Di perkosa di rumahku sendiri part 2

I turned my fingers of my right hand in the direction of the folds of my vagina. My fingertips leads to the entrance of the burrow pleasure This, kusorongkan little inside. Liang pussy is completely wet, slippery mucus to be easily pushed into the vagina canal. Now my left hand fingers are no longer exposed groin again until I turned my lips to his job scraping clit.
Kukocokkan finger of my right hand in and out of my pussy canal. My fingers touching and scraping the inner walls of my vagina, my fingertips touch the G-spot, back and head so it rested firmly on the sofa in the living room, as if my body float with the incomparable pleasure.
I've really banar peaked towards the climax when something that tastes will burst out of the womb, it's a sign I will soon reach orgasm. Friction finger left hand clit getting kupercepat again, as beaters right hand fingers in my vagina was getting kupercepat anyway. To meet the immediate orgasmeku arrived, I felt my vagina lips twitch suddenly tightened clamping fingers are still inside the burrow senggamaku.
Along with that I feel there are occasional bursts out of the wall wet pussy. I'm peeing, but that seemed to flow out more viscous mucus, the fluid that is flowing cum.
"AHH ........" I gasped, and my body trembled violently. After a few seconds my body just felt like weak one.
My eyes closed while enjoying the wonderful flavors that spread all over my body, suddenly there tersa cold object stuck in my throat. My eyes were slightly open, then .....
"Shut up or your neck will hurt." Voice of a man sounded surprised. My heart almost stopped it was realized there was a man who put a knife to my neck, and I was naked ........
I paused helplessly as he tried to tie my hands. I was afraid that if he feels threatened, he will kill me. His eyes were not darting see my body covered with a sheet. Occurred remorse in my heart, why I was so reckless. How did he get into this house, and what they would do. All kinds of feelings in me at that time.
"He .. he .. he ... gorgeous, allow me to help you resolve latent desire within you. "He was sitting next to me.
"So beautiful .... Now brother will satisfy you. "Man who called himself Brother then kalemnya he achieved his hands and waist for a hug. Between fear and rage, I am still trying to rebel and fight. Kutendangkan feet to her casually, but .. Yes ampuunn .. He is very tough and strong for me.
He was tall too tall and offset, and the age I guess not much different from my husband's age is accompanied by his arm muscles that appear stocky body continues to withstand the current revolt.
He then dragged me into the bedroom. I half dibantingkannya to bed. And I was really smashed. He backdrop tie my hands to the bed. I was screaming, crying and screaming uncontrollably, but only heard the murmur of my mouth as they smothered my mouth. until the end, so I realized there was no use rebelling and screaming. Then she pull the legs leading to her leg. He seemed trying to calm me by pressing mental, as if blowing my ears. He whispered in he sighed,
"Come on beautiful, no more rebellious. Useless khan, the distance between houses in the complex are quite far apart. Anyway if anyone knows they would not dare interfere. "
I thought quickly realized his words and became very worried. This man seemed to deliberately take into account the circumstances. Then with a smile he buried his face into my armpits. He kissed and kissed and licked my armpits valleys. From the right and then move to the left. Cause a sense of amusement and arousal. His hands touched and then elute menelusup hips, back, chest. His hands are also wringing my milk. With her fingers twisted my nipples nipples. Here he did start with a gentle and so full of feeling. Bastard! He thought I could beat such a way that. I kept rebelling in stretching .. But I like a ready prey torn.
I cried uncontrollably in the deserted to vent. There was no sound from my mouth gagged. There was only tears profusely melted. I looked at the ceiling. I felt sick for the injustices being kulakoni. Now he was looking at me. I avoided eye contact. He kissed my cheek and licked my tears,
"You are very beautiful ..... "He tried to calm me down.
He also kissed the edge of my lips were gagged. His hand touched my thigh and began to grope my skin very smooth because I miss never cared for him. This man knows smoothness of my skin. She felt it slowly and mengelusinya getting soft. How I hit extreme shyness. Only my husband who saw auratku along, suddenly there was a stranger who just so merabaiku and disclose any kerahasiaanku.
I felt my calves, my thighs, my butt covered with lumps and then his hands. Futile rebellion. His face was getting down closer to feel the breath of the wind blowing into the crotch. He began to sink his face into my crotch.
