Cerita sex - tante yanti yang montok dan nikmat part 3

"Speaking of our first kalo now Dony already know a lot of cute girls make sure you nyesel why so together Tante time of day, ya do not Don?""Nyesel's baseball Tan, gimanapun's aunt who first ngenalin Dony taste the same. Moreover Dony also has fond memories of Auntie. "Replied offensive intimku relationship with him at that time."But that's duluu .. Now compared to same-bandingin acquaintances acquaintances-younger-thinking surely you think again, why would he want me the same-so Tante models. And that's the past, it is now much less .. plus not lust clay, ya do not? "I immediately turned to the uncomfortable."Do not say so Tan, Dony never nyesel about the first. Even if they should not be given any anyway now Dony still want anyway. ""Do not cheer, look in the same ass aunt really dare say so?""But the reality dong .. Tante weve now fattened but no less sweet. Even added ngerangsang deh. "I commend what they are. Because of it, even though he now looks fatter than the first but her face still looks sweet."Don Ngerangsang ass?""Yes ngerangsang want to be given as before anymore. Added because it adds taste plump. "I replied with a proven direct groping her breasts big, Aunt Jackie directly menggelinjang tickled."Aaa .. emang clever seduce you, make people so thought real wrote. "he mencandaiku."Why Dony mean it, if still the same ngulang kepengen aunt. So before Dony asked, if weve still be given right away Dony belokin nyari hotel, ya? "Again he heard giggling candaku."That may not say who. But you definitely do not taste dikasiHPun again, it's useless. ""Fine, if you do not believe .. But anyway soon already dark, Dony forget if withered yesterday headlights have not been replaced. What if we looked for hotels wrote Tan, new terusin again tomorrow. "I made a proposal because it happened to my headlights went out next. Actually there is a backup but it wore reason for him to stay."Duh you why the heck reckless Don .. Let's find penginepan wrote if so, it'll actually be forced nerusin danger on the road. "
Kupercepat the pace car before dark and in the nearby town I was looking for a hotel. So can I go down to book a room while Tante waiting in the car. And after returning to the car to bring down Tante could prove to her first about the light next to a car that was extinguished it.
Both came into the room, after a shower and dinner we also relax by talking until then aunt invited me to go to sleep. The rooms that I ordered one but it has two beds, as is usually the form of a hotel room. Judging from these circumstances Aunt Jackie did not think that I was really serious about the desire to repeat the old memories. He'd just replace the new nightgown and will begin mengancingnya when I got out of the piss in the bathroom directly approaching hug from behind. I myself only wearing a towel berlilit waist after opening my clothes in the shower.
"How Tan, still be given Dony not .." I whispered in his ear but he asked for a kiss on the neck below the ear followed my hands started meremasi each susunya.Tersenyum amused he was up there because he or she still thought I was joking tease."What's the same feeling people already obese Look, Don.""Make Dony's still good, even Dony miss Tan deh .."While talking so I opened her blouse buttons one more newly built, so that the front of her body following the second open-free milk because Tante accidentally slept without wearing a bra, and then hand it continues meremasi naked milk. Tante let alone testing me but she asked in a tone half doubt me."Cook's equal Tante miss? Kan you usually the same girls cute, slender young again-slim body ..? ""It is precisely the same only so Dony even occasionally let there laen kepengen variations. Become Tante keinget same make same Dony montoknya miss .. ""You can ONLY ..""But Ko Tan. Montoknya aunt that makes delicious, mantep taste. Especially this one .. hmm .. Now add add tasty plump means more taste .. "This time I crane my next hand was down forcefully wringing her pussy mound.
Aunt Yanti whine happy, now he believes the new seriousness. Especially when he extended his hand to the back of the reply, in which he discovered that behind the towel I was not wearing underwear again. Without being asked again he himself opened again negligee panties sleep as well as themselves to work together naked, climbed into bed.
Diusianya sweet-faced woman reaches 33 years it's been blossoming body, but not fat baggy with folds of skin oily, but still quite tight again quite smooth so sexy montoknya impression that has its own charm. And I also honestly say that I missed kemontokannya, having just seen him open was immediately aroused passionate manhood. Because he is not yet fully leaned, still sitting in the middle of the bed to parse bun hair, already impatient kuburu anymore. Kusosor next to her breast, squeezed-squeezed next to another annoyance, the greedy mouth mengenyot-ngenyot the top, suck, sucking and biting her nipples.
"Ehngg .. Gelli Doon .. Yeah, yeah, I'll Tante you .. "whining mendadakku tickled him for assault."Abis irritated the heck Tan .." I said quickly, and back again invaded the chest.Looking like Aunt Jackie lay his undoing, for while holding the sitting position can not bear to postpone it as impatience. Her face beamed delight, his hand stroking her head fondly and straight to the back door again sustains his seat, vent Rinduku ditungguinya I was on both milk and big plump.
As self-absorbed child playing with balloons, so am busy work on the second turn round fat meat to satisfy through your mouth and squeeze gemasku taste. Until berkecapan rakusku mouth sounds and up-leyot meleyot terpencet, lifted up and fell bobbing, making Aunt Jackie whimpers or whines occasionally wince too exasperated groan was so eager I was to keasykanku, but as did he not prevent kesibukanku it. Only when she felt I had died down, he too is getting ready to deliver the demands of my longing for the next.
