, active hips rocking, sometimes gently pounding."Oooaaakkkhhh ... nngghhh ... ohhhh ... nngghhh ... Shake terushh ... yaaa ... iyaa ... terusss ..!" Aunt Lisa sighed loudly as I was right to stimulate her G-Spot.His breath panting on the sidelines lowing long-lowing, Aunt Lisa's body writhing wildly.Inneke still actively helping Aunt Lisa reach heavenly, kisses on the back of the body, neck, waist and suddenly Aunt Lisa moaned long acceleration accompanied by pounding hip. I'm more curious what do Inneke to Auntie Lisa looked over more hysterical than the last. Kuraba touch backs while Lisa tenderly kukulum lips, my hands began to descend toward the butt, punched both sides of a solid ass and kuulir-threaded. Starting from where I know the finger and lip Inneke apparently played a role in the anal canal Tante Lisa, vaseline was smeared his finger in and out gently at Aunt Lisa's vagina.
"Oookkhhghh ... Goddhh ... Ke ... truuusss ... yanng ... oookkhhh, kontholll ... akkhhh ... Sshhh ..." Aunt Lisa babble meaningless, pick orgasms threshold.Both holes Tante Lisa feels solid and warm. I was even more turned on by my own imagination, I then clung Tante Lisa when she began to tighten the circle his arms around me. My blood began to move too quickly toward the nerve endings in my head, my ears no longer ignore the groan and sigh-sigh Aunt Lisa.
"Oookkkhhh ... Lissshhh ... nikmathhh ... vagina ... Akkhhh ..!" I sighed as I felt birahiku spread throughout my body."Booyyy ... Akuuu ... mmmhhh ... mauuu ..." exclaimed Aunt Lisa welcomed orgasms.Her body stiffened, his face flushed red, adding beautiful lonely aunt, while her lips."Sssebentar ... Lissss ... We're out together ..." I whispered that kuiringi kocokanku maximum tempo, which I took out most of the trunk and I stuck deep in her womb.
Apparently my blood did not last long in the nerve-nerves, rustled up tight and slide through all my veins emptied into a solid meat in the crotch."... I nyammmppaaiii Lisss ... uuaaakkkhhh ... aaakkhhh .., aakhhh ..," I sighed sambi twirling my cock embedded in the vagina maximum Tante Lisa, so the hair-hair that there is also tickle the clitoris Aunt Lisa."Sseerrr ... serrr ..." I felt fluid precedes orgasmeku Tante Lisa, and seditik then, me and Lisa stretch favors.We were screaming sensational and not worry about anyone else heard it. Aunt Lisa hysterically like a bitch when the index also accelerated Inneke beaten in her anus.
"Aaakkkhhhggh ..." we breathed together matchless favors ending earlier and also recently felt in my life.Cum melt on the sidelines pejalnya bnatang manancap manhood still inside the uterus Aunt Lisa. Inneke seemed satisfied with his work, then he hugged Aunt Lisa tightly and whispered, "It's good Tannn khan ..?"Aunt Lisa itself was limp and drooping only between me and Inneke, I tenderly kissed Aunt Lisa and switch to Inneke to give stimulants lust in him that also begins to boil.
Both women are great, hysterical old and able to control myself and a hysterical young too and follow the turbulent young life. Aunt Lisa did not seem to help being in the body, so it was not powered limp limp. Inneke then guided her vagina bites off of my cock began to loosen towards the end of the couch to rest. I saw Aunt Lisa's face very satisfied mixed with tired, but all loads lust retained for two weeks is already exploding.
"Ooookkkhh ... sssshh ..." Aunt Lisa hissed softly as I pulled my cock from her vagina bites.I step over the couch and sat in seat, and then I opened my thighs. Behold by Inneke a sperm-covered cannon still half erect."Oookkkhhh ... gellliii ... ssshhh ... terusssss ... Keee ..!" I begged the Inneke when he started sucking my cock and almost everything terkulum in her mouth a little wide, but sexy."Oaaakhhh .... aaakkkhh ... sshhhssshshh ..." I hissed as I began to feel again the throbbing cock in her mouth.
