Cerita sex - pesta di rumah asyik part 1

My name is Nadya. I was the girl chinese descent who fair-complexioned. My body is not too high is only about 155 cm and weight of 45 cm. Medium-sized breasts, around 34B. My age is now 22 years old and I live in the suburbs of Jakarta

I'm actually not a female teaser. Cuman I often hear from friends in college that I included girls who look sexy and often makes the boys go up and down his Adam's apple. Moreover, I like to wear baggy shirts, so when I looked down frequently seen mounds of breasts encased in a black bra favorites.

In my own home, every shower, I always just wrap myself using the light blue bath robe terry. Often because of low doused cold water, making my nipples behind kimono printed. My bathroom itself is located in the living room, and often when I take a shower, come ciciku boyfriend was ngapelin ciciku. Although I've never minded Lustful, but often I see ciciku girlfriend swallow if you see me out bath robe clad only.

My father was a dealer who will be dispatched workers abroad. Often times there are both male and female workers to stay at home before departure abroad. Sunday Dad just brought home 3 people male workers aged about 20 years that I know named Maman, Yadi, and Mulyo. They are three of the villages stocky and dark-skinned. They were waiting to leave for Malaysia.

It was a Monday morning, I was alone in the house with the 3 people that prospective migrants. My mama had gone to Jakarta with my daddy was unexpected needs. While ciciku went with her boyfriend somewhere.

I time it out aerobics fun at home, and then wanted a shower. As usual I took it to the bathroom my blue kimono. And after I had a few when I'm out of the shower, then kubalut bare body with a robe with nothing else behind it.

Then I walked into the back yard was about to hang the new underwear I wore last night to sleep. I saw that the workers were enjoying breakfast. They greeted me friendly.

I saw them looking at me as I squeeze a black bra and panties are sexy that my yellow. Actually I also dilihatin so uncomfortable, but I think the responsibility, I'll soon be back to the room to change clothes. So I then hang my underwear was. By the time I reached up to put my underwear on the clothesline, do not feel kimono slightly drawn up, but it just sepaha kimono. So, no more evasive, fur covered vagina is not it a little to make them seem glaring.

But I'm not aware of it, then I turned around and went into the room. My own room there is a large window to the backyard. I remember the workers there, then I close the curtains, but apparently not closed and still be visible from the backyard.

I took off my robe, and began melotioni this bare body. I did not realize there were 3 pairs of eyes staring at bare body is bulging. A few moments later I realized when I saw a shadow in the mirror. So I screamed and immediately close the breast and groin with his hands.

The three workers were immediately ran into my room and that's never lock the. I was surprised to see the three of them walked into my room.

"Non, we've seen the non were smooth body. We recommend that you do not have to fight non here because no one else "said Mulyo cengengesan. I'm still trying grumpy and send them out.

But Maman and Yadi immediately forward and took my hand. Then I slam them in bed. I then thought than I am against even got hurt, so I better just let go and not fight.

"Patient-patient, not the rough play so donk. I've never gituan right ... pelan2 kek "tegurku.

They then are no longer ferocious, and approached me. Maman immediately hugged me and kissed my lips fiercely. At first I tried to resist the smell of her lips, but when Yadi start licking tits, and Mulyo began stroking my pussy lips with his rough, I began to be aroused and my lips started to open up to avenge the incursion lips Maman hands busy meremasi ass a round it.

My hands began to grope their pants. Yadi initiative and opened his pants and handed sizable kontolnya into my hand. I was kind of shocked to see that big dick guy. I've seen dick boyfriend-girlfriend-owned but nothing big. Moreover, Maman and Mulyo after nude. Apparently they are so big dick.

I was scared, but with subtle, Mulyo held my hand and put it on his cock. I also slowly began stroking his penis. Maman to continue feeding on the plump breasts.

I was already getting aroused, began alternately licking cock and Yadi Mulyo alternately, while Maman now started licking clit being flushed.

Suddenly I feel like to pee a lot and finally discharge from my vagina. The three boys were soon scrambling to lick my pussy until I was tickled.

Yadi my back then I was in bed. I feel this is the time I would have lost my virginity. When pressed Yadi Kontolnya big head on my vagina lips I had tried to resist. But from behind Mulyo encourage Yadi so kontolnya directly collapsed into memekku. I screamed in pain.

However Mulyo immediately initiate licking my nipples so I'm tickled. Yadi itself slowly began to pull promote kontolnya so I feel extremely tickled in my vagina hole. Feels kontolnya meets pussy hole.

Suddenly he hugged me, I overthrew Yadi so I was on it. His mouth was immediately rushed into my nipples that hang freely. Before I could think of a sudden from behind a large kontolnya Mulyo poked into the hole anusku. I was shouting in pain, immediately gagged my mouth with dick Maman Samai I almost threw up.

Now in a state of stomach, has entered the third lubangku dick different. But I felt a tremendous sensation. My whole body seemed dilolosi. I'm having an orgasm to 3 times.
Finally I feel like an orgasm again, and along with orgasmeku, I felt a lot of Yadi squirt sperm inside memekku. Then I fell limp in the arms of Yadi.

Mulyo then immediately pulled me sit on his lap while kontolnya anusku still stuck in the hole. From behind her, wringing her breasts shook. Maman who have not climax, immediately poked kontolnya into the vagina which was idle.

I really was feeling tired, until I felt like going out anymore. Before long, I really can not stand anymore and I ended up fifth orgasmeku spray. Maman soon after squirting semen inside memekku.

Mulyo apparently is the strongest among them. He has not come out, so he then menunggingkan me and kontolnya moved into my vagina. From behind me, with his hand squeezing disodoknya-Feel my breasts.

15 minutes later he finally reached a climax, and I was also reached orgasmeku again. The four of us ended up slumped on the bed.

I saw the clock, it was almost 2 hours we did a sex party. I then asked them to bathe together because I fear my mama papa come home soon. Then the four of us shared bathroom. In the bathroom three men were always scrambling to touch my body which is smooth.

It was an unforgettable experience for me and I began to understand the pleasure of sex since then. Next time I'll tell you my experience with my neighbor.

Since the incident, I felt a little guilty for my boyfriend, who I've never actually against sex. At most, only a pubic licked each other until we both climax.

That morning, I forgot what day, I was asleep in my bed, which happens to share a room with my parents. My parents said Sich, we sleep together to save on air conditioning which is quite expensive. At that time I was wearing a pink satin nightgown that does not have sleeves. In it only wearing panties yellow mini, so if there is a man who saw would have aroused look.

That day, my mommy and daddy were going back to Jakarta. Ciciku're already into his office. It has been the custom in my house, if anyone in the house, the front door was never locked, just sealed it.

That morning, I did not know that my mother calling my neighbor Benny AC repairman, to service the air conditioning at home. Benny is a chinese guy whose face is far from handsome. Balding hair. He was tall. He was not much different from ciciku. She said she had a crush on me sich.

That morning, around 8, Benny came to my house to bring about to service the air conditioning equipment. He knocked on the door but no answer because I was still soundly sleeping in the room. So he ventured, as already known, into the house.

When he approached my room, my mother apparently forgot to close up the door, open up a little bit. Benny unknowingly opened the door slowly. I was fast asleep at that time without a blanket. Nightgown also been exposed to in the navel, so that the yellow underwear emblazoned lit it freely in front of Benny.

I felt a hand groping my thighs. But at that time I was dreaming of sex with my boyfriend. When the hand was caressing my legs are still covered in the CD, I felt that it was a lick-lick from boyfriend.
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