This is because he saw that I was quite happy to play at the top and had to continue to the bottom, that while my mouth was still busy but the next start I crane my hand touched his crotch, Aunt Jackie was soon to change positions to make space for me. His body recline backwards while straightening his legs folded seat clamp crotch, immediately opened once so I can reach her pussy. My mouth still chasing stuck next to her milk but now I can hold my hand full of hillside pussy. Hand meat loaf hill overgrown with thick fur is soft curly directly squeezed forcefully squeezed, blood flowing manhood was added.
The new preoccupation attract new as well, once I moved to the middle of the groin which I pressed for more astride before I pull my head out of milk. Aunt thought I was going to start going in, he had grabbed batangku the already tense and melocok-locok with his hands briefly. As to further tighten again but there was that he also missed batangku, can be read from the squeeze gemasnya pulling at my cock. So my position feels good, I was moving my mouth down to shift down kissing her way through her stomach until it arrives at the top of her vagina which terkangkang. Here the concentration centered rubbing her pussy and notice first form. It is the first time I got a chance to see his cock clearly already been three times I entered, but because the time was not seen with the narrow real.
Really a very stimulating sight. Menjendul triangular hill with a thick flesh covered with feathers that are not so dense, it is not enough to cover the cracks that flanked either side cheek. The edge of the hill was just like a plump baby cheeks bulging, was so deep that pussy lips clamped revealed only slightly despite already kukangkangkan thighs wide. Curious kukuakkan her pussy lips with my fingers to look into, but not yet clear, Aunt Jackie was reproached with sheepish faces whining amused.
"Ahahngg .. Seeing what's going Dony palace there? "I did not answer but before he changed his mind to stop me, just kusosorkan mouth into the new hole kukuakkan it. "Shh Donyy .." Sure enough. Tante screaming shame, his reflex to resist my head but it was too late. Because so stick with the already rapid kusambung lick and suck-nyedot middle hole. Adu insisted lasted only a moment for Tante then gave up, gaping at her tense face-tingling tingling feeling when the game started to sting her mouth.
For the next I myself began to seep sucking delicious plump pussy for the first I got from him. Again there keasyikkan itself, because unlike with those of other women I've ever done like this, they usually feel small cracks because the edge is not as thick either side. Owned Aunt Yanti it looks looks cramped but if dikuakan even so wide and deep fissure. Disosor my mouth sucking greedily, like almost drowning my face in there with my cheeks to see her pussy cheeks.
In the even this for some time kupuaskan myself with licking sucking the center hole, occasionally poke-nyodokkan more rigid tip of the tongue to the inside, making it stiffened up bloated chest. Or also biting clitoris, pull quickly pulled him and licking him menggelinjang tickled. Similar to her nipples, where has already hardened a sign he had turned up lust, but Aunt Jackie also still let me play a good snooze to vent Rinduku. When I think long enough I taste absorbed through the mouth and was old enough I took him aroused, then I started to put my cock into her vagina. Here a new turn Tante longing to join me vent the warm feel of his speech.
Such experiences are remembered, Aunt Jackie is not the hysterical type style groaning and writhing erotic, but in the current state of turmoil inevitably overflow also longing through its own way to me. That is as welcoming entry hungry pussy round my cock, my body was pulled directly overwrite hugged me kissing. Which is just as warm as it is so attached directly crushed all my desires. Next we miss each other as the same do not want to let go of his arms is fused. The entire front of the body surface tightly attached to the upper lips crushed together tightly while the bottom two were wrestling genitals warm. I'm a play cock pumping in and out of her pussy played offset shuffle-ngocok. This new body called intercourse or unite us, because most of the games we stick like that. Only once we delay a moment to breathe and I used this opportunity to raise my body and see how the shape of a plump woman in a state of being kusetubuhi this. Apparently an exciting sight once more melonjakkan passion manhood. I saw her pussy played under lust, pleasure received as a suitable match for her.
Noting vagina under it like a chubby-cheeked baby's mouth parched suck-nyedot bottles are adding stimulus itself, let alone look at the overall body sway Aunt Jackie. The whole flesh body part moves especially the second milk added berputaran swinging again raised excitatory manhood, until I could not resist and went back down to rest on her because it was going to arrive in time ejakulasiku. At the same time Aunt Jackie has also been felt to arrive at orgasm, he first invites to connect lumatan lips had to channel it in a tight game like this. "Hghh ayyo Doon .. Nnghoog .. hrrhg .. "moaned one throat she opened her orgasms just followed me every few seconds later.
We both stiffened and could delay the moment when entered at the top of the game, but soon resumed crushed with more stringent as lip biting each other during orgasm. Only after subsided and stopped, who lives just down the ride exhausted breath and body felt weak. Incredibly enough, because despite not changing position or style but the game feels good with a satisfying ending. In fact, the whole body has felt a flood of sweat was so thrill to concentrate in our old longing to vent. For that I am so escape just sitting next to my back so that sweat does not wet the bed sheets.
"How Don feels just ..?" Auntie Jackie test me with his hand wiping wiping wiping the sweat on my back. I turned to him."So Dony had insisted, because it already believes first pussy plump aunt is going to give us a nice .." I said with a pinch-pinch squeezing her vagina."I can be nice, satisfied more .. But Tante itself, how it feels the same Dony? "Behind me ask her.Got my praise his face shining happy, change her compliment."Just you still do not have to be asked again, Don. Sayangin once wrote that you were not young at all, because I'm willing to constantly Tante ngajakin you. ""Oh, yeah? Kok had asked they reluctantly kayak? ""It's not reluctantly, but feared hooked together Dony .." she joked, laughing. It makes me laugh. That ties the fourth time with Aunt Yanti.

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