"Ah ....." Unbelievable. There has never been one to do this kind of to me. Also do not like my husband over the years. I was powerless to resist all this. All berontakku aground. Then I felt his tongue sweep pores crotch.
The tongue was very slow and very gentle sweep. My blood rippled. My world seemed to spin and I are led to the edge of the ocean that is likely to engulf and drown me. I may be dragged into an excellent flow unable kulawan. I feel the tongues of men is like to be a thousand tongues. A thousand tongues this man ran through all the parts of my secrets. A thousand tongues is the man who dragged me to the edge of the ocean and then dragged me to swallow and drown. I can not deny. I'm falling in favor of a very deep valley .. I was dragged and drowned in the ocean of lust birahiku. I was engulfed by a wave of pleasure syahwatku not have six months since my husband died terlampiaskan.
And while the combination of the tongue and the occasional crotch and licking his fingers in the thigh eluting peaks secret, the more I could not hide his favor to. Silent sobs, replaced by a sigh from behind a cloth stuffed my mouth. And while the combination of processed lips and tongue no longer combined with a touch but squeeze the groin, sigh replaced by moans of lust deliciously miserable.
The man suddenly mrenggut stopper mulutku.Dia so sure that I had swallowed the syahwatku.
"Come on, baby .. mendesahlah .. merintihlah .. Satisfy me ..... "
I sighed and moaned very hysterical. I let go of the pain of favor over me wild. I went back crying and tears. I again screamed hysterically. But now I'm crying, shedding tears or screaming along gelinjang syahwatku. I struggled to pick up favors. I shook my hips and ass in a rhythm lunged lust.
I could not control myself anymore. I was shaking my ass to push and lift menjemputi lips as extreme itchiness in the groin hit lust. And I felt how a kiss and bite me tongue this man seemed to shiver and tremble forget yourself.
"Insert the ... bang .. auh ... I do not hold ..... "I sighed, not frivolous. Finally, because I could not hold it anymore I groan.
Moan that made him thrust his face into my face until I reached his lips could. I'm greedy menyedotinya. I berpagut with pemerkosaku. I crushed his mouth. I actually chased storms birahiku. I was really hit by a wave syahwatku.
I really can not wait for her undressed. I still twitches in bed. And now I was really waiting for him to enter into the groin kontolnya anyway. I really wish because it can not stand feeling birahiku such storms swept through lust sensitive organs in the body. Suddenly I felt something totally beyond thought. I had no idea, because I never had a thought. Male genitalia is so gedenya.
It felt like my hand reach, but not out of bed tie a tie in this backdrop. That finally did was slightly lifted my head and tried to look at it pubic. Ampuunn .. It was horrible. It was no big banana and lengths are forced to pierce memekku. I screamed muffled. I could no longer see it.
This man was immediately pounced on my lips again. He is now trying to stick out its tongue in my mouth cavity while emphasizing kontolnya to uncover my vagina lips. Now I'm faced with the fact how big the dick in gate current groin. I myself have been so affected by heat and again shamelessly trying merangsekkan kemaluanku.Cairan hole-fluid femininity helps dick into groin.
"Blesek Blesek ........ .......... Ohh ...... Why so delicious so ........ Oh I missed this pleasure ..... "I'm getting gibberish.
Sensation groin grip on the rod hard spheres dick this guy really presents the biggest fantasy in my entire life so far. I felt thrown seven floating sky. Liukkan I bend my body, stretched-clay, raved and sighed and moaned and groaned and .. I shimmy and sway abysmally .... Orgasmeku quickly came over and grabbed me. I kelenger the infinite pleasure .. I still kelenger as she lifted one leg to my foot and then with the deep and rapid menggenjoti until vomit and spew hot liquid in the cavity groin.
"AUH .......... AHH ...... "I screamed to feel waves of pleasure spread electricity through my body.
We instantly collapsed. There was a pause. Strange, I do not feel sorry, do not worry, do not be afraid. There is a sense of spaciousness and relief are very loose. I feel as if I received something so longed for this. Do I hipersex or indeed because he was truly tough and smart love. Ah I do not want to think anymore .. I also fell asleep exhausted.
Tomorrow morning I woke up with a slight body aches. There are no signs he was still in the house. I checked and there are no missing items. Had she come to rape me? .... sometimes I still do the same inigin. I missed Kontolnya has made me reach the highest pleasure in sex. Where you .........

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