Inneke still suck out all the remaining sperm and kocokkannya faster, until my legs tremble deliciously mixed withstand pain."Oookkkhhh ... terusss ... hisappphh Sayy ..!" I pleaded as he pushed the head Inneke to perform deeper."Oooouakghh .. Plop ..." Inneke mouth suddenly stood off kulumannya and licked her neck and ears alternately."I want to whirpool Sayy ..!" Inneke whispered.
Whirpool has equipped itself a kind of sofa to lie down, so if you lie on it, then began chest to foot will be submerged in warm water mixed with a torrent of water on the sides of the pond. I lay there and start Inneke our courtship, our body feels warm and as massage, massage, so my cock which had wilted start tightening again. Inneke seemed to enjoy this sensation and I knew that Inneke will want a different melody with Lisa.
"Masss ... sshh ... oookkkkhh ... I'm on now ... oookkhhh ... mmmppphh ..." Inneke begged as she opened her thighs wide.For a while I played the warmth of the water, swinging kuayun hand in the water to the vagina Inneke which makes it immediately pulled me to ride. We had been shrouded in lust so that it feels warm Inneke see orgasms of Tante Lisa is more than enough. Our bodies warmed by the water and the warmth of our family as well as burst-burst of water from the sidelines with making us increasingly lulled away into the clouds.
"Blesss ..." 10 cm from the start stuffing my cock cunt Ineke accompanied by a sigh, "Aaakkkkhhh ... mmmppph ..." Guman Inneke makes Aunt Lisa woke up and followed us across the pond.Kuhentakkan slowly, so that the whole cock pressing pussy walls even more rancid and throbbing. Lisa took the position of head Inneke lap in his right thigh and gently stroked his forehead Inneke."Aaawww ... oookkkhhh ... Gelli ... Masssh ..." Inneke cried when I played the brother in the cervix muscles."... Whipped pelaannn Masss ... yacch ..!" she asked, stroking my hair, makes me think of romantic time with girlfriend-boyfriend first.
I nodded and followed what would Inneke and kukocok slowly by way of four inches I whipped five or six times and I stuck deep, and then I turned on the whisk to-7. Is an effective way to stimulate a woman's G-Spot. Approximately five minutes later, Inneke raised his head and kiss repeatedly in the mouth and neck turns. Her body stiffened and slightly warmer I think, then I motioned Aunt Lisa to stay away toward the back of us."Ooookhhh ... Massshh .. aaakuuu ... hammmppirr ..!" Inneke whispered as I began raising kocokanku rhythm."Hold Into ..!" I begged, and I motioned to Auntie Lisa again."Akkkhhhgghhh ... ssshhh ... mmmpppphh ..." I sighed and Inneke forefinger together when Aunt Lisa began to enter my ass hole and her anus Inneke.It was warm mengelitik, especially if in kocokkan in depth anusku and I can imagine the thrill experienced by Inneke. Will definitely feels solid and enjoyable and sensational in the second hole.
"Oookkkhhh ... Taaan ... aaaakk .. kuuu not kuuu .. atthh ..." shouted Inneke start start the seconds orgasms.The Dear netters, predictably, we were lulled by the sounds sensai finger vagina suction Aunt Lisa and Inneke simultaneously. Similarly Inneke. The heat index finger tickling my cock and Aunt Lisa makes delirious."Aaaggghhh ... oookkkhhh ... oookkkhhh ... aaakkkhhhg ... mmmm .. ssshshhh .. awww ... ssshhh ..." Inneke ceracauku and irregular.
And about ten seconds later, I lust and Inneke stretch known as orgasmus simultaneously. I emit sperm. Feels a lot more than with Aunt Lisa and I also feel the flow of semen Inneke from her womb. I threw myself to the side Inneke and Aunt Lisa was taking place on the other side. Warm their bodies and we becumbu like no tomorrow. We go to sleep between two intimate warm nan plump body wrapped in soft silk. And when one of us awake, we repeat them until the sperm actually feels dry.
Sunday afternoon, we just woke up, and then we showered together and then eat breakfast. We rolled into Surabaya and the promise of another date either by Auntie Lisa or Inneke or sometimes they ask unison again. I finally engaging love story full of lust, but I'm satisfied because it can vent my soul that it was bubbling. Several times I was offered and dating a friend Aunt Lisa and sometimes there is that I reject, because of my principles is not selling love like a gigolo, but a principle of adventure.
Ok ..! For the netters who want to send your comments or suggestions, I'd be happy to reciprocate.

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