Cerita Sex - Vivi dan dukun cabul part 2

At night, when will pair the amulet in Vivi's room, carried on at 9.00pm, while the maid was sleeping in the back bedroom, the bedroom where the maid was far behind and did not intrude into the main room where Vivi is. In the room were the shamans perform rituals by reading spells, and he burnt incense, while Vivi sit still see what the shaman of his bed. Then the shaman said, "Better talismans we attach at the right time at 12.00 tonight, there is still a 3 hour, Miss Vivi ..." he said. "Now we should anyway be used to wait for the time," said the shaman. "Well Grandma," let the shaman and Vivi out of the room. However he was reluctant to take the shaman into his private room. The shaman said, "Do not go out ... Miss Vivi ... here." Then the shaman stood up from his seat and headed towards Vivi sit and champion shaman was also sitting next to Vivi.

Then his hand reached Vivi and said, "Let's both do like when my mother in the hut, because if not the jinns who helped me will run away and did not want to help you," said the champion shaman. Vivi just shudder, chill went up his. Should he repeat the mistake when he had intercourse with the shaman in his cabin? However, because of the influence and the desire Vivi then he let the shaman repeated sins which were in her room, then Vivi was felt to be a perfect woman because she has gained inner splash of the old shaman though he did not get from her husband.
Approximately 2 hours they were both paddling ocean enjoyment with the shaman and make Vivi orgasm repeatedly and make a hole for his cock until blisters pubic savagery stem the huge shaman. Then, right at 12 o'clock at night then it is mounted on a bottom fetish Vivi bed and in the morning they continued to have sex with passionate. Then Vivi asleep and did not realize today was morning and the shaman had gone, while Vivi felt his body aches and bones seemed to want to escape. Since then it was a talisman granting the shaman was a change in her husband Vivi and he was very grateful, and then he went to the shaman. Being the shaman'm asking Vivi not forget, by Vivi should be 2 times a month comes to sex, reserving to the shaman as Lusi also do the same thing. Indeed, after that Vivi was always diligent came to the shaman and the shaman who sometimes came to the house to ask for rations senggamanya Vivi. Indeed, practicing black magic, Mbah Dudu must mensenggamai patients, because then the patient will be able to be cured and the quack science can be maintained.

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